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Part 33: Extra Stage 1 (Fallen Angel Flonne)

”Justice is blind. Which explains the fashion choices of most who call themselves heroes.”

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom:
The majority of the extra stages are simple Wishes whose only requirements are for the wisher to have a high enough level, enough Mana, and to be in a certain range of Chapters. The first few we’ll do can be done at any time.

Video- “Defender of Justice Intro”

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Let’s see, who’s up next?

I’m guessing you’re a…hero? You look ridiculous.
Yes, I’m Flonne the hero!
You, uh… Look like a demon.
Well, I’m also a fallen angel. But, I hold love forever in my heart! I’m the hero of love!
…Uhkay. Can I pass on this one?
You shouldn’t judge people by appearances.
I guess you’re confident…or naïve, or whatever… C’mon, let’s do this!

What the!? Where’d that come from?
Tee hee… Just kidding! …I was hoping I’d transform.

Video- “Defender of Justice”

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Flonne’s map is really a great preview of how pretty much all the extra maps work. You start on an island with enemies that are absolutely no threat whatsoever, low level Prinnies. There is a gap where an extension would be if you destroyed the Key, one of the Prinnies. You shouldn’t really need to do this, though, because you shouldn’t be walking to Flonne anyway. Put all of your characters who are worthwhile into a facility like a Castle that boosts their attack and throw it across the gap to Flonne, then jump the thrower back into another facility. Speaking of Flonne let’s look at her a bit.

So yeah, Flonne is level 250 and has pretty impressive stats thanks to her awesome equipment and hilariously unfair extra character stat passives. Even worse, she’s got maxed skill with the Staff she’s equipped with and of course her signature move:

Needless to say you do NOT want to get hit by Metamorph, it will likely kill any character in the target area instantly with Flonne’s stats. So let’s quickly talk about our thought process here. Flonne has a pretty decent amount of health, so it’s going to take a pretty solid combo to bring her down. Flonne has nearly twice as much RES as DEF and solid elemental resistances, so elemental magic in particular and INT based attacks in general are going to be pretty ineffective against her. Our strategy here then is to use our magical stuff early in the combo where we don’t really expect to be getting much damage done, letting our physical attackers be that much more powerful. If you’ve kept everyone’s level and gear reasonably up to date this shouldn’t be terribly hard. Unfortunately, though, we do not get Flonne on our side quite yet.

Video- “Defender of Justice Outro”

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Hmmm… I didn’t expect you to be that good.
Haha, I’ve got another trick up my cute puffy sleeves!
Heh… You wanna go another round?
Nope! I’ll be right back!
Flonne, the hero of love, will grow in power and rise like a cuddly phoenix from the ashes!
Ahaha, take care until then, kay?