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Part 16: Salome the Traitor (Part 2)

”Overlords must never allow themselves to be distracted by petty concerns.” – The Demon’s Code

Video- “Seedle’s Degradation”

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This map could potentially be ruinous. We are up against a massive array of level 1 wood golems with Mallets, and we need to kill almost all of them to pass the map. It’s absolutely imperative that you kill them all on your first turn or their Mallet attacks will permanently reduce your characters’ levels. This is bad. There’s an easy boring way to do this of course, if you attack Zetta at the start it’ll surely kill them all and clear the map. You’ll also lose most/all of the bonus meter and your self respect, though, so instead you should kill them straight up. Giga spells are a good way to hit more than one, and with their low health you can take advantage of the damage Inviting a building onto a target does to kill a few as well. You should have the juice to get this done if you’re smart about it and have a solid party.

This map is pretty generic as far as what enemies appear. It will tend to backload the points into the final map that appears, so it’ll be a while before you can clear it. Nothing much of interest, sadly.

Video- “Seedle’s Lost City”

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An interesting little map here. The first map has a bunch of casters you need to blow up as quickly as possible no matter what Overlord you chose. The second map is tiny and dull, but be careful not to open it up in a dangerous way. The final map is where your opponents get interesting. There are two quite nasty little vehicles with a point-black AoE attack, a Vampire (one of the stronger monster casters) and an Academy. The Academy has a robot with a beam saber inside it, and it will cause him to gain a level every time the enemy gets a turn. You need to rush through as fast as possible to prevent him getting too strong while also dealing with the vehicles and vampire, they’re all quite threatening. If you are in a position to you could try and steal the beam saber but it won’t be useful to you for quite some time.

Video- “Seedle’s Lost City Outro”

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Grr…I can’t get Salome out of my mind. Focus, Zetta! Don’t let your mind wander!
I’m better than this… I’m a bad-ass freakin’ Overlord!
Crap! I need to get my netherworld back, pronto!
I shouldn’t be worried about old apprentices…