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Part 13: Flay’s Gambit

’s Gambit

It seems like this whole Battle Arena thing is going to be pretty serious.

Oh… what do you want?
So, I heard you and Flay joined the Battle Arena.
Yeah, so?
I see. So you’re going to be there, too.
Us two are gonna be a team as well.
Tell Flay that I’m gonna beat him like a twelve pound bag of rice!
You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.
Where the hell did you come from!? So, you don’t think we can beat you?
Well, with a partner who passed out from seeing Pamela… yeah.
Roxis… is that true?
Grr… Remember this… I’ll knock you both out when the time comes…

And Flay has some kind of crazy plan, as usual.

A bet?
If we lose, we’ll do anything you say.
But if we win, we get Mr. Four-Eyes there for our workshop.
Anything we say… Are you serious?
I accept. There is no way we will lose to them. You will regret this!
Whoa, hey Roxis, wait.
Heh, I gotta say, that went pretty well.
Flay…why do you want Roxis to join so badly?
He is one interesting guy. Especially when he’s around you.

Anyway, we picked up some jobs from Student Affairs, These have been getting more and more complicated.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Chapter 4 Jobs
Let’s start on the jobs where we need to bring someone something. Black Dirt is the only thing we gather of the three, and it comes from digging for plants in the Mana Ruins near the second mining area. Cure Jars are pretty easy to make, so that’s almost as easy as a request where we just pick stuff up. The Galilean Scope is a bit more complex, since it requires Black Liquid to make. This in turn requires us to get some Carbon Boulders, which we can buy from the secret shop in the Resource Center. The last one is the first job where we’re being asked for a specific property review on an item. Cold is a review that shows up on Green Soup when the Ether Level is low. We want to use the worst ingredients we can, pick anti-elements, and get assistance that reduces Ether Level. The ideal one would be Nikki’s reset to zero help, but Jess’ anti-elements Auto-Synthesis or Pamela’s reduce by 50% can probably get you there without much trouble. I’d suggest making these items one at a time and then mass-producing when you’ve got the review you need, some of these get really picky later. Now let’s fight us some bosses.

Video- “Golden Pig”

Watch the Battle

Mob Hunt: Golden Pig
Not much to this guy, really. He hits reasonably hard, but doesn’t have a lot of health. If you exploit his vulnerability to cold based attacks he’ll soon be a wreck of ice shards on the ground, and you’ll have the recipe for the Panzer Cloak.

Video- “Darkbringer”

Watch the Battle

Mob Hunt: Darkbringer + Sword Geist x 2
This is much more of a pain in the ass than the Golden Pig. The Sword Geists can inflict the very nasty Curse status on people, which makes them immune to healing but still valid targets for Healing Echo if they’re lowest. Darkbringer himself hits pretty hard and anyone who’s immune to healing is very likely to be in trouble. Kill the Geists first, they’re vulnerable to fire which makes it a bit easier. At that point throw everything you’ve got at the boss and take him out. You’ll get a recipe for the Plosion, an ingredient in bombs and other things.

Mob Hunt: Continuous Delinquents
This is a bit more challenging than the previous continuous battles. The delinquent students can use decently damaging magic attacks, and the female ones can summon an add called a Living Bullet. Still, now that we can switch characters around to recover SP our endurance is a lot better, and we can afford to blow these guys away with our good stuff.

We’ve been working hard at creating some new items, never know what might help us win the arena.

Video- “Delinquent Group”

Watch the Battle

One of them even gave Pamela an idea, though it was pretty strange.

Yeah… I’ve never seen it before, but it looks kinda old…
I’d prefer a cuter style of clothing…
Really? I thought it would actually kinda match you.
That really doesn’t sound like a compliment to me!
Sorry. Then, what kind of clothes do you want?
Let’s see… I want an Asian-style look, like a shrine maiden.
Isn’t a shrine maiden like an exorcist of sorts?
That’s right. What’s wrong with that?
A ghost wearing a shrine maiden outfit seems kind of wrong to me…
Oh, don’t be so picky. Being cute is all that matters.
Is that right…?
System Message: Item: Maiden can now be made.

We’ve still got a few more weeks to get ready, I’m sure we’ll take them down…