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Part 17: Chapter 6 Lead In

”I don’t know why so many stories have talking swords in them. Have you ever actually tried to USE an intelligent artifact? Damned things are more dangerous to you than the enemy.” – Memoirs of a Hero, Anonymous

So, King Drake sort of proved why we didn’t invite his lame ass today.

Video- “Chapter 6 Intro”

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Man, I can’t believe nobody thought of this! It’s so brilliant, I’m shaking… Haha…Ha ha ha!
All I need to do is rewrite the Sacred Tome while Zetta’s asleep…
Okay, let’s see… “Give me ownership of the Netherworld…”
Message: Wish denied.
What the--!? How dare you!
…Maybe it misunderstood. I’ll try again—
Umpgh, hey, that tickles. Uh, give it a rest, buddy.
Z-Zetta…hey…Uh… You knew what I was planning?
Hyaaha ha, of course! She predicted it…
Predicted--!? Pram…?

But it WASN’T me, which is infuriating.

The Tome has a personality, and if it doesn’t accept a wish, then that wish will be erased.
Hmm, maybe I should rephrase that… Lord Zetta has to accept a wish before it can become truth.
That’s ludicrous! I never heard anything about these stupid rules!
Well, hmhm, yeah, I hadn’t told you about them yet.

And how the hell does she even know how the Sacred Tome works?

(How does she know so much about that damn book…?)
Aha, Pram! Excellent timing. This little brat was bothering me.
Ah, Shut up! You’re an embarrassment.
Don’t you have any self respect? You tried to steal the Netherworld while Zetta was sleeping. Pathetic!

Have I mentioned King Drake is a complete loser? Because seriously.

D…Damn you!
*sniff * *sob *… Waaaah!

It seems his crying was loud enough to attract us some attention.

It’s not important.
Then, shall we pick up where we left off?
(Zetta… I’ll help you regain your body.)
(Then, I’ll make my own wish come true…)

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