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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 16: The New Kid

Video- “Chapter 5 Intro”

Watch the New Term Start

???: You should wait here. Who knows if it’s contagious.
Hm? You’re coming along? *sigh * Alright then.

The new term started today.

…Well, that was a long speech, but it’s over now. Welcome, new students.
Students will return to their classrooms now.

Shawn: I’m so tired. I just wanna go home already.
???: Stop talking and start moving. You’re in everyone’s way.
Warely: What the hell is wrong with you?
Shawn: If you’ve got a complaint, force us to listen.
Warely: Haha! Good idea!
???: …Force? I see.

Shawn: It was just a joke… Quick, let’s go.
Haho. Looks like there’s someone interesting this year, too.

Roxis was already at work preparing for classes.

Stop pestering me. It’s none of your business.
Aww, can’t you at least tell me?
You guys are so diligent, and the new term has only just started.
It’s a new term already~? If we get a new member, I’ll have to scare them.
Haha… Just don’t go overboard.
???: Please, let me go! I need to go to my classroom…
All you’ll get from there is a long lecture.
???: Please! Stop bothering me!
Whose voice is that?
I think he’s at it again…
Everyone here? I’ve caught a live one this year!

It seems Flay had been hard at work too, bothering one of the incoming Freshmen until she came along to the workshop.

Flay, you know it’s not very nice to force people.
I didn’t force her. Deep down in her heart, she wanted to come here.
Ooh, how cute. What’s your name?
Anna… Lemouri…
Hi Anna, my name is Jessica, but you can call me Jess.
I’m Vayne. Nice to meet you.
Hold on. Stop with the introductions. Where am I and why am I hear?
This is our workshop. We have it rented out and we study here every day.
And you’re here because… Well, that’s just the kind of guy he is.
…I see. I’ve heard of renting workshops before. But…
What’s wrong?
Why is this place so dirty?
Is it really that messy?
They’re all like this, aren’t they?

I think it’s a good thing to have someone more serious around.

There are crumbs all over the place… Are you always playing around?
We’re not that bad. We just… take breaks every now and then.
A workshop is not a place for taking breaks. I mean, to begin with…
The quest for justice is not always clean. Those are words to live by.
So, are you in charge of this workshop?
“In charge” sounds so… Bleh. I prefer “Superior” or “Leader”…
I don’t care. Your irresponsibility is to blame for all this.
I mean, if you wish to call yourself a leader, you must manage, unite…
Stop talking so fast. Hey, do you guys have anything to say to her?
Uhm… let’s go home now.
I’m getting sleepy, too.
I can’t concentrate on my research with all this ruckus. Excuse me.
What backstabbery… Have you forgotten all that I’ve done for you!?
Listen to me! You brought me here, so I expect a certain level of…
He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day! Tah!!
Hey, stop right there!!
System Message: Anna has joined your party.

I mean I’ve never seen Flay run so fast before.

Hahaha. This term is gonna be so much fun.
…You really think so?

We were cleaning up the workshop later, and Anna noted there was some damage as well.

W-what is it now?
Do not try to play stupid! Look at this pillar!
Pillar…? Oh, scratches.
It’s scratches from a cat’s claws. Was it Sulpher who did this!?
N-no it wasn’t! Sulpher can’t even reach that high…
Hm, well, now that you mention… Then…
*sneak * *sneak *
Nikki! Where are you going?
Eep! I was just, gonna go get some fresh air…
These scratches are yours, aren’t they?
Uh, well… My nails felt so itchy and I just…
Use a nail clipper, please! You’re not a cat!
But my wild instincts…
No excuses!
Anyway, make sure to repair the pillar today. It looks horrible.
Eh… Runner wins!
Hey, wait! Stop right there!
Geez… To be accused and mistaken for that. How terribly sad.
Oh yeah. You don’t scratch your nails on anything.
Clawing is a kitten’s thing. An adult with good judgment won’t do it.
Ah… I see.

I was replacing some of the medicine we’d used last term when Roxis decided to jump in.

Yeah… There aren’t any better recipes, so…
If there aren’t any, make one. And you call yourself an alchemist?
I-I guess. Um, I have the base recipe, so if I change some ingredients…
Let me see it. I’ll think of one with you.
You’re going to help me?
If I leave it to you, who knows when it’ll be done.
That’s not—I can do it…
What are you mumbling? Let’s do this already. It should be easy.
System Message: Item: X-Heal can now be made.

I also created some new medicine we’d recently found the materials for.

Medicine always seems to give Jess ideas, I just hope this one was less dangerous than normal…

Yeah. It’s ironic how we get so tired making medicine to calm us down.
Well, it can’t be helped. Do you want to drink the Amber Soup we just made?
But if we drink it each time we make it, then…
Yeah, you’re right…
Hmm, so… we need to make medicine that takes away twice the fatigue, right!?
In theory, I guess you’re right.
Hold on just a sec. If I change these ingredients, and add this effect…
Yeah, I think this recipe would work pretty good.
You thought it up already? That’s fast…
This is my forte. Hehe.
Then, wanna try making it right now?
Oh, but… Don’t drink too much of it, okay?
…What do you mean?
Well, you know, it is medicine to relax the mind… so, you know…
Is there a dangerous ingredient in it?
Um, well… You see…
I like how you are right now and I think you should stay that way forever.
…I’m gonna make some changes to this recipe on my end, okay?
Aww, but why…?
System Message: Item: Tranquilizer can now be made.

As I got in this morning, I noticed something I’m not sure how I’d missed before.

Wah! I spilled the medicine!
Are you okay? *shuffle * Here’s a towel.
Jess, did you bring that book I lent you the other day?
Yeah. *shuffle * Here you go. It was really good.
Excuse me. Can somebody please lend me something I can use to write with?
If mine’s okay. *shuffle * Here you go.
Uh oh, I made too much… Is there any container I can put the rest in…?
Oh then, *shuffle * Here, how about this pot?
Ah, thanks.
A pot!?
Hm? Is something wrong?
Hey Jess?
Yes, yes. *shuffle *
Yo, Jess.
Coming! *shuffle *
*shuffle *

I have no idea how all that stuff fits in that little bag.

What is it? You keep staring at me.
…Your bag has everything in it.
Yeah. A lot of stuff fits so it’s really convenient.
What does it look like inside the bag?
You can’t Vayne. Asking a girl what’s inside her bag… It’s a big no-no.
No, that’s not what I meant… I’m just curious.

Anna had one of her first classes today, so Jess and I decided to head down after and see if she needed any help getting around campus.

Oh Vayne, and Jess.
Perfect. We were just looking for you.
For me?
Yep. You’re still new to this school, you know?
So we wanted to give you a little tour.
Thank you, but I already saw most of the places on the first day.
Oh, well then…
Hmm, too bad…
Oh, but if you have time, will you teach me a little bit of alchemy?
Of course, with pleasure.
Thank you very much. Then let’s go to the workshop.
Anna, that’s not the way to the workshop…
If you go from the back of the building, it’s closer.
It is?
Yes. And there’s also shortcuts to the hallways and the student store…
…She already knows more about the place than us.
Yeah… She’s amazing…

We also ran into the Principal in a hallway.

Oh, Bernard.
Hello, Principal.
You seem quite acquainted with this workshop now.
Yes. Everyone’s so nice.
I see, well that’s good.
I see you care about Pamela.
Maybe you guys have some sort of secret?
Well, no, I mean…
Hehehe, you see…
Bernard asked me out when he was a student!
I-it happened when I was young! Ahh, it’s so embarrassing…
Now is that so, Principal?
Vice Principal!? Ssssince when were you here?
I was listening from the very beginning.
No, you see? This was more than 40 years ago.
I’ll hear the rest in the Principal’s Office. Now…
Ahhh! Ow ow ow!
Hehehe, he’s in so much trouble! Poor Bernard.
Pamela, don’t tell me… You knew she was there?
*shrug * Who knows…
She’s pretty scary if she’s not on your side…
Yeah… Be careful.

While I was walking back to the workshop, I noticed something I didn’t expect to see.

Hm, a kitten? Why here…
Kitten: Mew mew.
Even if you cry cutely, I have nothing to give you.
Kitten: Mew…
…It’s dangerous here. Where is your mother?
Kitten: Mew mew…
Hm? Why is it just sleeping there… Ah!
You mean, it tried to protect you and…?
Kitten: Mew…
*sigh * I know I won’t be able to sleep if I pretend like I didn’t see it.
Come to my room.
Kitten: Mew!
Don’t be loud. I don’t want anyone else to know.
Wow, that’s surprising. Roxis, huh…

We also got some more new items synthesized.

When I remade Anna’s sword, she had a few suggestions as to how it could be improved.

It is exactly the same as the katana I have. Only…
Did I do something wrong?
No, but…
If it is tempered a little more, it will be a much better katana.
A better katana? Hmm…
If only I had true skills, I wouldn’t be so picky. But, I am still a trainee.
Alright. Let’s try this one more time.
System Message: Item: Muramasa can now be made.

I’ve never seen a sword glow before. It’s sort of creepy…