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Part 18: Prediction (Part 1)

”It is said there is but one being all Overlords fear: the dreaded arbiter of order in this universe, The One…” - anonymous

Alex was back again.

Video- “Salome in Anguish Intro”

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What’s up, Zetta? You don’t look so good.
I feel bad for you… It must be tough trying to fight while you’re just a stupid book.
Heh… If that’s how you feel, then just get outta my way.
You know I’m not going anywhere until you’re dead…

And there was no way this was a coincidence, not happening again.

Heh heh heh… Jealous?
How many beatings will it take for you to leave me alone?
Watch your back, bitch. …One day I’ll send you to meet some old friends in the Underworld.
…How could he be in that brand-new netherworld already? It’s not possible.
The first time could have been coincidence…but not after this!
You really do know everything. Er…Don’t get me wrong. I’m not accusing you of anything!
Everything in the Sacred Tome disappeared along with the Netherworld…
…So how could Alexander possibly know what the future holds?

Still I can’t believe who’s behind it.

What does that mean, child?
Hmhm, I told Alex what to do. I explained the situation to one of his servants, haha.
This isn’t a game, little girl. If you thought that was funny, I’ll end your pitiful life here.
Okie dokies! …Cause I wasn’t joking, haha.
Then you’re in even bigger trouble… Don’t you get it?
Hm hm hm… She’s interesting. Where did she come from?
No clue. By the time we noticed her, she was already here.
Something about her just isn’t right.
You really helped Alex, didn’t you?
Oh, why won’t anyone believe me? Of course I told him!
Uh, then explain it to me! Where did you hear about this?
How could you lead Alexander to a netherworld we’d just created!?
I don’t really know… I just told him everything I knew, y’know? Haha!
How’d YOU find out!?

In fact I’d really rather just act like none of today happened.

The worst part is she slipped away while everyone was laughing at me.

Ha ha… What a peculiar little girl.
Hee hee…Trenia the Oracle, huh? Uh-oh, Pram! You’ve got a rival! Ha ha ha…
Think she’s stronger than you, Pram? Hm hm hm…
…I have never been so humiliated!

Still not sure where she got off to.

Oh yeah, and I guess Alex is going to try and kill Zetta again. Or something. Wasn’t paying much attention.

Ha, anytime! I’ll show you what a real Overlord is made of…

The first map of Chapter 6 starts with a set area. We are faced with five Catsabers with morningstars and a command center with a robot in it. Killing the Catsabers first is probably a good idea, they are a real threat to OB people with their attacks. Then if you’ve got people consider trying to assault the facility. You won’t get enough points here to clear the map, so just keep going. Salome’s enemy mix is actually much stranger than I remembered, she has casters but she also has Makai Chefs (yes they’re the precursors of Mr. Champloo), Archers (hybrid TEC and RES characters who could actually be pretty great healers if you got them the spells through reincarnation), and Prinnies. Still, once you get past the first map it’s pretty straightforward.

Video- “Salome’s Confession”

Watch for Your Last View of Feinne mk2

I’m not sure this map isn’t totally random. Watch for enemy Invites and watch for scary things like casters, both can really ruin your day. I’d suggest just ending when you can unless there’s a bonus item you’re really coveting.

As if things weren’t already terrible, there was a huge quake.

Video- “Salome’s Confession Outro”


Did you feel that shaking? …Is it over?
I have no idea.
That was no mere earthquake!
It’s… It’s just like that time…

It certainly freaked Babylon out, and now he’s convinced the One is coming. I really hope not, that’d be just what we need.

…The One?
Did you just—Are you talking about The One?

Remember that map a ways back where a hugely powerful samurai was in our way, and we had to advance all the way up a map to the only other source of points? Well, this is a much trickier version of that. There is a huge drag with enemies that, while not more powerful than normal, are both numerous and worth absolutely nothing. Our only points come from a quite nasty vehicle, its driver, two archers, and a class we’ve not seen yet but which you might recognize as the berserkers from disgaea 3. These are all at the very dead end of the map. If you’ve got a strong enough character to solo them all you could consider the same strategy but honestly you should probably just slug your way down there and hope for the best. If you’re having troubles, just wait for next update where I tell you how to stop having trouble with anything in the normal game ever again!