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Part 41: Lord Zetta Wants You!

Lord Zetta Wants You!

Lord Zetta’s indestructible army of unstoppable hell-punchers is looking for a few good lost souls! Do you think YOU have what it takes to work for the greatest Overlord of all time? Just fill out this simple application and you could be on your way to eternal glory!

Class See Below
Why Do You Deserve to Join Zetta’s Badass Legion?


Healers are, as their name suggests, masters of healing magic. They are able to use a decent variety of weapons both normal and magical, but their lack of ATK+ or INT+ will leave them somewhat ineffective at dealing damage in the long term. Still, recruiting a Healer is vitally important if for nothing else than their skills at restoring health between battles.

Warrior (F):
Female warriors differ from their male counterparts in being skilled at daggers and rapiers as well as swords and spears. They also have a slightly different stat spread, though this doesn’t matter that much at this point. Warriors are our only real close-up fighters at the moment, and are definitely the toughest characters we can field right now. Both genders are the first leg in the chain of unlocking substantially more powerful classes.

Warrior (M):
Male warriors differ from their female counterparts in being skilled with axes and morningstars as well as swords and spears. As with the female warriors, they are a big part of unlocking some of the other classes as well as being useful on their own.

Merchants are most important for the services they bring outside of combat. They have decent stats (especially their TEC) but the lack of a stat skill will really start to hamstring them later as a combat character.

Thieves are for stealing things. They have pretty poor stats, which is to be expected. They can use Rifles which is a plus, though they don’t have the +TEC you’d want them to and it always feels dirty to be using a Thief who doesn’t have a UFO.

Witches are the female offensive casters. They differ from the males by having Staff and Magnet skills to go with Book and Dagger, though really you’ll always use Book in the main game. They also have a bit more base INT and that makes them inherently better realistically. Magic is incredible in this game and they’re always a solid choice frankly.

The male offensive caster. They can use Boxes and Drums as well as Books and Daggers, again Books are what we’d actually use though. I tend to prefer Witches but they’re decent too.