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Part 3

Part 3: Hong Kong Slums

We've gotten out of the Rhincodon safely and with Inaba Gou's body, piloted safely to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the action switches back to the Kanazawa lab:

It appears J.J. wasn't entirely truthful when he said he knew nothing about Li...

Kou is such a whiner.

That's a pretty fair assumption.

And, back to Hong Kong...

I like this level a lot, it looks really good for a first-gen PS2 game IMO, especially the reflections in the puddles on the ground. There's some text mid-level I fast-forwarded through in the video, its translations are below:

If you say no here, you can still get Li Feishan as a character--she'll go down in a single hit, and then you can Brainjack her. If I remember correctly (I haven't played this game since it first came out) Kei gets really angry at you if you do. But you pretty much have to do that if you want to get the "evil" ending. Needless to say we're going for the "best" ending since it unlocks the most levels and characters, so I'm saying "Yes" here.

Part 3: Hong Kong Slums