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Part 20: Prediction (Part 2)

So, late chapter six is really where the game starts actively disliking you and wishing you ill, and this map sure as hell shows is. The map is a big long drag of buildings with a few Samurai each in them. The first two are huts with single enemies. Then there’s a larger building with several inside it. Then there’s one of those horrible fan vehicles that can wipe out several wind-vulnerable characters at once, and it’s piloted by something new and scary.

Yeah, there was a Berserker earlier in the chapter and now we’ve got an Officer as well. Officers are to TEC and vehicles what Berserkers are to physical attacks, and they are one of the few ways to get a character skill with the only ATK-based anti-vehicle weapon, Beam Sabers. I really like Officers and we’ll see some TEC-y people become them when we unlock them. Oh yeah, and that last building you see looming in that screenshot? It’s not just got some samurai in it, it has a really high-end monster called a Demon Soldier in it. Unlike some of the other maps with facilities in them, the enemies most certainly will jump out when they feel like they want to hurt you and they’re pretty much all armed with katanas for brutally killing you with powerful single target attacks. If you advance slowly and carefully, though, you should be able to withstand the opposition.

Video- “Salome’s Compensation”

Watch the Battle

A relief after the last map, this is just a random set of extensions. Nothing really to say about this one, get your points and get out unless you want a bonus item badly. Then go level up. A lot. Because the game is about to bring the hammer down on your nuts.

Video- “Tragic Salome”

Watch the Battle

Well, let’s start by looking at who’s come crawling back.

Yep, it’s Raiden again. And he’s got a LOT of friends. There are five Metal Gear LEX tanks, four robots with gatlings, and two steel titans with morningstars. There are two ways to go about this, the way I do in the video and the right way. Let’s talk about the video first. I just decide to see if I can slug it out with the enemy here. You really don’t want to do this unless you’re in great shape level wise, because the enemies here are quite tough and the tanks can do substantial damage to you. You need to make sure you do as much damage as you can the first turn, because you are starting heavily outnumbered. You do have some advantages, though:

1) Nothing on this map is a healer, so if you can keep someone who heals alive they’ll keep your team up while the enemy only gets weaker.
2) Raiden won’t move until you get close to him. This is good because you really don’t need him up in your business until you’re ready to put him down and win.
3) The tanks have VERY limited SP. They’ll be out of gas after a few attacks, so if you make it that long they’ll be completely impotent. That’s because of the major flaw of vehicles, they have no free attacks and rely entirely on their SP to do stuff.

If your strength is sufficient, you will prevail. Still, that’s the dumb way of doing the map and I don’t suggest anyone not looking for a serious challenge even attempt it. No, what anyone halfway sane does is load up their party in a facility and throw it up the field until you’re in range of Raiden (it will only take a throw or two). Then you just boil out, combo him down on turn one, and end action. No fuss, no muss.

Alex was finally about to get serious on Zetta.

Video- “Tragic Salome Outro”

Watch the Scene

How dare you! I’m not rotten!
Well get ready, Booky! It’s time we finished this!
…Damn! He’s a lot stronger than before.
Haaahahaha! Damn straight! I’m a growing boy!
Hm... I didn’t see that coming.

But then some weird little cat thing appeared and gave a message to Alex.

And whatever he was told, it was enough for him to leave.

Agh, Argh! Gotta run…
What the hell’s going on?
You’ll know soon enough.
Hey--! Alex!
Why would Alex stop fighting in the middle of a duel?

Zetta actually had a good question for once, because Alex really doesn’t like him.