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Original Thread: Hey yo! MAKE MY VIDEO!



Back in the 90's, some video producers got together for an intense glue sniffing session. When they stumbled out a week later, nostrils stuck together and reeking of semen, they carried out a brilliant idea for a video game series:

Thus dooming the Sega CD to die a slow, painful death. There was somehow four editions that were released. Starting with Power Factory, featuring C+C Music Factory.

People probably bought it based solely on the cover art, thinking this was their chance to shoot down members of the group in some futuristic videodrome. Instead, they got to... Edit a handful of C+C Music Factory videos. The rest were less deceptive.

Which brings us here. My crack habit has cleared up, and now I need less reasons to live. With that in mind, we'll go explore these games. Together. You and me.

"Hey Mr. Swoon! Can I post my own videos? Huh? Can I?"

Sure, why not. Knock yourself out, you little masochist. Feel free to post yourself playing these abortions for fun and prizes. Prizes may not exist. Void where prohibited.

Also note that the picture quality is exactly what the game looks like. The magic of FMV staring at you. And with that, let's Make My Video!

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