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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 14: Vayne Should Really Stay In Bed

I was doing a big of cooking earlier.

This inspired Nikki a bit, as food always seems to.

…Vayne, you’re pretty good at making cakes, especially for a guy.
I don’t think being a guy has much to do with it… Want a taste?
Nah. I don’t really like Cheesecake.
Oh, really?
I’m sensitive to smell, so it’s too much for me. I prefer Pumpotatokin Pie.
Pumpotatokin Pie? Never heard of it…
It’s my favorite! My mom always made it for me.
I see… Then I’ll try making it next time.
Sure. If you can tell me the ingredients and how to make it.
Of course! Ooh, I’m so excited, I can’t wait!
System Message: Item: Pumpotatokin Pie can now be made.

I do have to say the pie did turn out nicely.

Flay knows a lot more than he lets on, I think he just doesn’t care.

Hmm… Not bad, but it doesn’t have enough power.
If you want to make a strong mech sword, you need stronger gears.
Is something wrong?
Oh no, it just sounded like you knew what you’re talking about…
Hmph. It is my weapon we’re talking about here.
You must know yourself before you can defeat your enemy.
Oh… I see.
While we’re at it, I’ll teach you how to make a strong gearbox.
Okay, thanks.
System Message: Item: Le Merou Cog can now be made.

Having moved down here does seem to have left Pamela a bit… restless.

Video- “Pamela 1”

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And she was starting to regret it earlier.

Oh, my…
Um, that’s a little…
Hmm… I see…
Um… What’s going on? You’re mumbling…
This is no good. This workshop is all wrong.
Huh? Wrong?
What could possibly be wrong with the Flay Cave.
It’s not cute. It looks bleak. It has to be more fancy. I don’t like it.
You’re absolutely right… But this is a workshop.
No! I don’t want to live here. *sigh * Maybe I’ll go back to the library.
But that’s just selfish…
I joined this workshop for a reason… I had so much hope for this place…

Pamela began to employ her most devastating weapon.

Uh, please don’t cry.
Vayne, you made a woman cry. And you call yourself a man?
But, I didn’t do anything.
Take responsibility and make this room… fancy.
But, it’s your… cave.
Don’t even try it. Can you imagine how Flaya would make something fancy?
…I kinda wanna see it.
Good luck. I’m…going on patrol!
Hey, he escaped!
*sob * *sob * *whimper * *whimper *
Um, Pamela, I’ll do whatever you want, so please stop crying.
Oh my, really!? Then first, a doll. I want a unique one, please.
And I want cute things… My teddy needs a friend.
What else…? Oh, a cake would be pretty!
W-wait, not all at once…
You’re going to prepare all of that…?
Looks tough. Well, have fun.
Wait, Nikki, please help me.
Hehehe, I’m so excited!

I was lucky we already had most of what Pamela wanted.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Pamela’s Request
If you’re playing along at home, this is one of the ‘tougher’ requests to fill, because the Cheesecake requires an ingredient whose source is not immediately obvious and the Brownie Mask can be a pain to get. The Monster Cookie you need for a Cheesecake can either be bought at the Resource Center secret store or acquired when you kill an enemy with Jess’ Funny Pouch skill. Brownie Masks are drops from Brownies of course, but the easiest place to find them is on the ground in the Resource Center.

Of course what with Pamela being a ghost, I also had to do the decorating.

I finally got them all…
Now to decorate. Can you help me?
Decorate, too?
You’re not gonna help me? Making a girl do all the work? How horrible.
Okay, okay…
That doll goes there… Oh, face it this way a little more.
Like this?
Perfect. Let’s see, what else? Move that bookshelf to the side a little…
I don’t think I can do that by myself…
Oh? That’s too bad… Then can you put these curtains up next?
When did you get these…? Is this window alright?
Yup. Oh! But…
What now?
These pretty curtains will get all dirty in this workshop…
I know, let’s put them up in the library. You’ll help me, right?
*sigh * When will I be released from this…?

At least she seems satisfied with it for now…

Video- “Flay 1”

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Ughh, I always end up more tired after these weeks of ‘vacation’.

Not bad. With some training, he might even surpass you.
I wouldn’t count on that. But, as I surmised…
What do you plan to do?
Heh heh heh. I’ve already decided. Now, to prepare while I have the time…

When we got in, Flay had a strange look on his face.

Good morning!
You’re early. That’s rare.
You’re finally here. Alright, let’s go.
W-wait, Flay! What is it, all of a sudden?
Not now. Come and I’ll show you.
But… L-let me go!
There they go…
Well, it’s nothing new. Let’s just leave it alone.

He dragged me down to the cafeteria.

Patience, chum. It should be around… There! Look at that!

There was a young kid there.

Lost Child: U-um. I brought something for my big brother… But then I got lost…
It seems this child is lost. What will you do, Vayne?
What do you mean… We’ll get the teachers and have them take care of…
Fool! There’s a child right in front of you who is in dire need of help!
Yet you look away to leave it to someone else… And you call yourself a man!?
B-but, what else can I... It’s strange for a child to be on campus to begin—
Never mind the details! There’s only one thing that matters here.
Do you have the will to help this child or not!?
I-I do…
Then it’s settled. First, we must gather information somewhere.
Lost Child: Then I suggest you ask in the Campus Grounds.
What? Why do you…
Hmm, good idea. Let’s head there for now!
…It’s so suspicious.

Still, we headed down to the campus grounds.

We didn’t find the girl’s brother, but we did get some rather… convenient information.

Lost Child: Umm… No…
Things are starting to look grim.
But, you don’t seem that worried…
Oh, I am. But more importantly, it should be about time…
Never mind that. Oh, look! Someone’s coming…
Leo: *pant * *pant * I-I’m sorry…
What happened? You’re late.
Leo: My tutoring session went a little long, and…
Tell me your excuses later. Just do your thing.
Leo: Oh, that’s right. This isn’t the time. We’re in trouble!
A vicious, wanted criminal snuck into our school!
Whaaat! And he’s trying to escape with a hostage, you say!?
Lost Child: And to add to that, the hostage is my big brother, you say!?
Oh-kay… I don’t even know where to start…
Worry about that later! We have a vicious criminal to chase! Now, now!
Lost Child: It’s dangerous, so I’ll wait here. Good luck!
If you’re going to trick me, you could’ve tried to make it believable…
What was that?
Forget it…

The ‘criminal’ and his ‘hostage’ were in an empty workshop.

Criminal: Oh crap, you’re here. Uh, how did you know I was here!?
Hostage: Wait, wait, I’m the criminal. You’re the hostage.
Criminal: Really? Oh but, I already called out the line.
Hostage: Fine then… we’ll just go along with that. H-help me!
This is horrible… And they’re obviously students here…
That’s because… he’s pretending to be one of us. An intellectual crime!
It’s alright. You don’t need to add any cheesy reasons for it…
Remain calm, and release the hostage! Or else…
Criminal: Fuwahahaha! You’ll beat me by force? Fine. But I warn you, I am strong.
Hostage: You’re so into it. You just wanted to be the criminal, right?
Now, Vayne! You must rescue the hostage.
Alright. I came this far, so I may as well go all the way…

We even ended up actually fighting the guy, but he wasn’t exactly strong.

Criminal: Ow owww… Hey! I thought you were gonna go easy.
You can’t script these things. Anyway, go on, run away.
Criminal: Fine… wahhh! I can’t beat you. Help me!
Come on, you too!
Hostage: Oh, that’s right. Thanks for helping me! So where is my little brother?
It was your sister…
Hostage: Oh yeah, sorry. Okay, Take 2. So, where is my sister?
She’s waiting for you over there. Hurry up and go welcome her.
Hostage: Oh thank you so very much. Oh, and, about the reward we’re supposed to get…
Don’t be greedy. I’ll give it to you later. Now go!
Hostage: Alright. See ya.
Problem solved! Ah, that was great, wonderful.
I guess…
But actually… There’s something I must tell you.
This incident was all plotted out by me!
I already knew that, but for what purpose?

Even after he explained I still don’t get it.

About what?
Rescuing those in need, and punishing evil…
The joy! The drama! The excitement! Did you feel fulfilled?
Um, actually… it was so obvious that I was forced into this setup…
Ha, don’t mention it. I can see through you…
To the crimson fire of justice that’s been lit inside your heart!
Well, let’s go home! Ah, it feels so good after doing a good deed!
But uh, Flay…
I don’t even understand what that was all about…

I think I’m just going to lie down, I’ve got a headache after all of that…

Video- “Jess 3”

Watch the Scene

I was helping Jess out earlier with a synthesis.

Yep. And now I mix in this one as a finisher…
What? All of it at the same time?
Is it too much?
I think we should mix in a little bit at a time…
Then a little bit… Hey, it’s looking good.
And now we just leave it to simmer for a while. Then it’ll be done.
Yay! It went well! It’s all thanks to you, Vayne.
N-no problem.
Oh no. If it were just me alone, I might have failed again.
Not “might.” You would’ve failed for sure. And then there’d be a kaboom!
I didn’t say explode… Eck… *cough * *cough *
Are you okay? Maybe the air’s a little stale… I’ll go open the window.
Please… Urgh…

Jess collapsed!

Uh oh, not again. And I thought she was doing pretty well lately, too.
Again? What do you mean?
I’ll tell you later. Can you take her to the Infirmary?

It’s too late now. At least the illness is…
But still! Now there’s only a few more years she can live…
At least she was given those few years… Let’s just think of it that way.
Daddy… Mommy…

She woke up shortly after we got to the Infirmary.

Jess! Are you awake? Are you alright?
Um… Was I sleeping?
Well, more like you fainted…
Fainted… Well I guess that’s close enough.
There’s a big difference.
Well, don’t mind it… Ur…
Oh, you should get more rest. Does this happen often?
Umm… Sometimes. I’ve been okay since I came to this school, but…
I see… Should I go make some medicine?
Um, it’s alright. It’s useless anyway.
Never mind. Oh yeah, is it okay if I ask a favor?
What is it?
I still haven’t finished my homework. So um…
Alright. I’ll finish it up with mine.
And… Can you keep this a secret… that I fainted?
…Sure. But you have to get more rest, okay?

We just needed a few Nectar, nothing that hard. By the time I got back, she was already up on her feet.

Should you be up already?
Yeah, I’m fine. I’m used to this.
Mana: Not a great thing to be used to, though.
Jess, are you in sickly health or something?
Well, it’s more like… I had a really serious illness when I was young.
And because of it, I have a shorter lifespan than normal people.
Oh is this my part of the homework? Yay! Thank you.
Um, Jess…
I’m just gonna go home now. See you tomorrow!
Okay… see you…
Was it… a joke? She was so whatever about it… But, can it be…

I mean if she was telling the truth… I just don’t know. The battle arena’s soon, I need to start getting ready for it. I just hope she’s okay…