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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 21: Summer Project

Video- “Chapter 6 Intro”

Watch the Intro

???: …… What kind of reaction is this?
No, it can’t be… Gh! It won’t stop. But this child’s life…!

The summer’s approaching again, so it’s time for another ‘break.’

But don’t start slacking. I’ve prepared a ton of Assignments for summer.
Don’t complain! It’s hard on us teachers who have to check your work, too!
In addition, all of you must conduct independent research.
Barbara: What are we supposed to do it on?
It’s independent, so you get to pick. Just don’t do anything too stupid.
Well, have a nice summer vacation.

We have no idea what we’re going to do for research.

I love being a ghost at times like this. No homework for me.
No fair…
Independent research… What should I do? I wanna make that, oh and this…
If it affects my grade, I insist that it be serious.
You guys never agree.
Same as always, but…
Worry about that later.
Finish your Assignments first. Then, think about it on your own time.
Huh!? Did Flaya just say something useful?
Was it something he ate?
What are you saying? Everything I say pulsates with usefulness.
Oh, I almost forgot. Flay, it’s your turn to clean the workshop today.
Hmm… Sorry, but I must resume my patrol.
That’s not going to work anymore. You always say that and run away!
Just make Vayne do it. I leave the rest to you!
Hey! Stop that man!
I guess it was the normal Flay after all.
…Why did I even get my hopes up?

I went to get some lunch, and as I headed back to the workshop I heard something coming from the roof.

Video- “Nikki In Concert”

Listen to It

Sounds like it’s coming from over there. I think I’ll go take a look.

Someone was singing up on the roof, and it was packed with people.

I was pretty surprised when I realized who was singing.

Huh? Oh Vayne, were you listening to me, too?
That song… it was you?
I never knew you sang so well.
Really? Whenever I’m bored, I usually come here to sing.
Your voice is so pretty. I was captivated by it.
Hehehe, yeah? Well, I do have pretty good confidence in my songs.
It was good. Really.
Aww, don’t make me blush. I rarely get compliments in person, you know.
Oops, look at the time! We have to get back to the workshop!
I get it now. It’s because of her songs that Nikki attracts people…
Maybe I’ll come listen when I have more time.

Then, when I returned to the workshop, all the lights were off.

What’s going on? You’re laughing strange…
The season’s come around this year, too. I’m gonna scare so many Freshmen!
You really like scaring them that much…?
This year is different!
To this date, I’ve scared a grand total of 988 students…
This year, I’m going into the next digit!
Wow, 988!?
Well well, time to go prepare.
She’s usually so forgetful but when it comes to this, she’s so accurate…

Oh, and earlier I was talking with Jess about this whole research thing when we heard someone crying.

Kodama: Lighten up.
Anita: But… *sob *
Billy: Maybe you should just go home for today.
Good morning.
Billy: Hey, good morning…
What’s wrong? Everyone seems so gloomy today.
Billy: Umm, well see…
We got word that her dad just passed away this morning…
I see…
Oh? Well, that can’t be helped.
Kodama: Can’t be…? What’s that supposed to mean!?
Whoa, Jess…
Well, we’re all going to die eventually… It’s just sooner or later.
Anita: …How could you!?
Billy: Hey, calm down.
Jess, hurry and apologize!
Wh-why are you so mad? It’s just that your dad died, right?
Anita: Whaaaat!?
Billy: Calm down! Hey, get her.
Kodama: Vayne! Take Jess somewhere else!
Y-yeah! Jess, come here.
Huh, Vayne?

It seems Jess really is dying, and it’s led to her having some unusual views on the subject.

Well… Someone close to her passed away, so she’s probably really sad…
What do you mean…?
I wouldn’t want anyone to be sad when I die.
But… If you’re gone, I would be sad, and so would everyone else.
What? That’s no good… I’m going to die before everyone else, though…
…So it’s true? I mean, about the illness when you were young…
Yes, it’s true. You thought I was lying?
You seemed so upbeat. And, I didn’t want to believe it…
I never lie.
But, I get it. There are people who get sad, too… I’ll go apologize to her.
Oh, yeah…
So it is true… But she’s so…

Flay’s up to his usual stuff.

Nwohh!? Vayne!!
W-What’s wrong? You look so surprised…
N-nothing. It’s nothing. Yes.
Okay… but you’re like really covered in dirt.
Hmmm. Well that’s because I was underground for…
…Fine. I guess telling you wouldn’t be a problem. But only the intro.
I’m starting to feel like it’s better for me not to listen…
As you know, this campus is on an island separate from the continent.
It’s not easy to come in, plus there’s a special barrier around it as well.
I know that…
Don’t you think it would be neat to have a secret base in a place like that?
…!? You mean, underground…
Ah, and the rest is a secret. When plans are in the works, you will come.
A secret base under the campus…
He might do it. With Flay, anything’s possible…

There were even more jobs than normal this time around.

There was also a weird notice up. It’s for next term, so nothing to worry about now.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Chapter 6’s Jobs
Alright, let’s take a look at the new alchemy jobs first. The easiest is the one for Medicinal Radishes, we just find those digging at the Dragon’s Grave. Holy Crest Paper is pretty easy, it’s not made from anything terribly hard to come by. The Bitter Cheesecake is a lot like the Cold Green Soup, it’s a low Ether Level review. Around 20 will do it quite nicely. Unipuni Pudding requires several of the sweets that Jess produces from her Funny Pouch skill, though we can buy them from the secret shop in the Resource Center as well. It also requires the Ceramic Plate, which is made from substituting Magical Clay into the recipe for a Steak. It’s pretty easy to get it together, really. Now let’s do some fights.

Video- “Puni Brothers”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Puni Taro, Puni Jiro, Puni Kichi
These guys are potentially quite familiar to you, as they feature heavily in the second Mana Khemia game. Right now, though, we’re fighting them and they’re kinda bastards. Several of their attacks feel like they hit harder the more health you have, though it’s hard to tell for certain. Focus on them one at a time, once one’s gone it’s a lot better. When you do defeat them you get the recipe for a Bonus Card, a weapon for Roxis.

Video- “Continuous Undead”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Continuous Undead
This is the hardest continuous battle yet. The enemies are individually weaker than the Steelarmor creatures we had to fight last time, but there are more of them and that overall makes them more dangerous. They’re also not vulnerable to much in particular. Still, continuous battles aren’t that bad.

Video- “Stonewing Beast

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Stonewing Beast
This guy’s relatively easy. He’s vulnerable to Cold attacks, so use them to charge up your Burst Meter and then blow him away. If you can get a Finishing Burst charged up, he’ll drop like the rock he is. When you shatter him you’ll get the recipe for the Uni Bomb.

I’m not sure about this whole research thing still, but we’ve been working on a lot of exciting new alchemy recipes.

We had a weird result after an accident during a synthesis.

What’s wrong?
It seems I cut my finger on something… I got blood in the clay.
…Oh yeah, I see it.
I’ll just throw out the bloody parts. We don’t have to redo everything.
Oh, wait. I think there might be another use for it. Red clay…
I guess there could be. But add some ingredients and redo the base…
Let me jot some notes down. Ingredients: Roxis’ blood…
…Are you serious?
What? Am I wrong?
Give that to me! I’ll take care of the new recipe.
I thought it was a good idea…
System Message: Item: Blood Clay can now be made.

We had quite a lot of new stuff we could make.

And Flay is still weird.

Whoa. You just said something nice about what I made.
I must acknowledge what is acknowledgeable.
Hmm, I think you can even merchandise this.
Merchandise…? But who would buy it?
Touche. It won’t sell like this. We have to market it as a super alloy!
Um, I don’t think that’s the problem here…
A life-size Super Alloy Claw!! That should sell!
You’re not even listening to me anymore… *sigh *
System Message: Item: Super Alloy Claw can now be made.

I just hope we can come up with something for this research soon, we’ll probably need some time to do this…