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Part 37: Extra Stage 4 (Overlord Laharl)

The Sacred Tome is the greatest power in all the universe, and with it the very walls between worlds can be breached…

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom:
Let’s start with a roster update, we’ve got some new faces on the team and some people have become mega mas macho since last time.

Let’s just start right on the mk5. She’s got a massive pool of bonus points tossed into ATK and thanks to that and an upgraded sword she’s packing a massive punch. I pushed her through the tier 5 Carrot and Idol, which has given her EXP+80%, MANA+80%, MOVE+12, SP+5, RES+5. That SP+ is pretty nice honestly, since it lets her use katana skills basically all day and never run dry. Oh, and she could heal if she needed to, which is cool.

Dragonatrix is pretty badass now, she’s got some serious power with her spells and is using one of the better books in the game. This is the last time we’ll see her as an Occultess so say farewell.

This is why extra characters are broken. Castile is armed with a high-end rifle right now, a bazooka is probably best in the long-term though. What do I need to say besides with no extra work or reincarnation or anything she’s the second strongest character I have?

Infel is really quite good and she’s probably a candidate for reincarnation soon. She’s still armed with a Bazooka, and still rocks hard.

DOOM Senrath now has a Fan as requested and I even use it in this map, crazy talk right?

Bonus experience in the random dungeons have left Tengames pretty strong, he could probably even steal some things now. He could also use a reincarnation but it’s hard to get him the Mana.

I’ve also switched Ayana to a Fan now, since she’s better with TEC than ATK and knocking things around is sometimes amusing. Not like she attacks much anyways.

K.D is still a strong rifle-user. She could use a reincarnation soon, but I sort of want the top-tier Officer first and I just don’t have the levels for it yet.

Here’s one of our new characters, Ardeem. I made him just to unlock the high-tier Carrot Men, I’ll probably reincarnate as something to take advantage of the experience boost skill he’s got.

Prawn’s rocking an amazing new axe I got in the random dungeons and it means he can dish out some serious hits. He could probably use a better incarnation at some point too. Maybe a Berserker.

Wdarkk is the Ronin (M) I used to unlock Berserkers. He’s got some good passives from being an Ronin so maybe I’ll reincarnate at some point.

Erhard’s got a book now, the magnets I’ve gotten aren’t very good. She doesn’t hit as hard as Dragonatrix but she’s pretty powerful all the same.

Azzur could really use a reincarnation as well if she were going to be effective in a fight. Right now I use her to carry my Gency Tonic in the dungeons.

Another new character I created for unlocking a new class. Boxes aren’t good, sadly.


She has Braveheart, which is enough at this point.

I actually have some good uses for Azure despite not needing a third caster usually. I should really get him together because having backup characters stops me from being screwed if I have to End Turn in a dungeon for some reason.

You can take my land, but you can never take my attack buff!

What do I even say about these guys?

I have some backup characters from earlier in the game.

And it’s hard to keep them all up to date.

Mr. Champloo’s not one of them because he’s got an awesome Fry Pan from the dungeons. I definitely need to get him a reincarnation soon. Anyway, that’s the roster. Let’s get to something actually interesting.

Laharl’s level requires a substantially higher level than Castile’s did, and is much harder as well. You need to put some serious work into preparing for it. Getting one character seriously high backed up by a group that’s reasonably strong is a good strategy for this.

Video- “Overlord vs. Overlord Intro”

Watch the Scene

Woe be to those who claim to be Overlords before me! I’ll teach them what real power is!

Aha ha, oh, yeah… He does look familiar.
Eh? Who’re you guys?
So, you’re Lord Zetta? I am Laharl, Supreme Overlord!
So, that obviously makes it hard for you to be the strongest Overlord…

Video- “Overlord vs Overlord”

Watch the Battle

Now the game’s got the gloves off, and we’re up against a real enemy. The other side has some terrible Prinnies that don’t matter, but more importantly we are up against not one but three Extra Characters.

Etna’s the same level she was the first time we fought her, but she’s armed with a Drill this time. This is actually better for us, since it gives her less ability to engage a group. Well, it would if she was going to live to see a turn, which she isn’t.

Flonne’s higher level and now using a Cannon. She’s really resistant to elemental damage in this fight, and there’s not much reason to mess with her unless certain factors force you to.

Here’s the big man himself. He’s way more brutal than anything we’ve seen so far, frankly. He’s got a Sword and between that and his Overlord’s Wrath skill he can massacre multiple targets with ease from a shocking range. If you let him take a turn you’ll regret it, a lot. He’s got a lot more DEF than RES, so magical attacks are better if you’ve got them. Still, a solid single target physical attacker will work just as well anchoring a big combo as long as they have enough attack.

Now let’s talk turkey here. How the hell do we deal with such an increase in enemy power? Plan one is just to become more badass ourselves, and get swole enough to actually drop Laharl. This is the ideal solution, because there are plenty of maps that require us to hit even harder than this. But what if you’re lazy, too lazy to get a character up to the power levels needed to drop the brat? Well there’s actually a way to slip in the backdoor and win this map. See, Etna and Flonne are also worth points on this map (though not as many as Laharl). If you’re smart about how you set up your Combos, you can get enough points to win the map just off of them. You’ll still need to be strong, but it should be possible a lot closer to the level you first unlock the map. Both strategies start basically the same way, toss a Castle towards him, pile out, and murder the hell out of things. You should be using a Castle from this point on no question, the attack boost is equal to a massive amount of levels you don’t need to grind.

Video- “Overlord vs Overlord Outro”

Watch the Scene

(Dammit… How could he possibly be that strong? I rigged the fight and everything!)
You impressed me, kid. You’re not as weak as you look… How’d you like to work for me?
What the hell!? Do you think I’m stupid or something!?

Ha!? You traitors!
(Ha, we’re faking it, Prince… …Duh.)
If we pretend to be his servants, then we can wait for the perfect chance to smother him with kindness!
…Yeah, or a pillow… …filled with knives.
We’ll have time to grow stronger and more prepared, don’t you think?
Alright… It’s a deal. Hmhmhm…

Now let’s talk about our veritable swarm of new extra characters.

Weapon Skills: Staff, Book, Cannon, Remote
Magic: Recovery/Passive
Stat Boosts: HP+4, SP+8!, INT+8!, RES+8!, TEC+6
Mobility: Low
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Metamorph (INT)- Hits a large circular area directly in front of her with massive magical damage.
Flonne is the best healer in the game, that simple. She’s got a massive amount of RES and is tougher than a normal healing class would be. As far as offense goes, you definitely need to give her something that works off of her INT. Books are a good choice if you take some time and get her some of the skills, while Staves also work to improve her RES stat. Remotes are an interesting choice as well if you can get a good one, since they do improve INT despite being a TEC weapon. Toss a good Orb on her, because she will get massive SP and RES benefits from it and pretty much be able to toss around the good shit all day. Metamorph hits much harder than you’d expect. If there was a way to get Flonne offensive magic, she’d be one of the best characters in the game. Still, being the best support character is good enough.

Weapon Skills: Swords, Morningstars, Gatling Guns, Drills
Magic: None
Stat Boosts: HP+6, SP+6, ATK+8!, TEC+8!, MOVE+5, JUMP+5
Mobility: High
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Prinny Raid (TEC)- Hits a medium-sized sphere with a barrage of prinnies for massive damage.
Etna is a weird character. She’s got very competitive ATK and TEC stats and is able to use a mix of weapon types. Swords are tempting because Swords are a great choice in this game, but actually I’d suggest Gatling Guns for her. It gives her range and area effects on her normal attacks while also improving her devastating Prinny Raid skill. Make sure you give her some shoes to make up for the slowdown the Gatling will cause. If you take the time to get her set up right and keep her leveled up Etna has potential to be a real player on your team and a massive help in the random dungeons, so don’t neglect her. You won’t regret it when you can roll her out and Prinny Raid groups into the ground.

Weapon Skills: Swords, Beam Sabers, Spears, Axes
Magic: None
Stat Boosts: HP+8!, SP+4, ATK+8!, DEF+8!, MOVE+10, JUMP+10
Mobility: Medium
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Overlord’s Wrath (ATK)- Hits a large area at a fixed distance from Laharl for extreme damage.
Laharl is very simply one of the best characters in the game. He’s not got quite the raw stats of some of those better than him, but he’s close enough and we can get him a hell of a lot earlier than them. Swords are the obvious choice for him, though if you’ve got a better Spear or Axe than your best Sword you could use them instead. If you have a Beam Saber good enough start skilling it up, because you’ll want it for the final battle. Laharl just gets stronger and stronger as he levels up, and he’s amazing for just tearing through whole formations of enemies like they’re paper. If you don’t already have a real physical attacker, he’s a massive boost to your efforts to proceed in the postgame. He’s still very worthwhile if you do, though, because he’s strong enough to hang with even a character you’ve put hours of work into right out of the box.