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Part 14: State of the Netherworld 2

Overlord Feinne’s Second State of the Netherworld

Let’s go through how our party looks right now, just rollin’ down the list in the order the game has people as of when I did this.

See that ATK number? Yeah just keep that in mind as we keep going, because that’s what swordspeople with katanas do. They have a huge amount of ATK and kill everything with brutal efficiency. I’ve not reincarnated Feinne mk2 yet because I kind of want an even higher tier of Swordsman (F) than I currently have. That will also let me get some even better items to stick her into.

Tengames is falling behind a bit, he’s very hard to level up since his aptitudes suck and his stats suck worse. When we have big experience awards from the bonus meter later I’ll probably try to catch him up, since I do use him for picking things up and throwing things around at times.

Azure is a decent enough caster at the moment, having a third caster with Giga level magic is never a bad thing in this game even if he is currently our weakest magic user.

Servant usually stays in reserve now, since she’ll get levels just for existing as the game goes on since she does our out of combat healing. She’s a good healer but we’ll see why she’s on the bench most of the time in a bit.

Erhard’s been doing better since I gave her that Magnet I stole, and as with Azure having Giga magic to throw around is never a bad thing. She’s very slightly more powerful than him, but really which is the right choice depends on what something is vulnerable to (she has Ice, he has Fire).

Fighter is just too low level right now to be useful and I’m not sure what I’d do with him if he wasn’t. I might try and get him some Mana and reincarnate him as a class that can benefit from the HP/ATK/DEF he’s got for being a Warrior.

Mistaya suffers from the thing that Medics in general suffer from: They just don’t have as much RES as the other healers, which means they don’t heal for as much. It’s the price they pay for being kind of durable and kind of able to shoot things, unfortunately.

K.D. really needs either a Reincarnation or a much better weapon (or really both) but it’s going to have to wait until Chapter 6 because I’ve got other things to deal with and money is tight. She’s still very powerful with her Charge Shot so it doesn’t hurt too much that her stats could be much higher.

Cipher’s in the same boat as Fighter really, I use a lot of casters and that leads to my physical damage people sometimes falling a bit behind (unless they’re my bazooka crew, just wait).

Speaking of the bazooka crew, here’s Azzur. She’s a lot more effective with her big gun than she ever was with nunchuks, and she’s got empty slots to pick things up off the battlefield. She’s my primary person for grabbing items as well as one of my go-to people for enemy vehicles.

It’s like I don’t have enough slots for people with a short range or something. I do need to level Hunter up a bit and get him a good Shovel, though, because the anti-facility strength would be really nice.

She might be terribly slow and a bit fragile but Infel’s got massive power with that Bazooka and as long as I can get her to an enemy vehicle she can crack the hell out of it. She could also use a reincarnation soon probably, she needs more Mana though.

You know how I said that Servant was a bit outclassed now? That’s because Ayana is an absolutely incredible healer. Idols can move incredibly far, have a lot of SP, and heal for massive amounts thanks to their crazy RES stat and aptitude. They’re probably my favorite healing class because of this, though they are a bit fragile of course. Another candidate for reincarnation soon.

Speaking of reincarnation, here is our new and improved Dragonatrix! Sadly the character limit didn’t allow for much renaming, but I think having more than half again as much INT as the other two makes up for not having a snappy new name as an Occultess. She’s still got her Wind and Giga Wind, but now she’s also picking up Fire magic as well. Having multiple elements is always a helpful thing for a caster.

Prawn also got a new incarnation, he’s a lot tougher and stronger and thanks to some new equipment he’s made up for the speed loss from the axe. He’s also got enough SP to maybe use a skill every so often, though nothing really extravagant.

My general reincarnation strategy is to go in waves, allowing the strong people I still have to help bring the weaker ones back up with Bonus Meter rewards. Now that I’ve got Prawn and Dragonatrix reincarnated next Chapter will probably see quite a bit of new work on characters.