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Part 25: Weird Weapon Edition

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom: Now It Gets Weird
So, I’ve talked before about the normal weapons that we can just buy. Now I’ll go over the strange weapons we’ll often see enemies using but can’t get from the shop.

Beam Sabers:
Beam Sabers are a very cool sort of weapon. They are sort of like Katanas in that they reduce a defensive stat (though in this case it’s RES instead of DEF). They don’t have as much ATK as a comparable Katana but their attacks are Anti-Vehicle, making them the only option for an ATK character in that regard. Beam Saber proficiency is one of the rarest in the game, you’re definitely going to need to use reincarnation to get it on any generic character who can really use them.

Frying Pans:
Pans are odd weapons that are sort of the signatures of Makai Chefs. They provide both ATK and DEF and have both ATK based damage skills and a RES based heal. I don’t much care for them because at the high end I don’t think DEF is useful at all. Obviously though as with anything if it’s the only top end weapon you’ve got it’s still going to be awesome.

Behold the enemies of all things good and decent, the Mallets. They provide characters with ATK, DEF, and RES (though each is relatively low for the tier of weapon each represents). The thing about them, and I’ve mentioned this before, is that their skills PERMANENTLY reduce the level of targets hit by them. This makes anything with a Mallet always your number one target. I’ve never found a good use for them, they just don’t have a lot of punch.

If you can get one, Syringes are clearly the best weapon for any healer. They provide RES and have RES based heals and even more powerful RES based damage skills. With one your awesome healer can suddenly become a brutal attacker as well, so if you can steal one take the chance.

Fishing Poles:
Fishing Poles are a TEC-based melee weapon type that provides TEC and SP. They have a decent range and some okay skills, but honestly most classes that can use them aren’t really TEC classes to begin with. I find them kind of gimmicky and have just never been that impressed.

Makai Cannons:
These are heavy TEC weapons that can Poison targets. They slow you down like any heavy weapon would, and the also give the user some RES. They’re actually pretty decent if you can get one, I recall their skills being acceptably useful.

Remote Controls:
These are a really strange sort of weapon, they provide TEC and INT. They have only a few skills. If you get a good one I would suggest getting a Professor some spells by reincarnation, because that’s clearly the sort of character who could use it best.

Time Bombs:
Bombs are sort of interesting. They’re relatively short ranged TEC weapons that lower RES but give you a lot of speed. Their attacks can cause the Gamble status, which makes a target be killed by anything that hits them but also evade attacks. If you can land Gamble on something strong it’ll have all seemed like it was worth it but I don’t like Bombs that much. They’re VERY common enemy weapons and show up on bonus meters long before a lot of the other rare weapon types.

I really like these weapons for some characters, they provide INT, RES, and SP as well as some elemental resistance. Staff skills are INT based short ranged attacks. They’re another really great option for characters that want the RES for support abilities thanks to the SP they provide.

Fans are an interesting sort of weapon, they provide TEC and SP at the cost of DEF while greatly speeding a character up. Fan attacks are universally wind-based, so you do need to be careful of enemy elemental resistances. If you can get a good Fan they’re a very solid choice for an Archer, since the best Fans are quite comparable to the best Rifles.

Magnets are another rare caster weapon. They improve INT along with DEF, RES, and elemental resistances. They’d be best in the hands of a character who can make use of the RES gain as well as the INT gain, because at the top end they’ll never match up with the best Books. I do like them, though.

Raiden’s signature weapon type is another caster weapon. They provide HP, INT, and RES, which can be nice since casters tend to be saddled with low health. While male Magicians have the skill to use them you really need to just unlock the Thunder God class Raiden is if you want a character to do one of these justice.

A very weird weapon, it’s got RES based attacks but provides only HP to the wielder. Sort of a joke weapon for the most part, I have no idea when I would rather use them over a weapon that isn’t terrible. Yet they’re still better than the next choice.

Balloons give you SP and a huge amount of movement, and have SP based attacks. However, they have a tiny little flaw that makes them not so useful. See, you only get one attack with the character using Balloons per level because they OB you after you attack with them. That’s not so great, and they’re the biggest joke weapon in a game full of weird gimmicks and jokes.

Boxes are caster weapons that provide INT, DEF, and elemental resistances. They have odd attacks that improve the Mana gained from targets killed with them, and they provide solid stat increases to back up your casters. If you can get a good one it’s always a good call to use it.

So which of these weird weapons are really worth going through a lot of effort to try and get your hands on? Well, the big ones for me are Staffs, Syringes, and Beam Sabers. I always like having a good Staff because one of the bonus characters is quite good with one, Syringes actually make healing characters viable as attackers, and Beam Sabers are very valuable several times thanks to being Anti-Vehicle and usable by the strongest characters in the game. Of course all of these can be awesome if you get the high tier ones so familiarize yourself with their names, you don’t want to miss a weapon that could provide someone crazy stats and make them a tiny god.