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Part 39: Extra Stagestravagnza! (Pram, Super Robo Suit, Valvoga, Babylon, Seedle)

”Don’t be a dick.” -proverb

Overlord Feinne on Makai Kingdom:
Our first extra stage of the day will also end our first cycle (I’ve been playing in Chapter 9 of cycle 1 this whole time). Step one is to cold-bloodedly murder 60 of our allies. You can actually do this in the base, you have the ability to just punch things and kill them. It’s tedious but you only have to do this once at least. Then all we need to do is head back to the Death Temple. Everything goes exactly the same until that little scene where Trenia and Pram are looking at a TV, at which point things start to… diverge a bit.

Video- “Pram Intro”

Watch the Scene

What a stupid woman… Doesn’t she know there’s no afterlife if you’re in the Netherworld?

Ha! There’s no time to rest… The battle’s far from over.
I can’t rest until I regain my netherworld, my body, and kick this curse’s ass.
Oh, you don’t have to worry about any of that, anymore. Hmhm.
Huh? Why not?
Oh, because, I’m going to kill you.
What the--!?
I found out how you became the strongest Overlord. …Using a woman’s love like that.
I thought you’d be above all that crap, but I guess I was wrong.
What the hell are you talking about?
Do I have to spell it out for you!? Poor Salome… She wasted her life on an idiot…
Are you trying to piss me off, Pram? …Cause it’s working!
Heh, still acting tough, huh? Don’t you get it? Your power’s fake! You’re not a real Overlord!
You know what, I’m getting tired of this. It’s time for you to die!
I’ll show you the power of a REAL Overlord! I am the strongest Overlord in the cosmos!

Video- “Pram”

Watch the Battle

Yeah, so if you fuck up and get the Bad Ending, you have to fight level 1100 Pram. And if you can’t beat her, you just get a straight Game Over. It’s doable on a first round (I mean that’s what I’m doing) but it’s a hard thing to get ready for. You need to be substantially stronger than you were for Laharl to take down Pram. She’s got a lot more RES than DEF, so lean on physical attacks more than magic. The same strategy as on every other extra stage holds here, ignore all the shit that’s not worth points and blitz down Pram because if you don’t you’ll die when you End Action.

Video- “Bad Ending”

Watch the Ending

For an Oracle, you sure had no idea what you were up against!
Uh, Dammit… I’m smarter than him!
Hyaaha ha ha ha! You think mere intellect can stand up against my unbridled power!?

Hm, I believe you need to be destroyed.
Heh…Hyaaha ha ha ha! Oh, and are YOU going to destroy me?
No, your own stupidity will destroy you.
Hm, Just as it is written in the Sacred Tome, you’re a very stupid Overlord.
Stupid, am I!?
How dare you! I don’t have to deal with this… You go squish now!

You will never return to your body, ever again…
What the--!? What’s that supposed to mean?
…I can’t have my body back?
…That sucks……

Some say that he closed off his netherworld and lamented the body he lost forever.
Others believe he lost consciousness and became an ordinary book.
There used to be many rumors about Zetta’s fate, but as time passed, his name vanished from people’s memories…
In the end, Lord Zetta left no mark on the pages of history…

When we start our next cycle, we have Pram!

Weapon Skills: Box, Book, Syringe, Dagger
Magic: Offensive
Stat Boosts: HP+4, SP+8!, DEF+8!, INT+8!, RES+8!
Mobility: Low
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: White Rage (INT)- Hits a circular area at a decent range for substantial damage.
Pram is pretty awesome, honestly. She gets magic the same way as a Magician, so you need to reincarnate her a few times if you want all of the elements. She can use all of the best caster weapons and has the stats to rock with any of them that are INT based as well as her magic. Her only downside is that she’s a bit slow (though comparable to any other caster). Her biggest advantage over other casters is that she’s got a lot more health and defense than any normal caster could ever hope to.

Our next extra stage can be done at any time as long as we’re past the first cycle.

I’ve just got the whole thing in one video because it’s short and awesome. Watch it.

Video- “Go, Oversized Robo!”

Watch the Showdown!

So yeah, we’re up against the Super Robo Suit, driven by a Prinny God and full of loser Prinnies who’ll never even get a turn to act. Let’s look at the SRS.

It’s an awesome vehicle that can dish out brutal attacks and if you feel like using a vehicle the Robo Suit is a good choice. I’m not going to give it a detailed discussion here because there’s not much to say about it besides it’s a big awesome vehicle. It is rather poorly equipped in this map, so it’s not even going to be much trouble to kill. If you just killed Zetta and Pram this’ll be like rolling off a log, which is why I don’t even use a full buff cycle on it. Oh, and Flonne fans should watch the video because I use Metamorph. Anyway let’s fight someone who’s less of a chump.

This map is available any time Micky is around, so from Chapters 1-8. Don’t let the availability fool you, this is second only to Zetta and Prinny Baal in difficulty.

Video- “Battle with Valvoga Intro”

Watch the Scene

Hmph… You know why I’m here. It’s time we had it out.
You, you want to fight…? …Without your body?
Agh, you may be the strongest Overlord, but don’t you think you’re underestimating me?
That’s right, Micky! You tell ‘im!
Slash his throat! Eat his eyes! Steal his shoes!
I get it… You think you can beat me because I’m a book, eh?
Alright, then… Bring it on. Defeat me, and you’ll be the strongest Overlord in the cosmos.
Why do you have to be like that, Zetta? Tch, I don’t like burning books…
Ha! What’sa matter? …Chicken? What a loser…
If I’m such a loser, then how come everyone wants me to be the last boss in their games, huh!?
Why does everyone make fun of me!? I can be scary when I have to…
Enough whining, Micky… It’s time to kill him.
Yeah ha! Let’s do it!
What’s the problem, Micky? We’re just teaching Zetta a lesson, that’s all…
Heheheheheheheh… Yeah…A lesson!
Don’t overthink it. Just clear your mind and do exactly what we tell you to.
Dammit you’re indecisive… It’s a good thing you’ve got us.

Eh,hahaha! Huh? What’d you just say!?
I said shut up! Both of you!
What’s wrong, Micky?
I’m tired of your crap! You’re always bossing me around!
I’m done listening to you two! …I-I can make my own decisions!
I’m going to fight against Zetta because *I * want to… and I’ll prove I can be independent!
I’m Dark Lord Valvoga, dammit! You two do what *I * say!
Damn straight, Micky.
Our minds are finally one! Grah ha ha ha ha!
You can bring our thoughts together as one unstoppable will, Micky!
Now… Show him the true power of Dark Lord Valvoga!!!

Video- “Battle with Valvoga”

Watch the Battle

So, we’re up against Valvoga’s true form this time around. Let’s see what he’s got.

Valvoga is nearly as strong as Baal was, and armed with some serious equipment. He’s also able to use magic, though it’s a lot less terrifying than getting hit with that damn beam saber. If you’ve already beaten Baal he’s easily beaten just the same way, otherwise he’s a good preview for you you’ll do against the big guy. I wouldn’t suggest trying to kill the facilities to his side, if you can’t kill him in one turn you can’t really kill him at all.

Video- “Battle with Valvoga Outro”

Watch the Scene

This is the true Valvoga. You’re finally independent… you just proved yourself!
Congratulations! Bwa ha hahahahahahaha!
You were being mean to me on purpose to awaken our true power…?
Yeah, sure. Whatever.
But… I still lost.
You haven’t lost anything, Micky. You won the battle within yourself.
Hahaha, that’s right! Good job! Hahahahaha!
Ophelia… Dryzen… Thank you so much.
How the hell can you say all that with a straight face? You’re an Overlord, dammit!
Thank you too, Zetta! I couldn’t have realized my true power without your help!
None of this would have happened if you hadn’t asked me to fight.
Here’s a gift… Please accept it!
System Message: Micky’s phantom double agreed to help.
…Seriously, you guys are embarrassing.

Let’s talk about the awesome extra character we just got.

Weapon Skills: Beam Saber, Morningstar, Book, Drill
Magic: Offensive
Stat Boosts: HP+6, SP+6, ATK+6, DEF+6, INT+6, RES+6, TEC+6
Mobility: Average
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Dynamic V (ATK)- A short range attack that hits a decent area for serious damage.
Valvoga is the second best character in the game. He’s actually got the stats and aptitudes to be pretty close to Zetta, but his passives aren’t quite as good and his weapon skills are less than ideal. Books are obviously the choice if you want him to cast, Beam Sabers make him a powerful anti-vehicle attacker, and Drills and Morningstars anti-facility. He basically does anything almost as good as the best person in the game in that role, and sounds hilarious doing it. I’d suggest Beam Sabers because if you can get a Divine Light like his you’ll be in great shape for the final fight.

Now let’s take it down a little bit here and fight Babylon.

As you can see, we don’t need as high a level for Babylon’s fight. We can access this again as long as Babylon is here, so from Chapters 2-8. Let’s get it on.

Video- “Battle with Babylon Intro”

Watch the Scene

I heard you used to be invincible… You ruled the entire universe.
He’s so old, though… I can’t imagine him being stronger than me.
I’ll go back in time to check the facts, myself.

Who the hell’re you?

…That’s the old man!? Er—when he was young, I mean.

Damn, he sounds tough! I can’t believe it’s the same guy.
Don’t throw your life away, kid. Just turn around.
I get it… He hasn’t met me yet.
What are you mumbling about? Do you seriously want to fight, even though you know I’m the Dragon Overlord?
Yer damn straight. I traveled back in time for this, old man.
Past, future… I’ll control it all. Even the strongest warriors will bow at my feet and beg for mercy.
Hmph… Too young to realize the importance of life, I see. Don’t worry, I won’t KILL you…

(Hmm… This is no ordinary kid.)
(His Mana power… is he The One…!?)

Video- “Battle with Babylon”

Watch the Battle

So let’s take a look at what we’re up against with Babylon. There’s a reason he required a lot lower level than Valvoga.

He’s almost the same level as Valvoga was and he’s got good aptitudes but he’s got just awful equipment here and it leads to him having entirely unimpressive stats for an Extra Boss his level. If you’re at the point of seriously being able to do Extra Stages you should just roll over him, frankly. I won’t dignify this insulting display any further, I’m pretty sure my current level 900ish mk5 could kill him in one shot with no Combo.

Video- “Battle with Babylon Outro”

Watch the Scene

My power it’s… slipping away…
System Message: Babylon’s phantom double agreed to help!

So… Am I the one who stole Babylon’s Mana power?
Nah… Couldn’t be.

You know the score by now.

Weapon Skills: Sword, Morningstar, Spear, Axe
Magic: None
Stat Boosts: HP+8!, SP+8!, ATK+8!, DEF+4, RES+4, MOVE+10, JUMP+10
Mobility: Medium
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Absolute Zero (ATK)- A powerful Ice skill that hits a good range and area. Sort of like Ice Psycho Burgundy really.
Babylon is the third best character overall. He’s sort of like a slightly weaker version of Zetta in a lot of ways. He’s got similar weapon proficiencies but lower stats. Axes are probably a good choice for him, though Swords are always fun. Basically go with whatever you’ve got that gives him the most ATK. He’s got a massive HP aptitude, so Morningstars are an interesting choice. Make sure you give him some shoes to make up for the speed you lose from most of his weapons.

After all this tough stuff, let’s get a refreshingly easy fight.

That level is just ahead of what we needed for Laharl, and that’s a good measure of what this is going to be like. We can do this any time Seedle is around, so from 3-8.

Video- “Battle with Seedle Intro”

Watch the Scene

Challenging? No. Beating you down to prove I’m the strongest Overlord? Yes.
Heh… You’re very funny, Zetta. Cleverness is what I look for in a good book.
I still have power, ass-face. You don’t need a body to have unimaginable Mana energy.
You really don’t get it, do you?
What are you talking about?
You’ll understand soon enough… …You’ll realize why you’re the strongest…
Ha ha ha… You’re just an imposter, Zetta. A big, fat, fake Overlord.
Perhaps my sword can open your mind! Ha ha ha… Die!

Video- “Battle with Seedle”

Watch the Battle

Seedle’s got a whole lot of Warriors you should ignore because seriously, there’s no point in bothering with them. Instead you should go push his smug asshole face in.

If you beat Laharl then Seedle ain’t shit. Sure he’s got a lot of attack (since he’s amusingly much better equipped than Babylon was) but he’s just not that powerful overall. Just blow him up, for all his bluster he’s a joke.

Video- “Battle with Seedle Outro”

Watch the Scene

Urgh, I underestimated him?
Excuses, excuses… Maybe you’re just pathetically weak.
Heh… You’ll see, soon enough.
Then you’ll know how stupid you really are. Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
System Message: Oh goody, Seedle’s spirits agreed to help.
…And, you used them to create Seedle’s phantom double.
…What the hell does he know?

Weapon Skills: Katana, Spear, Cannon, Fishing Pole
Magic: None
Stat Boosts: HP+6, SP+4, ATK+8, DEF+4, RES+4, REC+4
Mobility: Medium-High
Slots: 5
Unique Skill: Dark Revenge (ATK)- An extremely powerful single target attack.
Seedle is very similar to Laharl in stats but has a different mix of weapon skills. Don’t bother with Fishing Poles or Cannons, just give him a Katana or Spear and let him go to work. He’s available pretty early and that’s when he’d be useful, he’s decent but not really able to hang with the big boys.