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Part 13: Chapter 5 Lead In

”The is an old story in the Netherworld…

Once he had everything, the man seemed to forget about the woman who had left…

The two met in the fires of hell: a woman betrayed by those she trusted, and the man who saved her soul.
He had many ambitions and was not satisfied with his life.
Together with the woman, he began a conquest of blood and destruction to satisfy their thirst for battle.
Time passed, and the woman left the man.
He was happy with his position, and lived an empty life.
Deceptive words tricked the man and lead him to an unexpected future where his world came to an end.
That’s all I know. Let fate dictate the rest of the story.
Perhaps living a life without knowledge of the future would prove worthwhile for one who knows everything…

Though nobody now knows the subjects, or who told the tale…”

She finally showed up today.

Video- “Salome the Traitor”

Watch the Scene

Took her long enough, you can’t have a farce without the cast after all.

Oh, Zetta… It’s been so long.
Heh… So, you’re here to laugh at me?
Of course not. Do you really think I would do such a thing?
…You haven’t changed at all.

She was one of my students, and…

Still, I may have missed a few things when I was getting this party together.

You’re as charming as ever, Seedle. Were you waiting just for me?
Well, I knew you’d show up if Zetta was in trouble… Ha ha ha!
But…Don’t you feel bad about making him wait so long? …Is something wrong?
Hmph, don’t try to hide it. I know all about you.
I know your dreams, I know your fears, and, of course… your illness.
You lose a little more Mana power with each tick of the clock. Am I right? Ha!
Aha! That IS interesting! Lady Salome could have surpassed even Lord Zetta…but now she’s losing Mana!
She’s still just a human, then. Oh, heaven help her!
Ha ha ha ha ha! I could tell Zetta how ill you’ve become, if you’d like…
Shut up! You’re all horrible!

I’m not sure what the deal with Salome and Seedle is, for example. I guess they know each other?

You’d better stay the hell away from me, you pathetic piles of sin!

Anyway Micky should really move his Netherworld farther away if he doesn’t want it to get a little blown up every so often.

…You little slut! How dare you!?
Get her, Micky! Kill her! Rip her apart!
Stop it, all of you.
Salome, you shouldn’t write checks that your diminishing Mana power can’t cash.
Your little trick isn’t even very impressive… Even I could do that.
You must be Pram the Oracle… I guess the rumors were true.
But, you shouldn’t overestimate yourself just because you’ve never been defeated.
Ha! Don’t be stupid. I know everything.

Zetta’s all-powerful selfishness actually helped matters for once.

Yes, of course…
What now, Seedle? Aren’t you here to help Zetta?
…We’ll continue this when there aren’t any interruptions.

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom:
As is customary, we have a choice. And now we have another new friend we can get to wish us up a Netherworld!

I’m pretty sure Salome’s extensions are a lot like Pram’s in that they tend to generate casters. The big difference is that they’re larger and more populous.

Anyway, we of course also still have our other Overlords, and I’ll as always leave voting open until tomorrow night when I get started on Chapter 5.