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Part 25: Symbols and a Race

We had another class with Ms. Isolde today.

Video- “Symbology I”

Watch the Class

I, um, didn’t do the reading.

There are three kinds of emblems. First the most basic, alchemy support…
What kind of power does this have, Vayne Aurelius?
Yes, um…
I think… it stabilizes the power of alchemy?
That is incorrect. Seems you haven’t touched your class reading.
Alchemy support is also called Booster type, and increases alchemy power.
The second is alchemy activation. Also known as Key type.
A specific word is used as a key to activate the certain kind of alchemy.
It requires advanced skill, but allows you to synthesize various items.
Didn’t Flaya have something like that?
Really? I’m gonna ask to see it next time.
The third is continuous activity. Also known as the Alltype.
This is considered a taboo and therefore, I can’t get too detailed with it.
For today’s Assignment… I’ll have you actually move a Key type emblem.
In the Wind’s Corridor is a transport device with this emblem. Activate it.
The key word is Dill. Report to Student Affairs when you’re done.
But, you must defeat the monsters around it to make it work. Remember that.

We headed for the Wind’s Corridor to try and find this device.

Yeah. I wonder where it is…
She didn’t say anything else. I guess we have to look in every corner…

I seemed to remember that we’d found some place we couldn’t pass a while back, and sure enough it turned out to be this emblem powered lift.

It was written on the floor…
Vayne, say the key word.

The platform moved rather unexpectedly down.

That’s it… right? Let’s go back to Student…
Wait. Since we’re already here, let’s go adventuring all the way in.
Um, but…
Come on. Don’t lag or else I’ll leave you behind!
Nikki! Ooh, she’s such a troublemaker…
We’ll tag along for a bit, and go back when it seems about right.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Symbology I
So, that question in class, as far as I can tell, has no impact on the actual grade for the assignment or anything else beyond Isolde insulting you. Also, the time limit given is actually for finding the emblem and activating the lift, you have as much time as you want to find the deepest point of the Abyss. The Abyss has all kinds of cool stuff like Yubana and Elemia Silver, and awesome recipes, so feel free to explore.

We eventually found a large wall which blocked our progress.

I don’t think we can go beyond this point.
That was a nice long walk. I’m pretty satisfied now.
I’m so tired… Nikki, you’re too energetic…
Then let’s go back and report to Student Affairs.

Our long walk in the Abyss didn’t seem to hurt our grade at all, we got an A...

Yes, I’ve been informed. You moved the transport device, right?
I’ll give you the stamp for finishing it. Please take our your Handbook.

We had the school Marathon today.

Video- “Marathon”

Watch Us Run

Depending on how you do, you will get units and rewards, so don’t slack.
Alright, when you’re ready, everyone gather at The Heights!
Did you hear did you hear? A marathon contest!
Seems like you would be good at it. I’m not really looking forward to it…
Hehehe. My greatest rival will be Flaya.
Um, it’s by workshop, so Flay’s on our team…
Hah hah hah! I challenge you, Vayne!
I won’t lose to you.
But, it’s by workshop…

The Principal gave a speech before the marathon, which lasted quite a while and ended up leaving us at a… disadvantage.

It’s worse than usual…
Yeah. His speech is long.
I’m gonna go to the restroom real quick…
Oh, I think it’s about to end.
And, you must finish before sunset or else you will fail.
Well, everyone, good luck reaching the very top. Ready…
It started, and Nikki’s not back yet…
It’s too bad. Let us wait for her a little longer.
Well, it’s a perfect handicap for the rest of those guys.

We didn’t have to wait long, fortunately.

Nikki! It started already.
What? Really?
Don’t worry. We’re not that far behind…
Indeed. Very easily recoverable! Let’s go!

Some other students even tried to ambush us along the way, I don’t get it.

Huh… What’s going on?
Shawn: We don’t want to come in last place… You guys are gonna give up here!

They were total jokes, though.

People’s grades are on the line. This is only normal.
Is that how it is?
I don’t want to lose, but we’ll run out of time if we deal with ‘em all.
Yes. Let us try to avoid other people if we can.

We shouldn’t have been surprised at who we couldn’t avoid, though.

Give up your evil ways!
Does that mean… You actually waited for us?
We were in the lead, so I said we should just win the whole thing, you know.
Shut up! Grades versus fighting them, which is more important?
Okay, okay. I get it, so don’t yell at me.
…Hmph. Fine. Normally, I wouldn’t even consider you worthy opponents…
But, for the sake of your spirit, I’ll fight especially hard for you!
Bark all you want! I’ll make you regret it!

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Marathon
Okay, so to win the Marathon we want to end up getting up to the Huffin Tree in about five hours. You can skip a lot of effort by jumping across some gaps in the middle area, and make sure you sword slash any enemy that’s in the way. Tony and Renee are pretty easy to defeat here, they are at the strength they were in the battle arena chapter fortunately. Anyway, winning the marathon will get us an A and one of each stat fruit, consumables that raise stats.

They were pretty winded after all the running to get this far ahead I think.

Well, I did have a feeling it’d be this way…
It seems your skills have improved, but you’re still not good enough!
Flaya, let’s just leave them alone and finish already.
Yeah, you’re right.
You remember this!
*sigh * Well, now we ended up losing both the marathon and the fight.
…Are you mad?
Hmm, not really. It was pretty fun, I guess.
Nrhh… Next time, I’ll get them for sure…
Hope you can beat them before graduation…

With them out of the way we managed to win the race.

Nrah!? How dare you steal the glory!
It doesn’t matter.
*pant * *pant * You’re all so fast…
Congratulations! You guys win!
Though, I saw this result before we even started.
I’m proud to be your teacher. Go get your units from Student Affairs.
Yes, thank you.

And they had a special reward for us…

Oh yes! I heard you won. Congratulations!
Th-thank you very much.
Then this is the first place reward.
I’ll stamp your units, so please take out your Handbooks as well.
System Message: Obtained a ATK Fruit, MGK Fruit, DEF Fruit, RES Fruit, SPD Fruit.