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Part 27: The Curse (Part 2)

”It is a common understanding among Overlords that displaying feelings is a sign of weakness. However, it is also a common understanding among everyone else that most Overlords are huge idiots.”

Video- “Babylon’s Dwelling”

Watch the Battle

This is a very cool map that you have to be properly prepared for to see the best benefit from. So, you start on an island with a Berserker worth a hundred points, which is conveniently what you need to clear the map. However, if you look around you’ll see there is a nearby area you could throw a facility to.

Two more enemies worth a hundred are here, as is a yellow Carrot who is a Key to some extension we can see nearby. That extension is a big block of crap that will prevent you throwing through it. Let’s look at what it’s going to block off:

That’s right, it’s a Box. So, what we need to do in order to get the Box is throw a Facility to the middle area, across it, and to the platform here. Then we can just pick it up and it’s ours. We also do want to make sure that whoever we leave behind is strong enough to kill one of those demons and let us End Action. I suppose you could just kill both of them and then you’d have as much time as you want, but why do that when we can end in one turn? Oh, and you only get one chance at the Box, the map just becomes a normal random map after this.

The map has boss music but no boss, and isn’t terribly difficult or interesting. In protest I’m going to just act like it doesn’t exist at all and move on to the much more cool final map of the Chapter.

Video- “Babylon’s Fiery Hell Intro”

Watch the Scene

I’ll be sad to see you go…
…But it’s time we ended this!
Are you ready!?

Lady Salome!? Don’t interfere with our decisive last battle!
Oh please. You’re the one who’s interfering. Lord Zetta and I have a relationship, remember?
(Zetta… There isn’t much time left.)
(You can’t waste time fighting with children.)

Video- “Babylon’s Fiery Hell”

Watch the Battle

So yeah, this is an interesting map. We’ve got Lady Salome on our side here, so let’s take a look at her.

Yeah, she’s level 1200 with crazy stats and skills. You can see the fullness of them in the video. And why do we need such a ridiculous character on our side?

Oh, yeah, because Alex is also far too strong for us to do anything to. So, the strategy here is that we need to pull out whatever we can and spread out as much as possible to give Alex targets to splat while Salome beats him to death. It’s pretty simple, really. In second runs this map is how you trigger one of the extra maps, we’ll see how maybe later on.

Video- “Babylon’s Fiery Hell Outro”

Watch the Scene

How could you beat me?
You’re not at my level, that’s all. This isn’t a game, boy.
What the hell!?
You lost! Get out of here!
Argh… …Women!

Stay back…
But, you’re bleeding—
You shouldn’t be fighting in that state… Are you TRYING to die?
Heh…I don’t have that long, anyway.

Since I left… You’ve gained…so much power…
Tell me… How it felt to…become the strongest in…the Universe…
Why does it matter?
Just tell me, please… How did it feel?
it felt great. I’ve never felt so proud and elated as I did then.
I see… I’m glad to hear that.

Not that crap again! You’re so weak because you let emotions cloud your judgement!
Heh… …I knew you wouldn’t…answer me.

What is it?