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Part 26: The Curse (Part 1)

”The One’s Curse is the most terrible weapon it can bring to bear, all the more deadly because there is no way of knowing when or how it is levied against you.” – legends of The One

Looks like Alex is losing it what with Zetta being cursed and all.

Video- “Heatwave Babylon Intro”

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What were you thinking, you stupid jerk!? I didn’t say you could get cursed!
How could you let The One curse you? How DARE you…! *sniff *
I’m supposed to kill you!
…Are you crying?
Shut up! …Of course not! *sniff * I’m a freaking Overlord…
We’re fighting, right here, right now! I’ll kill you before that stupid curse does!
This is it, Lord Zetta… A final battle no one will ever forget!

Video- “Heatwave Babylon”

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The first two maps of Chapter 8 are set groups with a thousand points and no extensions. This one has us up against five Shadows with Rifles and two Lighthouses with three Catsabers each in them. So, our ideal plan of attack is as follows: Blast the Shadows down with magic, then destroy the Lighthouses. Giga magic can comfortably hit two of the Shadows at a time, and if you’ve managed to reach level 50 Omega magic will definitely hit three. If their weaknesses don’t cooperate you may have a few up after your casters work. In that case, prioritize getting enough points to end the map because there’s no point letting the Catsabers get to jump out and do whatever they want. You should be able to do this map in one turn without THAT much trouble, and that makes it a pretty good farming map actually.

Anyway Trenia’s making me all paranoid now, because she knows all sorts of things she shouldn’t.

Video- “Babylon’s Breath Intro”

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(But, I do feel bad for Zetta. Sucks that he got cursed like that.)
Are you happy that nobody realized what you did?
What are you talking about?
I’m talking about The One. If they knew what you did, I’m sure you’d be the cursed one.
What the..!?

I mean how the hell? Was she there watching or something?

Agh… Wh-Who the hell ARE you!?
(Trenia’s not just a child… I’m actually a little worried.)
(…She acts like a real Oracle.)

Well, I guess I would rather die in battle than from some curse.
Of course, that won’t happen! Lord Zetta will never be defeated in battle!
Once I rule this place, my netherworld will be restored, and I’ll get my body back!
Then I can beat this curse, no problem!
Get ready, men… Prepare to enter into legend!

This is the second thousand point setpiece and you can actually sort of see what it’s all about in the scene because all the enemies are right there. It’s three groups totaling six Catsabers with Morningstars, six Bombheads with Flamethrowers, three Helldam vehicles, and three Officers with Bazookas driving them. Obviously you want to try to hit the closely packed groups with some magic at the start, because if you’re lucky on the resistances they generate with you might be able to take out a whole group. If you’re not lucky, then things get more exciting. Having a Sword or Spear user would be really helpful here, because both have really strong AoE attacks. If you’re me and you’ve been relying on magic for AoE and otherwise have a lot of really strong single target attackers, this is going to be very… exciting. Just kill as much as you can and spread people out as much as possible to minimize the damage done by the Flamethrowers. Fortunately, if you drop a building the Catsabers will go right for it thanks to the coding of characters with anti-building weapons. It doesn’t really matter if a building gets destroyed in battle for the most part (though it’ll of course be bad for the people who were still in it). Killing the vehicles on the first turn as a priority is a good plan, since vehicles are often very damaging and the AI rarely has to worry about their drawbacks unlike you. The good side is that if you get past this you’ve practically won the Chapter already!

Video- “Rampaging Babylon”

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A pretty easy map, there’s 700 in the first area and that’s what you need. If the bonus meter is worthwhile, go for more. Otherwise don’t. Not much else to say. Oh, and Babylon’s extensions in this chapter? Berserkers, Officers, and Thunder Gods. Yeah. Thanks.