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Part 15: Salome the Traitor (Part 1)

”The value systems of demons are confusing indeed. While they are quite capable of feeling many of the same things humans do, expect them never to admit such things.” – Observations of Demons, anonymous

The first map of Chapter Five is quite long and painful. The start is definitely the hard part, we’re up against a drill vehicle and two facilities with enemies in them. One has Bombheads with heavy weapons and the other has Shades, who are casters. I would definitely suggest invading the facility to kill the Shades rather than letting them get out and cast. Be careful about the drill vehicle if you’ve got a facility, because they can do a lot of damage to it. You might need to OB an item or character to unlock an extension if you want deep bonus rewards here, there won’t be a Key for half of it.

Video- “Jet-Black Seedle Outro”

Watch the Drama

Why are you here, Salome?
Why the cold shoulder? …It’s been so long since we were together.
Ha! Don’t be selfish. You’re the one who left me…
You neglected me… Was a second of your time so much to ask?
I cared so much for you, but all you cared about was become stronger, so I…
Of course I wanted to be more powerful—I’m an Overlord. I don’t see what the problem was.
Yes, I understood that…
So… I heard you’re sick. Is that true?
Yes, I’ve fallen ill… Ha, are you concerned?
I’ll say! Losing Mana power because you’re sick? What a waste.
Hm… Do you have to be so cold?
What did you expect? I’m an Overlord. Were you expecting me to comfort you tenderly or something?
……Don’t you love me, Zetta?
Tch! Don’t you ever get all mushy on me again! Your wimpy girl talk is starting to drain MY power!
No wonder you’re so weak, now.
…Maybe you’re right.

A totally random map, you’ll have the six hundred points you need in the first area so if you don’t like your extensions just be done once you’ve got it and move on. We do get an incredible scene though once we’re done.

Video- “Seedle’s Grave Outro”

Watch the Madness

Video- “Seedle the Ghoulish”

Watch the Battle

This is a harsh map. There is a factory up on top of a huge pillar with most of the enemies in it, so we can’t alpha strike them. They’ll go hard at any facility you deploy, your best bet is to throw a bunch of people out and accept that a few will probably get taken out. They have several vehicles, so make sure you’ve got some anti-mech weapons to take them out fast. Don’t be afraid to just end the map if you don’t need any of the additional bonus stuff once you’ve got enough to win. The video is short so give it a watch.