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Part 19: Unleashing Our Inner Power

Before we start on our odyssey through unleashing the inner power of our characters, let’s look at our newest recruit!

Archers are a really awesome class honestly. They’re great at shooting things and could with a bit of work be given healing magic that they would be quite effective with. Our recruit here seemed disappointed that we didn’t have any boomerangs, but that was before they saw the fact that we have friggin’ guns. Now let’s talk about how we can turn a bit of time into brutally destroying this game.

Overlord Feinne Presents: Sacking the Kingdom

So, you’re trucking along and doing okay. You’re feeling good about how well you do in the maps, but there’s still a nagging feeling in your mind that you could be doing better. You could be absolutely devastating the enemy, driving them before you and hearing the lamentations of their women. And you’re right. You could be, and now I’ll share with you some of the methods by which this can be accomplished here in the mid-game.

The first step is to pick out your ‘alpha character’. This character is going to have the majority of your effort stacked into them for the moment. It makes sense to play like this, because it makes a character who can dice anything weak while also being the perfect cap to a combo to kill anything that’s remotely tough. We want to single someone out for this at the moment because it’s very expensive to properly equip a character right now and this process we’re about to undertake is very mana intensive. The version of this process I’ll show you is entirely reasonable at this point in the game, and is a less intensive version of how I’d do certain parts of this in the postgame.

Step one is to become a carrot. You want to become the best type of carrot you can be, unfortunately I only had the first tier of carrot when I started this.

So, we’ve mentioned carrots before. They’re a pretty terrible character class to be, and you can see why now that we look at one. They are pretty terrible at actually doing things, their only good aptitudes are for HP and SP. What they do have, though, are the +EXP% and +MANA% skills, and those are what we want. I give the carrot Feinne mk2’s old equipment because why not, and then I head out to the new best leveling map, the one with those level 1 wood golems with mallets. This place is great because you always get a thousand points if you clear it and the enemies are all level 1. Again, crush them with buildings and hit them with Giga magic to clear through them all in one turn or this is a waste because people will lose levels.

Now here’s where you have some options. You could try to level the carrot up a bit by actually using him to get the higher tiers of the passives you want, or you can just reincarnate again after you unlock the third tier of carrots and the +20% bonuses as a base. That’s what I did, because I didn’t want to bother leveling a carrot at this point. I don’t have images of the slightly less terrible third tier carrot, imagine it’s like the one you saw but a bit less shameful and with twice the bonuses. Once I got it up to level 10 (the minimum level to star reincarnate) I realized that I had a lot of mana and that gave me some exciting options I otherwise wouldn’t have:

Yes, I can make an Academy. It doesn’t just give us a free level every turn like it would for a computer character, but +50% EXP is plenty awesome and lets every character we pull into it get stronger faster. Making a building also saves one of our precious stars, giving us another bonus point when we reincarnate. Speaking of, let’s do that now.

Meet Feinne mk3. With her ATK bonus points maxed out and everything else tossed into elemental defenses, she’s far more solid than before. We do her first levels with the same method I used earlier, the map with the mallet guys. But then, I decide to get serious. Let’s start by looking at how much a bit of equipment and some levels have gotten us.

So what we do now is go to 3-4 with the objective of killing the castle there. The strategy here is that at the end of a full combo you have way, way more power than you would normally have. This makes killing the big giant castle possible at all, and especially at this level there’s a damn good reason to do just that. Because when we kill it, we go from level 12 to level 25.

I kill it again for good measure, which gets me five more levels. You obvious get diminishing returns on the level gains at a certain point, though you always get a lot of Mana and that’ll always make it worth returning here when you need to make wishes. This is the point where you can consider calling your current character good enough for now. If you have time feel free to go through this process again and make more brutal characters, just remember you need a lot more Star items to consume in that case. Let’s take a last look at the mk3 and our new archer, also approaching being useful.

Yep, four digit attack now. Numbers like that let you cut down even vehicles in a single blow which is really valuable given how hard they can hit. She’s a little bit fragile but tough enough that enemies won’t focus her usually.

The ridiculous TEC aptitude of Archers is shining through here, she’s already got the second highest TEC in the party. Archers are requirement for THE TEC class so I need to get to work getting her up to 50.

Next time you’ll see why you might want to make characters as bloatedly powerful as Feinne mk3 because Chapter 6 is where the game starts actively disliking you.