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Part 2

Part 2: Hijacked Plane

So, when we last left off at the end of last level, the Maken (possessing Kei) had just successfully killed Andrei, who had invaded Sagami's laboratory.

However, the Sangokai (a worldwide mafia based out of Hong Kong, the organization which invaded the lab) has managed to capture Professor Sagami.

Back in the lab, the scientists are working overtime to study Kei and what happened to her when she awoke the Maken.

Kou is none too pleased with their conclusions.

Mr. Li has three eyes apparently, what with those sunglasses.

Very mysterious.

And a little bit suspicious.

Li changes his mind about not saying anything pretty quickly. Sounds serious.

Gee, ya think?

Li is kind of a condescending jerk, but what the hell, we'll go along.

Being killed by the Maken, Andrei no longer has any soul so he doesn't fight back when it brainjacks him.

Well, now we have a plan.

That's a bigass plane. I'm sure it violates the laws of physics somehow.

Thus adhering to Japanese cliche #5: Only those under the age of 18 are capable of saving the world.

I dunno, talking about my personal problems would not be my first reflex if I found myself trapped in a strange room with a mutant thing consisting of only an eye, an ear, and a mouth.

This must be the most convoluted and ill-conceived hijacking in history. Despite the Sangokai sneaking their operatives on the flight as plane attendants, they found the need to jump on the plane mid-flight and then announce to the target that they were going to try to kill him. Why said flight attendant just capping the Maken in the head while serving it drinks would be insufficient, I dunno. Seems like a big waste of resources.

Anyhow, now we have to fight our way out of the plane.

Rhincodon Hijacked

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