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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 8: On Break

Video- “Chapter 3 Intro”

Watch the Story Unfold

???: …This may be a hard journey for a kitten like you, but it’s almost over.
I want to use this… these alchemy skills to help as many people as I can.
That is why I had to get out of that cramped lab…

Cornelia: Why does this school have to look so scary at night? If only it was brighter…
???: What are you doing out this late at night?
Cornelia: Eep! Wh-who’s there!?
???: Naughty girl… You should be in your room. Or even…
Cornelia: Ah, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Summer break has started, but since we’re stuck on campus it’s not exactly a vacation.

We don’t really have anywhere else to go.
Grr, it’s summer vacation! Why do we have to spend it at school!?
We have no choice. School rules and all…
We can’t leave campus till we graduate. Otherwise, we might spread alchemy.
I know that. But I’m so bored!
If you’re that bored, then let’s do some homework.
No way! Summer homework is s’posed to be done all on the last day!
But there’s a lot of it. I don’t think we can finish it all in one day.
See? We should do a little bit everyday.
You guys are such nerds… Still, I guess it’s better than just rolling around.

I went up to the roof later, and found Nikki asleep.

She’s sleeping… Well, it is nice out.
*yawn * I’m starting to get a little sleepy, too.

I really need to remember where I am, though, when I see things like that…

Nikki, you should wake up soon. You’ll catch a cold.
…Huh? She’s… not breathing?
Her body’s kinda cold… Could she be…
Vayne! Don’t move her!
Nikki, drink this medicine! Here! Quick!
*cough * Ack! *cough *
Phew, I’m so glad I made it in time…
Huh…? Where’d grandma go…?
It’s okay now! You’re back, Nikki!
Um… Can I ask what…?
N-nothing really!
I didn’t do any experiment on Nikki by putting medicine in her snacks!
And when Nikki naturally went into shock… I didn’t panic and made a remedy!
Jess… You’re saying it all…
Hey… That’s no fair! You asked a leading question!
That’s not the problem here!
Wahh, I’m sorry!
…So in other words, I was taking a nap with Nikki who was in shock…
*shiver * I feel kind of chilly… I’m going home.

I was going to start eating lunch up on the roof, now I’m not so sure.

Yeah. I thought it’d be nice to eat outside like this once in a while…
Then let’s eat together. It’s not as good when you’re eating alone.
Okay… Huh? Is that your lunch?
Hehehe. Hand made by me.
There’s like, purple goop packed in it…
It tastes good.
And it… has like this, dead fish smell…
It tastes good.
…Oh. Okay.
You want a bite?
N-no! It’s alright. I have my own!
Don’t be so modest. Here, open wide.
Really, I’m fine!
Oh yeah, I remember I have something to do. So I’ll see you later!
Oh, there he goes… It tastes so good.

Jess had a good idea as to how we could make magic thread before the purple goo thing.

Yeah. Thanks to you, it worked out well.
Hehehe. No problem.
If we can get fiber like this out of plants, making thread’ll be easy, too.
And we might as well make it a magically enchanted thread or something…
What’s wrong? Are you spacing out?
Well… I was just amazed at your decent idea.
Hey! What’s that supposed to mean!?
Oh, sorry. It slipped…
I take alchemy seriously all the time, you know…
I know, I’m sorry… We’ll make the thread together next time, okay?
I don’t care! Hmph!
Ahh… Please don’t be mad…
System Message: Item: Silver Thread can now be made.

We managed to work out some improved designs for our weapons earlier, too.

Also did some cooking earlier, which gave Nikki some ideas.

Yup. Pretty good, I’d say.
That’s good to hear… There’s so much pressure to grill things right.
You’re just too nervous.
You think so? I actually like sitting and waiting for it to cook…
I can’t stand it. It’s so boring.
Oh, I know! Can you grill me a fish?
Come on. You like grilling, right?
Well, yeah, I guess… But why fish?
I just want to eat it. Thanks a bunch! Just call me over when it’s done!
Hey, wait!
…Well, I guess I can.
System Message: Item: Broiled Fish can now be made.

We all got together after lunch and looked at the board for jobs, there were quite a bit more than last term.

They weren’t really anything too difficult, though…

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Chapter 3 Jobs Roundup
Chapter 3’s jobs aren’t much harder than the ones we saw last time. The Landos are just found while searching, and 120% Fruit and Flea Necklace are things we produce from recipes we got this chapter from easily acquired materials. Now let’s look at the mob hunts.

Video- “Caterpirider”

Watch the Battle!

Mob Hunt: Caterpirider + Kamikaze Doll x 3
This is a pretty simple battle, really. Let’s start by discussing the Kamikaze Dolls. These interesting little guys are vulnerable to Fire attacks, but when they are not killed by such an attack the bomb on their back is lit and they become much more dangerous. Further, when they die, they blow up for one Fire damage to all of their allies. You want to make sure, then, that you hit them hard and fast at the start. The Caterpirirder has a decent amount of health and does okay damage, but nothing unreasonable to heal through. For defeating this guy, we get the recipe for Goat Cheese.

Video- “Continuous Punis”

Watch the ‘Battle’!

Mob Hunt: Continuous Punis
This is even easier, it’s a bunch of Punis ranging from minis to reds. It’s a bit easier than the one we had to do for a class, so it’s no big thing.

Video- “Yulawnie”

Watch the Battle!

Mob Hunt: Yulawnie
The Yulawnie is a big crazy brownie armed like a character named Yula from Iris 3. It’s one of the more powerful enemies we’ve seen so far, actually. It can drop powerful time cards and do substantial damage to single targets besides. It is vulnerable to electrical attacks, but be careful you don’t compromise your healing to do so because you’re definitely going to need some. After its demise you get the recipe for the Tangerine Hat, which makes someone immune to poison.