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Part 36: Extra Stage 3 (Castile the Brave)

”Though they are loathe to admit it, there are powers even the strongest Overlord fears. One of these is a great and terrible skill fueled by the burning soul of a hero, capable of consuming even the most terrible evil…”

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom:
Okay so now we’re getting to the Extra Stages that have some real benefit to them. Before we get started, I want to note that this next stage does sort of have some spoilers for Phantom Brave. I didn’t even mention the potential for such spoilers with regards to Etna and Flonne because it’s laughable to consider you’re reading this and aren’t familiar with Disgaea at all. But Phantom Brave? It’s possible enough that I’ll mention it.

Anyway, this Wish requires a bit more juice than the last one did:

And it’s by far the most rewarding of the first three you can access, since today we’ll be getting ourselves a special character. Despite the higher level requirement I’d actually say this one is a bit easier than Etna’s map was, the grinding that got you to level 100 should easily make it possible for your party in general.

Video- “Brave Men, Come Forth Intro”

Watch the Scene

Wh-Where do you think we are, Marona?
Hmmmmm… It looks like another dimension.
Could my brother be here?
I don’t know. We’ll just have to look for him.

Why are you talking to a book, Marona?

This is my world. …You shouldn’t be able to enter it.
…Your world? Who are you?
I’m Lord Zetta, the most bad-ass freakin’ Overlord in the entire cosmos!
Um, Castile? I think he’s crazy.
Who the hell are you two, anyway? You don’t look like demons…
We’re Chromas! Those are like…warriors who help people!
What!? Ha, you’re like twelve! Your world must be full of weaklings!
…C’mon. Let’s see what you’ve got little girls!

Oh no! Marona!
Tch… Even weaker than I thought.
How could you do something so terrible and evil!?
Evil is actually in my job description. But hey, if she was really a skilled warrior, she could have dodged that.
Marona trusts people! She wasn’t expecting you to do a sneak attack!
Mocha, go to Phantom Isle with Marona. I’ll deal with the evil man.
Heh… You’re picking a fight with me, now?
I’m old enough to take care of myself… This time, I’ll protect Marona!
Are you ready?

I’ll make you proud, brother…

Video- “Brave Men, Come Forth”

Watch the Battle

So, our third extra stage is a fight with Castile the Brave. It’s a deeply strange map, actually. We are on a weird little shore with a group of yellow Idols at the start. One of them is a Key to the extension that would connect us to Castile if we felt like walking, which I don’t so I just do the standard throwing method. Let’s take a look at what we’re up against in Castile.

So that’s our first thing to note right off the bat: Castile is in a vehicle. It’s pretty high level but honestly if you got past Etna you should be able to crack it pretty well. And as for Castile herself?

Well, fortunately for us she’s only level 50. She’s pretty brutal for a level 50 but if we target a big combo at that Dark Runner chances are we’ll blow her up with a huge hit and she’ll never even have a chance to get a turn. If she did get a turn outside her buggy her Psycho Burgundy skill is pretty nasty and if anyone’s vulnerable to Fire chances are they’re going to die. Still, this map is very easy compared to Etna, and a nice breather before the one coming up after it.

Video- “Come Forth, Brave Men Outro”

Watch the Scene

I’m sorry, Marona… I was defeated…
But, I can’t get discouraged. I have to continue my search!
I won’t give up until I’ve found my brother!
This might be none of my business, but how do you intend to do that? You’re kind of stuck.

Oh no! I sent Mocha away, and now there’s nobody to take me home…
System Message: Castile became Zetta’s friend.

So yeah, Castile decides to stick around (seeing as she has nowhere else to go), giving us our first Extra Character. She might start at level 1, but don’t let that fool you. She is a killing machine.

Weapon Skills: Staff, Rifle, Bazooka, Flamethrower
Magic: Recovery/Passive
Stat Boosts: HP+4, SP+8!, DEF+4, RES+8!, TEC+8!, MONEY+80%
Mobility: Medium
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Psycho Burgundy (TEC)- Massive fire damage in a fixed area.
Other Notes: Tied with another extra character for highest TEC in the game.
Castile is the first extra character you get and she’s pretty damn amazing honestly. She’s got huge amounts of TEC and a quite decent RES stat, both of which are backed up by large growth skills and 150% aptitudes. She’s got a very powerful unique skill in Psycho Burgundy, and she’s equally at home with the most viable TEC weapons, Rifles and Bazookas. She can heal well without having to have any items specifically tailored to improving her healing and has plenty of HP and SP again without even really trying because she’s a damn extra character and that’s how they roll. Her overall stats will never reach the crazy bloated levels the later extra characters get to but frankly the only stats I care about involve making enemy health go down and at that role Castile is pretty damn good. She’s got a large inventory, definitely give her some good shoes (especially if you’re going to give her a Bazooka) along with glasses and you’ve got yourself a powerful character who can hang with the frontline and provides heals and buffs if needed and slaughter the hell out of things if it’s not. What more is there to say?