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by Feinne

Part 22: The Sword, The Light, and The Mask

Video- “Anna 2”

Watch Us Practice!

They’ve come up with some extra classes for us during summer, it’s pretty bad. I got up a bit early this morning and was bored, so I headed down to the grounds.

Looks like there’s no one here. Well I guess that’s only normal.
Yeah… What should I do? I still have time before class starts…
Personally, I wanted to sleep a little longer.
Huh, isn’t that…?

It turns out Anna trains this early every morning, I have no idea how she does it.

Good morning. What are you doing up so early?
Practicing my sword. I must train everyday or else I’ll lose my edge.
This early…? Everyday?
Everyday, at this time. Other than now, I am too busy studying Alchemy.
Wow… that’s impressive.
Oh, not really.
I mean, you’re up this early, too. Aren’t you in some kind of training?
Uhh… No, I just happened to wake up really early today…
Is that so…? Which means…

Anna went a bit quiet for a second, she does that every so often.

You handle everything skillfully, but you’re kind of weak and gloomy…
At this rate, he may turn dissolute… And what if he can’t graduate…
Even if he does graduate, without vitality… He’ll end up in…
Ahhhh! Oh no, I must do something to save him!
Well, I’m gonna go now…
Vayne! Let us train together. I have been looking for a partner.
What? But I don’t know anything about swords…
I will train you from scratch Let us go to, say, the Dragon’s Grave.
I don’t mind, but…
Then, off we go! Right now, right this moment!
Hey, don’t rush me…

We headed up to Heaven’s Road, I’m absolutely amazed she does this every morning.

…Ready for what?
Sword fight training, of course. I always fight seriously, so be prepared.
W-wait! If you fight seriously, I’ll die!
I see. Very true…
Yeah. So like, can we do something more basic…
But that won’t be any sort of practice for me.
Oh, yeah, I guess…
Then how about this? You can learn my moves through real battles.
Luckily, there are many monsters in this area.
Oh, that’s fine… But with just the two of us?
Yes. Usually, I do this alone anyway. It shouldn’t be a problem.
Try to defeat them wit only the power of your sword, if you can.
I’ll try my best…

We defeated a few enemies, and I was already getting a bit tired so we took a break.

Would you like to take a break?
That would be nice… So you do this everyday?
Yes. This and other basic moves, and swings…
So professional.
I learned from my father. I will eventually have to take over his dojo.
Oh, I see… Then, why did you come to this school?
…I was in doubt.
Ever since I was born, I swung my sword. It’s not that I don’t like it…
But I didn’t know if I should simply accept this path without a choice.
That’s when I happened to get an invitation form the academy.
My father was very upset with me. But I forced my enrollment anyway.
…Which do you like now? Swords or alchemy…
I am not quite sure, yet. I think I still like swords better right now.
I see…
But it’s my school life, so I’ll think about it until I graduate.
Three years will go by fast… Anyway, let’s continue with practice.
Oh… We’re still gonna do this, huh?
Of course. Now, let’s go!

She’s certainly good with her sword, she kept us at a pretty crazy pace until the area was cleared.

Oh, yes. Right. Good work.
What’s wrong? Daydreaming?
Well, honestly, I didn’t think you would be able to continue to the end…
Are you sure you don’t train everyday?
Yes I’m sure. I barely made it… To think I still have classes…
To be able to keep up with my practice without doing any sort of training…
With such a dainty body… Does he have some sort of special talent?
Then if he’s properly trained, he may become an amazing swordsman…
Ah! How could I… To want a disciple when I myself am still in training…
But… With my very own hands, the ultimate swordsman could be born…
And he will call me master… Ahh, what do to…
Well, should we head back now?

I think Anna fuzzed out a bit again thinking about something.

Wh-what? That was loud…
If it’s okay with you, would you like to come practice with me again?
What? Umm… as long as it’s not everyday…
Y-yeah. But won’t I be in your way?
In my way? Never! So it’s a promise. If you break it…
…Don’t worry, I’ll remember.
Good! Then, let’s go.
What’s with her high spirits… I have a bad feeling about this…

I just hope she doesn’t want to train too often, this is tiring…

Video- “Roxis 2”

Watch Us Apologize!

Roxis was still mad at me from a while ago when I interrupted him talking with that Mana.

…Well, he left.
…I wonder if he’s still mad.
Did you do something to make him mad?
I think I might’ve, but I’m not sure…
Sounds like we’ve got a situation. Come on, you can tell us everything.
Well… You see…

I explained everything, and they all insisted on heading to the Millenium Tree to investigate.

Just as Vayne said.
Hahaa! This means, we have to cooperate as well.
Um… but… He’ll get mad…
If we cooperate, he’ll get mad?
Yeah, that’s what happened last time…
…So difficult.
It’s the complicated heart of a man.
Then… What should we do? Leave him alone?
Even if we did, I doubt Roxis would be able to make that pact alone.
You’re pretty harsh…
For now, I think Vayne should go talk to him one more time.
Yeah, I should apologize, too…
We’ll go talk to the Mana.
Good luck, Vayne.

Roxis left, and I followed him while they stayed behind.

Yes. Um…
It’s about the contract yada yada, right? Geez, you’re so persistent…
Why don’t you just do it? You don’t lose anything.
But you see… Messing around with him is my current joy in life…
Ah, I understand that feeling all too well.
But, if you were to pact with him, you can mess with him at any time.
Ah, that is a good point.
Wait, wait. While we’re at it, there’s one more thing…

I caught up with him at the library.

You, again…
Hold on, I just wanted to apologize to you for the other day…
Apologize? Why?
Well because… You were mad…
That’s it…? You don’t even know why you angered me and you’re apologizing?
But… I have no idea…
Well, to start with, I hate everything about you.
Born the son of a talented alchemist, got into school with no difficulty…
Of course you’re going to be hated.
But you’re from a line of famous alchemists, too…
Well yes, we’re famous. Many skilled alchemists came from us in the past.
But in the past century, not one talented alchemist has been born.
And now their one and only son is a dimwit who can’t even pact with a Mana.
I’m a failure who can’t even get into this school without difficulty!
Do you get it now? Stop trying to talk to me.

Roxis knew as little about me as I did about him, though.

What’s not to know…?
I don’t even know my dad’s face, nor have I ever talked to him.
Before I came here, people hated me because no one knew where I was from.
I lived quietly in the mountains, alone with Sulpher…
But you still have a Mana and skills.
…People don’t have high expectations of you.
You have a family, and a place to go home to. And yet you’re so…
Er… But…
Oh, I finally found you.

Pamela just can’t come through a damn door.

Stop appearing before us in that senseless manner!
You don’t have to be that surprised… Anyway, I came for you, Roxis.
The Mana agreed to pact with you. Hurry before he changes his mind.
R-really? I’ll be right there!
But he has some conditions… And he’s gone.
I’m surprised the Mana agreed to make the pact.
Well you see… oh, right. You need to go there, too.
Come, come, hurry, hurry!

The others were waiting at the Millenium Tree with the Mana.

*pant * *pant * P-pact…with me… R-really?... Finally…
Oh hoh hoh. So rushed, so cute. Looks like your friends are here, too.
Well, let’s see it.
See? What…
Oh, you haven’t heard?
You just ran off, Roxis. You’re so impatient.
So, what did you request to see…?
It’s simple. Be friendly with your friend there, and I’ll pact with you.
Let’s see. For now, I guess a handshake and a smile would do.
Excuse me?
You can’t look unwilling when you shake hands. You have to have a big smile.
C-can’t it be something else…
No. I won’t budge on this.
…Give me some time to think about it.
Go ahead. Think all you want.

We seriously stood around for an hour as he sat there thinking it over.

Hey, are you ready yet?
He’s been thinking for such a long time now…
I like the tortured look, but it’s getting boring. Maybe I’ll go home…
Wait! Please, wait! Dammit, Vayne!
Give me your hand…
Roxis? Your eyes are scary.
Don’t say anything! Hurry up and do it!

He practically grabbed my hand, he pretty clearly wanted to get this over with.

H-heh, heh heh…
Ah, hahaha…
Is that… good enough?
Hmm… What are you talking about?
I’m just kidding. Come, get closer.
System Message: Roxis has made a pact with a Mana!
This is… a Mana’s…
Feels better than I thought. Well, I’ll be living here for a while.
Congrats, Roxis!
You may notice hair where there was none before.
Oh, I almost forgot.
You and that boy are now friends. So no fighting.
If you ever get into any sort of quarrel, I’ll leave immediately.
Wh-what!? That’s just…
Er, Vayne…
It’ll be fun.

Roxis wasn’t enthusiastic, but the Mana wasn’t giving him much of a choice...

O-of course! I’m looking forward to it!
How wonderful. Now they’re good friends.
Kinda iffy, but…
That Mana has quite the personality. Heh heh, this’ll be interesting.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Roxis’ Mana
Now that Roxis has a Mana, he can learn all the skills that were previously unavailable. He still won’t do a Co-op Synthesis with Vayne, though.

Video- “Flay 2”

Watch Justice!

Flay’s been quite busy it seems.

Oh, Vayne, good morning.
You know, that Defender of Justice guy that everyone’s talking about.
Defender… of Justice?
So, you don’t know? You’re so out of the loop.
Lately, there have been various attacks on the school delinquents.
The entire school is talking about this rumor.
Oh, I see… I didn’t know.
It’s just that… the person spreading the rumor is…
It seems to be Flay.
And at tremendous force, to anyone and anywhere.
But, why would he?
Who knows…? Maybe you should ask him when he comes in.
Speak of the devil…
Hahaa, everyone’s here. Just as I expected.

Jess tried to ask Flay about the rumor, but Nikki stopped her partway through.

You call that play fighting?
Oh, no. Play fighting is more vicious. Hahahaha.
Hmm… Well, whatever. I have things to do, so I just dropped in to say hi.
Don’t slack off. Study hard!
Phew… That was close.
Nikki? Jess is kinda turning purple.
What? Oh! Sorry!
Bwaaahhhh… You’re mean! What was that about!?
Just listen to me. About that rumor thing…
I was just about to ask him about it…
Tsk, tsk, tsk… I already came up with a vague suspicion.
I bet you the Defender of Justice is… Flaya!
True… Situation-wise, that is quite plausible.

They did have a very good point.

Right!? So listen, I’m pretty sure he won’t be honest, even if we ask…
So, I say, we go find some evidence!
But, it’s not like he’s doing something wrong…
And how do you plan to obtain this evidence?
We follow and catch him red-handed. He just said he had some stuff to do.
Sounds interesting. Count me in.
I’m just worried Flay might cause more havoc.
But, he’s the Defender of Justice, right? That’s not a bad thing…
Then it’s decided! Let’s get going!

We tried to follow him, but quickly lost him. We did end up in the Campus Grounds, though, where the rumors started.

Blindly searching has it’s limits, too.
Boo… Oh wait, but isn’t this place…
This is where the rumor started yesterday.
Alright, let’s go gather up some info!
We don’t have to go that far, do we?
What!? You’re such a party pooper. Aren’t you worried about Flay at all!?
He might be in some really deep, sort of dangerous trouble!
I doubt that…
Okay, then it’s decided! Vayne, go ask around!
What? Okay, fine then…

We asked around about the Defender of Justice.

Cat: Mew mew mew!

There was really only one reasonable conclusion.

Summing up those stories we just heard…
There’s no mistake.
I knew it.
Hmm, now we just need to catch him in action.
Scream: Aaarrrhhhh…!!
A scream!?
That was a deep voice…
Could it be… He’s out? Let’s go!

The ‘Defender of Justice’ was indeed at work.

Gomory: We’re no match…
Learn your lesson here, never do evil… Hmm, I feel their presence. Tah!
He got away!
After him!
Somehow, I don’t think we’re doing this right…
Um, uh, ahh…
Are you guys alright?
Higgs: Err… Sorry, girls…

We caught up to him again for a moment.

He sure is fast…
Nikki? Roxis!?

Flay had created some sort of pit trap, I still can’t believe it.

Such a primitive trap…
A pit hole…?
Such a large hole in such a short time… I knew he was no ordinary man.
Fuwahahaha… You need to train a million years to catch me!
Hold it! Revenge for Nikki and Roxis!
But they’re both alive… Umm… Sorry!
Hey! Get us outta here first!

I lost sight of Anna in the hallway outside our workshop for just an instant, and he got her too.

That voice… Oh no!
Anna! Please be okay…
I, regret… Grh…
Heh heh heh… Amateurs, worthlessssss!!

I chased him alone to the dungeons where they keep dangerous monsters.

As I though, the last to survive, is you… Vayne!
What were you thinking, Flay!?
So, you figured out who I am… I see.
Of course. Why are you doing this!?
I’m not sure how to answer that question. I was just destroying evil.
It was your choice to chase me down. You asked for it yourself.
Huh, a reasonable argument from Flay… Well, why did you hide your identity?
Hmph… How do you know this isn’t my true identity?
Perhaps I invented this Flay persona to infiltrate the academy…
And with the secrets of alchemy, I have become the Mystery Justice Alchemist!
I often wondered why there was no Defender of Justice in this world…
And since there isn’t one, my only option was to become the first!
Ah… I get it. I won’t stop you, so good luck.

Flay wasn’t satisfied yet, though.

D-don’t tell me…
You have 2 choices, now that you know the truth behind this mystery…
I either eliminate you now… Or you become my ally.
So that’s what you were planning all along…
The best heroes always work in pairs. I’ll be #1 and you’ll be #2.
No one said I was going to do anything yet…
Oh? So, you don’t want to ever see the light of day again?
Heh heh heh, haaahahaha! Welcome aboard, partner!
I was framed…

I just hope he doesn’t go even more overboard on this…