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Part 23: The One (Part 2)

This is a very cool map indeed. Lets take a look at the starting situation:

So, there are both red and yellow enemies on the map. Both are worth points, but only the red enemies are aggressive to us and we can win by killing all of them. The yellow enemies will support your characters and attack the reds. Each side has an extension that will either appear when the Key dies or when enough time passes. Both extensions have more enemies from their group and a Food Market. It should be noted that the Food Market on the red side counts as an enemy as far as the game is concerned, so you need to kill it too. One large concern is that one of the reds in the extension has a Mallet, don’t let yourself be close to that edge when it opens or you’ll see some levels vanish. Nothing much to this map really, with the yellows on your side you outnumber the enemy terribly and most of them are carrots anyway.

Video- “Ravenous Alexander”

Watch the Battle

This map has one of my favorite extensions in it:

The Weapon is Complete is an extension with a Justice Gear vehicle piloted by a Professor. It’s a powerful vehicle but with a good combo you should be able to easily take it down in one turn and the Professor along with it. You really want to do so, because Justice Gears are pretty brutal.

Video- “Alexander’s Plunder”

Watch the Battle

Here comes the pain. So, there are a lot of threats on this map. The largest single one is a King Corn that’s driving a Dark Runner vehicle. You need to kill the vehicle and King Corn on turn one or he’ll guaranteed kill someone with his magic, he’s just that strong. Your next priority is the drill vehicle, since it will definitely kill any facility you invite in. At this point you have a few options. You could kill the relatively powerful guys who are up, or you could start on the two Food Markets. The Food Markets spawn relatively weak enemies for this map, but you don’t want to let them stack up and it could toss some Corn out at you. They also have three enemies each in them at the start, again they’re not that powerful but you could still lose some casters to them. Honestly, though, if you get the King Corn dead on turn one you’ve probably already won.

Video- “Alexander’s Plunder Outro”

Watch the Scene

See what happens to rebels? Get ready to be shucked… Hyaaha ha ha ha!
You’ll pay for this you will! I won’t stand for your blatantly anti-vegetable policies!
I, the mighty Overlord Zetta, do not fear corn, kettle or otherwise!
I think I’ll make muffins the next time corn crosses me… and don’t you forget it! Hyaaha ha ha ha!

Anyway, I was trying to get Trenia to tell me more about The One.

So, tell me… What does he look like!?
What are you talking about? That was just my new friend.
Exactly—The One. Tell me all about him!
Oh, I get it! You wanna be his friend, too. Oh, that’s cool…
Okay, well… He’s a little hairy, and he has a glossy sheen…

There was no doubt about it.

Hey you! Perfect timing. This is my new friend—

And that’s when Zetta showed up, with as impeccable timing as ever.

Aha! It’s that damn corn again!
You’ll taste great wrapped in tin foil over the grill!

And that’s when he did it.

I don’t know what surprised me more, that Zetta just up and blew away The One or that he could totally have done that at any time but was just too lazy.

Hyaaha ha ha ha! How’d you like that, cornface!? Toasted, in the blink of an eye!
…Eh? What’s wrong?