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Part 22: The One (Part 1)

”There are many evils in this universe. There is of course the grim Tyrant Overlord, the armies of demons that swarm in the Netherworlds, the inhumanity of man to man, and the arrogance of angels. But the greatest of these evils is only whispered of in the most hushed of tones. And that evil is corn, the most unhallowed vegetable of them all. Underestimate its grim power at your peril…”

Video- “Alexander the Tyrant Intro”

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Freaks? That’s funny, coming from a talking dictionary!
This is OUR field. Who the hell are YOU!?
You’ve gotta be kidding! I’m the freaking Overlord… I own this whole netherworld!
I didn’t know we had an Overlord. I thought we were an autonomous collective. …Hey, You’re here to steal our field, eh?
Listen up, you corn! The name’s Lord Zetta—supreme Overlord of this netherworld!
Oh, you’re that Zetta guy? Aren’t you supposed to be the most bad-ass Overlord in the whole cosmos?
That’s right! Surprised?
I’ll let you live this time—so get out of my sight at once!
(I’m sure The One is watching me, so I should avoid fighting when at all possible.)
(I’m not really afraid, per se… but it’s best not to underestimate curses, that’s all.)

W-Wait! I can explain that part!

Come on our, guys… Pop this corn to hell!

Video- “Alexander the Tyrant”

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This first map is already throwing us into the fire. Let’s look at the initial setup.

So yeah, there are two CORN, two carrots with shovels, and an ominous sort of building you can just barely see at the top. That’s a Food Market. Food Markets are very useful if they’re yours, because they spontaneously generate food items and you’ll need lots of those later on. Food Markets aren’t so useful if they’re controlled by the AI, though, because they spontaneously generate food based enemies inside them. It’s also got right now several more enemies, including more CORN. So there are a few things we need to do pretty quickly here. The enemy CORN needs to die basically immediately for one, because they’ll one shot anyone with elemental weaknesses with their Mega spells. The Food Market also needs to die. This is where having an awesome character like my Feinne mk3 comes in handy, because using the delightful third katana skill I can dice the Food Market in a single blow and get rid of it and all the enemies inside it. Getting through the first set of enemies is only the beginning, unfortunately. See, this chapter also biases towards CORN in the extensions too. Make sure you don’t position yourself badly, or the CORN might get more than one character or even worse clip Zetta and destroy your bonus meter. Once you’ve got your points you should just get the hell out of the map, there are much better maps to level up on later in the chapter.

If The One is around, only one person in the whole cosmos knows what he looks like. Unfortunately, that’s Babylon.

Video- “Alexander Avarice Intro”

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Well… It was a very long time ago.
I do remember hair… and a glossy sheen.
Is that all you remember?
Agh, forget it. I never should have asked him.
But, why would The One hide himself from all of us?
I know why! It would probably be a hassle if people knew what he looked like.
I’m sure a lot of morons would try to attack him.
Morons like you?

At which point Trenia came in from… well, somewhere, waving to… well, someone.

Hey, you’re Trenia, right?
My vassals told me about you. Your information was very helpful, thanks a lot.
Trenia…! You were behind his plan all along!?
Yup! …I already told you that. Hmho.
But she—How is that possible?
Hey! Who was that, before? What are you up to now!?
Who was he? Oh, that’s just my new friend.
You’re lying… Normal beings can’t exist in this space.

There was really only one logical possibility: Trenia is in league with The One. Now I see why Zetta decided to spare her earlier, clearly he’s more savvy than I thought…

You should have two servings of vegetables every day. We’re rich in nutrients we are!
Shut up! I can’t stand you!
Well, you’ll have to accept vegetables if you want to grow up healthy and strong.
Argh! No vegetable talks to me that way! I’ll butter you up and season to taste!

This is a very interesting map. Let’s take a look at the starting situation, just as with the first one.

So, obviously there’s CORN on the map and it needs to go. There’s another priority at the start, and that’s to jack the Helldam on turn one. That’s right, there’s nothing in it at the start and that means we can just walk someone in and go to town. It doesn’t count against your POP to do it either, so there’s no downside at all. Between getting a free Vehicle and having a bit less threatening group of enemies at the start than last time overall this is an easier map. Just be careful of the CORN because you expect to see potentially quite a lot of them in the extensions.

Video- “Fierce Alexander”

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Here’s your new leveling map. You need 700 points and there are 700 points in the first area, which is relatively small. Kill everything and then end, then repeat as much as you need to get all the experience you want. Spend a while here before you move on because the rest of the chapter isn’t quite as forgiving.