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Part 21: Chapter 7 Lead In

”There is no power in all the universe that can stand against The One. Even the almighty Tyrant whose name will not be uttered cannot oppose it…” – Legends of The One

There was another quake earlier.

Video- “Chapter 7 Intro”

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Tch… What was that!?
Yeah, we felt the earthquake too, and—

Babylon’s still sure it’s The One.

Eh? “The One?”
I think the old man’s finally lost it. He hasn’t stopped screaming since that earthquake.

Because of The One, there has not been a “bad ending” for millennia.
Nobody would dare to challenge The One.
In fact, anyone who defies the natural order is cursed, and The One buries them in darkness. There is no way to escape.
In fact, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that The One keeps the entire Universe running.
However, no one really knows what The One looks like, exactly…

Babylon swears up and down that he’s seen The One with his own eyes, but he’s not exactly a spring chicken anymore.

He could be! Look at all the Overlords gathered here… Maybe The One isn’t happy with us!
The One is coming!!
I know The One’s power… I’ve seen it… I’ve FELT it.
…I was still young then. Back then, I had so much Mana power that I could have taken all of you on.
I was invincible, and everyone knew it. Then… The One came, and placed a curse on me.
They say that once cursed by The One, an Overlord has only three days to live.
Three days!? Ha! You’re ancient!
It took almost every drop of Mana power I had to counteract the curse…
I lived…but I’ll never be invincible like that again. You couldn’t imagine the amount of power I lost…
Whether you like it or not… If you disturb the order of the Universe, you’ll be punished by The One.

Still, there’s no point tempting fate.

(The One…? Eh, it’s not possible.)
(Because, that was……)
Haha! Haa ha ha ha ha! I fear nothing—not even The One’s curse!
I pride myself on being good and fair, so there’s noooothing for me to worry about.
Which one of us incurred The One’s wrath?
Are you worried, Pram?
Agh, as if! Why do you ask?
The One…
Now I see why Alex just gave up all of a sudden.
At least the curse scare’ll keep him quite for awhile, right?

Zetta is pretty much always wrong, and we all have to suffer for it this time.

Don’t get me wrong… I ain’t here to fight.
I’ll help you out until The One takes off.
So… Ready to play nice? Haahahaha! This is gonna be fun!

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom
And now we have our final Overlord option, Alex. Let’s take a look at what he gives us.

I have no idea what Tricky means, but it’s probably something terrible like Officers and Berserkers or something.

We also of course have all of our prior options still, so here they are in case you want to vote for one.