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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 6: Bombs and Boys

We checked in at Student Affairs earlier today.

Um actually, we came to ask about part-time jobs.
Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t explained it to you guys yet, huh? Excuse me.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Jobs
There are two types of jobs on the board, jobs to Bring someone some item and jobs to Help someone by killing something. Both reward us with lots of money, and this will be a primary money source during the game. Help requests also often have an alchemy recipe reward from the actual kill, so they’re doubly important. There is zero reason to skip these because they take up no game time. Always do them first when you get Free Time.

Doesn’t sound that hard. Which jobs are available for us right now?
I want one where we can just sleep and get like 10,000 Cole! Haha.
That’s not a real job…
Actually, there is one like that. Exactly like it, in fact.
What! Really!? I wanna do it! Let’s do it!
I was just worried that no one would accept it.
It’s a request from Dr. Melanie…
She wants a patient in deep sleep for a day to test out a few things.
An offer from Dr. Melanie? Deep sleep…?
Yes. She would like you to go to the infirmary right now, if that’s possible.
W-well, I guess it’s not hard-earned if we don’t work for it, right?
Come on, let’s go! We should check the bulletin board!

The jobs seemed pretty simple, really. Just clear up some animals and get some fish for someone.

We started on the beasts, we managed it without too much difficulty.

Video- “Beast Swarm”

Watch the Battle!

Battle Notes: Animal Gang
This is a pretty simple battle, it’s continuous against increasingly strong animals from the area. The last part is a lot like the Large Monsters nearby, with a Bear and Cubs. Just don’t waste a lot of SP on the early stuff and you’ll be fine.

We went back up to the Heights and fished for a while once we were done, and pretty soon both jobs were done.

Oh, and I managed to get some more alchemy done with the money. Some guy on campus had a recipe for a pair of fuzzy gloves, I was able to come up with a few variations on it too.

I also managed to finish up the altered uniforms I’d come up with earlier thanks to a new item.

Ughh, kind of tired, though. I think I’ll sleep in a bit tomorrow, not going to matter too much if I’m a bit late…

Video- “Jess 1”

Watch the Aftermath!

No one’s here yet? Everyone’s so lazy.
…There is a synthesis I’ve always wanted to try. Since no one’s watching…
I wouldn’t suggest it. It’s gonna explode again, you know.
Nuh uh! Come on, help me.
I’ll have no part in whatever happens, though.

Okay, I’m never going to sleep in again now.

An explosion…? It sounded like it came from our workshop!

The smoke was still thick when I came in.

See! I told you so.
That’s strange… I didn’t even use anything that could explode…
But you made it explode, because that’s your gift.
What happened? Whoa, that’s a lot of smoke…
Jess, are you okay?
Hehehe… Uhm, I think I just kinda messed up a little.
A little? So, what are you going to do about this?
If they find out, I’ll get in trouble. This calls for…
Destruction of evidence!
We’ll toss the trash, replace the tools and… Can you help me?
I guess…
Whew! Thanks! Let’s put this all away.
Maybe she’s more carefree than I thought…
She’s just used to explosions.
She explodes things that often, huh?

We got all the ruined stuff together and snuck it down to the incinerator first.

Yeah… No one saw us, right?
???: I saw that…

I think Jess’ mana thought this was all really funny.

Oh, it’s you…
Please! Don’t scare me!
Haha, I mean, you guys were so scared.
Anyway, I suggest you guys go back soon.
Grr. I’ll remember this.
Now we need new tools. Maybe there’s some extras in another workshop.

I wasn’t looking so I’m sure I don’t know what Jess was doing in there.

Excuse me.
There’s no one here… What should we do?
This… Is our chance!
Jess? What are you…?
Shh! Just stand watch so that nobody sees us.
This, and this… Ooh, I’ve always wanted one of these. Oh and…
Huh? Oh, oops. I just… Sorry, I’ll just take what we need.
Uh, I mean, isn’t that still bad…?
Okay, now we have to escape before anyone comes. Let’s go.
Go go! Run away!
Isn’t this wrong…?

But, um, somehow she got the equipment we needed to replace.

Yeah, I think this should be fine.
Thank you very much for helping me, Vayne.
Oh, no problem… But I heard your Mana earlier. You fail often?
Noooo, that’s not true! Today was an accident.
She fails about… does 4/10 times sound about right?
Oh shush! Don’t say that!
Wow, that often…?
No! It’s just when I try something difficult, I fail often…
Hey, you don’t believe me, do you?

It’s a good thing Nikki was busy doing… whatever Nikki does during the day.

Huh? Does it smell kinda burnt in here?
I think it’s just your imagination.
Yeah, that’s it! It’s just your imagination.
Oh… Okay whatever then.
That was a close one.
Uh huh… If it happens again, I’ll be counting on you. ‘Kay?
…You’re planning to mess up again?
N-no! That’s not what I meant! You meanie.

Maybe sometime soon I should try and figure out what it is that Nikki’s doing…

Video- “Nikki 1”

What, Seriously?

Well, now we know what Nikki’s up to at least.

Yeah… Maybe she’s out playing around again.
Oh, speak of the devil.
Good morning, Nikki.
What’s wrong? You seem panicked.
Shh! Quiet down!
Let me hide for a bit! Tell them I’m not here, okay!?
What? Who?

Shortly after Nikki had hidden herself a group of girls came in.

Uh, yeah…?
Lillian: I know that girl Nikki’s here.
Uh…well, no she hasn’t come here yet today…
Colina: Are you sure? You better not be hiding her.
It’s true. But, um, why did you want to see her?
Lillian: I better not see her.
Hilda: You tell her, too. She needs to stop flirting with every guy.
What!? Nikki does that?
Lillian: She’s been making moves on our boyfriends. That cat’s a thief!
Hilda: I hate beastmen. They just don’t know their boundaries.
That’s not a nice thing to say!
Colina: Anyway, just make sure you tell her.
If she keeps flirting with our boyfriends, we’ve got a plan for her.

Even worse, she’d snuck out while they were yelling at us.

Hey Nikki, about what they said…
Huh? She’s not here…
Maybe she ran away. I didn’t even see her…
What should we do? I mean, I think we should at least talk to her about it.
Yeah, I think they’ll be back soon…
You’re right… Let’s go find her.

Fortunately, we found her before they did.

Look! There she is!
Oh, phew. You scared me! I thought it was them, again.
You should be glad it wasn’t. What are you doing out here?
Yeah. You disappeared on us. We were looking all over for you.
Sorry. I really couldn’t sit still. So did they say anything?
Um, something like, “Stop flirting with people’s boyfriends!”
…Is it true, Nikki?
Uhm haha… Oopsie doops, I try to only go for single guys but, you know.
I don’t think that’s a good thing, either!
But, you know…

Before Nikki could explain herself, she got interrupted.

He never ceases to surprise me.

Wha!? Wh-where did you come from?
That’s a minor detail. More importantly, we were talking about Nikki here.
So, I’m sure you all understand by now that Nikki is a beastman.
Well… She does have pointy ears and a tail.
It’s not that uncommon. I mean, there’s a lot of beastmen people here.
Indeed. They live among us, yet have different common sense from us.
You see, low population causes the view on love to take a different meaning.
Population…? So you mean, you need, um…
Exactly! I want to take home a buncha hubbies and have a buncha kids!
I don’t think you should say that out loud…
Huh? Why not?
Well, you know…
Vayne, you see? There are as many ideals as there are individuals.
Do not think of your own ideal as the only ideal.
W-well, I guess you’re right, but…
Wow, you seem to know Nikki pretty well.
Oh yeah… I don’t remember telling you though.
I’m always acquainted with my subordinates’ profiles. Anyway, I’m off. Good day!

With that, Flay ran off to have what I’m sure are more amazing adventures. This left it to us to explain the complaints to Nikki.

Oh, I almost forgot. The girls were saying…
I get it now, it’s okay. I don’t wanna pick the meat off others’ bones.
Then I guess it’s fine.
I’ll just have to go find another guy. Well, see ya!
I wonder if she really understands…
Who knows?

I’m pretty sure she didn’t get it, but we don’t have time to worry about that right now. The exam is going to be announced tomorrow. I just hope it’s not that bad.