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Part 24: Chapter 8 Lead In

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So, Zetta blew up The One.

Ha ha ha… Great work, Zetta. Your name will go down in history as the Overlord who overthrew The One.
There isn’t any proof that corn was The One—I don’t believe it. The only person who’d know is old Babylon.
I don’t know how else the corn would be able to exist here.
Ohhhhh, there’s no doubt about it! That corn was definitely The One.
Those horrible eyes! His mouth…His shape! They’re seared into my mind… Yes, he put that curse on me!
(This is serious, if The One is coming out in the open.)
I guess he was The One, then. …I just wasn’t expecting him to look like that.
Yes, the memory can be misleading. …Especially old Babylon’s memory.
Yeah, but don’t you think this is all just a little...Mmmm, corny?

It seems Micky’s bad pun was enough to briefly wake the dead, because The One still had a bit of move left in him.

Micky, he’s still alive! Finish him off! Do it!
…I won’t forget this, you bastard! Damn you! Damn you to…well, not hell, but somewhere really really bad!
You’ll pay for this… You’ll never escape my terrible curse!!!

So yeah Zetta got cursed by The One.

A certain someone decided to try and take advantage of this situation.

Did you hear him? Did you hear The One’s curse?
Here, I’ll repeat what he said verbatim, in case you missed it:

Bwa ha! I, corn, am definitely The One! I shall curse Zetta for eternity, because he is a terrible person!
Those cursed by me shall die within 3 days of receiving my phone call! You cannot run from my fury!
Prepare yourself, umphm, Overlord… By my salt and butter, you are now um, cursed and/or damned!

What a creep.

Lord Zetta’s been cursed by The One.
…He’s going to die in 3 days!
But, never fear! I can ask The One to remove his fearful curse.
Hmph, he and I have been bros for awhile. We used to chill in school together, believe it or not.
Would you shut up!? You’re so full of it, I’m surprised you can even stand!
Shut up!? Wa, do YOU wanna be cursed? I can just have it transferred from Zetta to you, y’know!
Look, if you hadn’t taken my netherworld, none of this would have happened. Get it?

And seriously that again? He needs to let it go. Anyway, things with Drake sort of resolved themselves.

If you want the curse removed, give me your netherworld, Zetta.
…I can save your life. Do you want to go out like a punk because of some curse?
Tch… So this was your plan all along.
Hahaha! A curse!? I don’t fear death.
Salome, what--?
Don’t interrupt me! I won’t let you stand in my way.
Ugh, stupid woman… Don’t you value your life?
No, not at all. If I could give my life to save Zetta’s, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
Argh, gah! Retreat… Ah!
Dammit! I won’t forget this!

Good riddance, I say. Shame about the curse, though.

Three days is not a lot of time.

Heh… Hyaaha ha ha ha! I’m not afraid of some stupid curse!
After all, Babylon’s still here. If he can overcome the curse, I sure as hell can beat it!
Ha ha ha… So, the mighty Lord Zetta is willing to live without his Mana power.
Hmph—pathetic. Sounds like someone else we know, doesn’t it?
Shut up!
Ignore him, Salome.

Still he’s not letting it get him down. That’s our Zetta.

(You can’t do anything about it. Don’t you see that, Zetta?)
(I’ll have to change my plan…)
(If I make my wish come true before you have your body, Zetta…)
(…Then, it might still be possible.)

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom
Our last vote is here, guys, and we have everyone except King Drake, who made himself very unwelcome then fucked off like a punk.