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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 3: The Beast in the Ruins

When we got together earlier, things weren’t looking so good.

Video- “Flay Helps”

Watch the Story Unfold

I have no idea.
I tried looking into it, but there’s still one ingredient I don’t know…
It’s due tomorrow… What should we do?
Rrr! Where the hell is Flaya when we need him!?
Where were you!?
How is it going, chums? You all seem so excited.
This isn’t the time to joke around!
Hmm, so you haven’t done it yet? What a pity.
I mean, it’s impossible. We just started learning alchemy.

It seemed Flay did know how to make a Nicro Cloth, he just had no intention of doing so.

You know, we’re doing this for you in the first place…
Jess, you said there was one ingredient you didn’t know.
Do you, perhaps, mean a Tuft?
Yes! That’s right!
Hahaa! That should drop off the Lorebeast at the Old Schoolhouse.
Uh, are you making us go defeat that monster?
Yes. As an alchemist, you must gather each and every ingredient yourself.
If you can’t fight, you’ll never be a true alchemist.
Let’s just go. We don’t really have much time, anyway.
So, I assume you’re not coming with us, Flay?
Indeed. I am a busy man. I leave the fate of this workshop to you!
System Message: You receive the recipe for [Generic Cloth].
Item: Nicro Cloth can now be made.
Where’s he going? What could be more important than this workshop?
Who knows…

We’d found some recipes in the stores and at the Wind’s Corridor, so we took a moment to prepare before we headed out. Also I think Nikki will eat anything.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Synthesis Again
Synthesizing new items doesn’t just get you new items, it can also get you new recipes. The most obvious way is of course to just substitute some of the strange things you see in the ingredient lists in, at which point it will switch to another recipe and give you a ?????? in the recipe list. You’ll know you have a recipe like that available if you see a little lightbulb symbol next to a known recipe. Somewhat less obvious, though is that some of your party members will suggest variations on items after you make them. Generally this is either for equipment related to them or items that relate to their themes, such as bombs for Jess or food for Nikki. Let’s see this in action.

I mean she tried to eat some flour, and sure knows a lot about synthesizing food.

…Hmmmmmm, hummmmm.
Just a little taste. *lick *
…… Ewwwwwww!
What!? You can’t lick that! It’s not supposed to be edible yet!
It just, kinda looked like it’d be tasty…
Besides, it’s your fault! Make a powder that’s edible at least!
That’s impossible…
Sugar’s good, but it’s hard to make. So how about salt? I’ll teach you how!
If you’re willing to teach me, I’ll try to make it…
You better make sure it tastes good.
System Message: Item: Salt can now be made.

We also made some paper, which let us improve Jess’ bag the same way we had Sulpher’s collar earlier. I still don’t know how she fits so many bombs in it.

Once we’d prepared, we headed down to the Old Schoolhouse.

Video- “The Old Schoolhouse”

Watch the Dungeon Run

We’re looking for the Lorebeast, right?
Yup, let’s hurry up and find it.

Just as Flay had suggested, there was a great shaggy beast deep within the ruins there.

Video- “The Lorebeast”

Watch the Boss Battle

I would have liked to take a moment to make sure we were ready but Nikki got a bit… overexcited.

Do you think we’ll be able to beat it?
No problem! Come on!
Wait a minute! I don’t feel ready yet…
Bring it bring it bring it bring it!!
Heyyy, Nikki!

Boss Battle: Lorebeast
The Lorebeast is the first boss, and he can be pretty rough if you’re not prepared. He’s got a pretty fair amount of health and his attacks hit pretty hard. Jess will likely fall in two hits, with Vayne or Nikki being only a bit more durable. Between Healing Echo Alpha and healing items you should be fine, though. The Lorebeast is vulnerable to Ice attacks if you’ve got Ice Storm on anyone’s gear. Just keep it together and he’ll fall eventually. For defeating him, you get the recipe for the Flame bomb.

Still, we managed to beat it and get the Tuft we needed.

Total victory!!
Whew… We won…
See? That was easy, right?
I thought it was pretty tough…
Geez, you’re depressing. Oh, were you able to get the item?
Yep, perfect. Now to synthesize it.
Then let’s go back to our workshop. I hope we don’t fail…
Don’t jinx it!

I don’t know what Flay was up to while we were away but he was in worse shape than us.

Video- “The Nicro Cloth”

Watch Our Triumph!

Flay, are you okay?
It’s an honorable battle scar. Looks like you guys did it.
Yup, it’s perfect!
It better be. I don’t need wimps who can’t even beat weak enemies!
Come on, let’s make it already!
Oh yeah, let’s do it.
If you fail, you’re going to have to get all the ingredients again.
Oh, I hope not…
Don’t worry! Trust me, kay?

Jess said she could handle the synthesis, so we all got together around the cauldron to help out.

It is? Hmm… Vayne, can you turn it down a bit?
Okay, I’ll try.
Thanks. Now I put this in…
Uh, shouldn’t you measure it before dumping it in?
It’ll be fine! This stuff is all about intuition.
All we gotta do now is wait. Hmm, maybe I should add a secret spice.
Ooh, sounds like fun!
Shouldn’t we just keep it normal…?
Hmm, she’s right. We can’t settle for normal. Do it, Jess!
Yes sir! Let’s kick it up with my special secret powder!
Are you sure? Will it really be okay?
It’s almost done. Hehehe!

Whatever it was Jess added turned out to work out just fine.

It’s finished!
It worked? Woohoo!
This is… pretty good quality. I approve.
Hehe. It’s so rare when it actually turns out well.
Uh, oh, never mind. You’re hearing things, silly.
…… Well, I’m really glad.

And just in time.

Ah Madame, you’re right on time.
I told you not to call me—Ahem, well. Do you remember your promise?
Hahaha. Jess, show her!
Vice Principal, here’s the Nicro Cloth we made.
Oh, you made it!? Let’s see…
…Did you really make this yourselves?
Of course they did. And, I didn’t even help them.
If you had, I’m sure it would have turned out much worse.
Oh please, stop. You’re making me blush.
Is not a compliment. …Children.
Do not let this success go to your head. Continue to work hard on your studies.
Maybe having a bad example as your leader is not so bad…
Umm… So then, are we allowed to use this place?

The Vice Principal might not be very nice, but she’s true to her word.

Phew! We did it, Vayne!
Y-yeah. It’s all thanks to you and Nikki…
Well done, guy and girls! Let’s celebrate!
Oh ho! Flaya’s treating us?
Indeed. You’ve done well, so you deserve a reward!
Yay! You’re so generous!

I was pretty worried about all of this at first, but everything turned out okay.


Flay, Jess, Nikki, and me…
So much has happened that I forgot all about my initial worries…
It was really fun… I wonder if it’ll be like this every day.