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Part 17: Boomerangs, How Do They Work?

We had a class on a new way of gathering ingredients today.

And I really can’t say I expected it.

Plant collection, fruit picking, root farming, fishing, and mining.
You’ve done mining, plant collection, and root farming, correct?
So today, I would like you to take a challenge and go fruit picking.
So we have to go collect fruit? I’m not good at climbing trees…
Oh, no. I won’t make you do it that primitively.
For harvesting fruit, we use this, the Boomerang.
I think that’s pretty primitive, too…
Wh-who cares. It’s cooler than climbing trees.
System Message: You receive Key Item: Boomerang.
So anyway, today’s Assignment is fruit picking.
Go to the Millenium Tree and gather as much fruit as you can.
When you’re done, report in to Student Affairs, as usual.
Class dismissed!

I really wasn’t sure how a Boomerang was supposed to work at this.

Hmm. I don’t know if I can use it that well.
It’ll work out, don’t worry. Off to the Millenium Tree we go!

But it turned out to be easier than it looked.

Video- “Tree and Fruit”

Watch Selected Aspects of the Class

Okay. Let me try.
System Message: You have obtained a Tangerine.
Ooh! Nice one!
Wow Vayne, good job! I think this is a Tangerine, right?
I think I can get used to this… Let’s go look around in the other trees.
Nikki, let’s go. Wha…!
Hey! You can’t eat it!!
But it looked so good… I couldn’t resist, mew.
You can’t play it off with cute kitty sounds!
Well, we can’t do anything about it now… Just don’t eat the next one, okay?
I won’t do it, mew mew… I think.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Naturology
Okay, so there is no time limit to this but you’re done once you leave the Millenium Tree. All you need for a B is to gather at all three of the fruit gathering places in the whole area. If you were to want an A, you need to wait to gather until night or dawn for the Night-in-Grape or Sunrise Orange. It’s not that vital, though, and I sort of forgot that was how it worked for some reason.

It took a while but we found quite a bit of fruit.

You don’t have to tell us. We know.

We didn’t find anything rare, but we did still manage a B…

Yes, I’ve been informed.
Please take out your Handbooks so that I can give you your grades.

We found some new ingredients at the Millenium Tree, so we did a bit of alchemy before we went for our next Assignment.

We actually had a choice of courses to take. Combat courses are always kind of tense, so we ended up taking one on Synthesis. For this one we were going to be graded on a homework assignment.

Video- “Synthesis III Derivation”

Watch the Class

Course: Synthesis III. There’s an Assignment for this class in advance.
It says [Synthesize a high quality healing medicine before coming to class].
That’s kind of an ambiguous Assignment.
Yeah… I bet our grade depends on the item we decide to bring in.
What should I make…
What about a Heal Jar?
A Heal Jar…? Yeah, I think that would work.
Then let’s go back to the workshop and make one to turn in.

When we returned, though, I thought about that new medicine recipe Roxis had helped me come up with.

We managed to make a really good one, too.

Good job, Vayne.
I changed around the ingredients a little…
It has a higher effect than the original, so I think it’s good.
We’re gonna ace this class. Let’s take it!

We headed down to the class, and it turned out we were right to go with an X-Heal.

What did you make?
Riggs: Here. A Heal Jar.
So normal… I wanted high quality medicine. Put more thought into it.
Riggs: Okay…
What about you, Vayne?
An X-Heal, hmm?
Yes. I made it based off a Heal Jar…
Yes, you did a very good job. This is correct.
Yay! Good job, Vayne!
Changing ingredients to make another item is called Recipe Derivation.
There’s more derivations of the recipes you know, so try looking for them.
Well, that’s it for class today. Open your Handbooks so I can give you grades.

We got an A, so it looks like we’ll have plenty of free time for a while. Of course, around here it seems like there’s always something to do…