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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 26: I Almost Died

We’re almost Seniors now…

Huh? Oh, nothing… I was just thinking. We’re going to be Seniors soon.
Yeah, time flew fast. When we graduate, we’ll be full-fledged alchemists.
Alchemists… huh…
(My dad was a professional alchemist… But, what about me…?)
(I’ll graduate, and then what am I going to do…? What do I want to do…?)
Vayne? You’re spacing out again.
Oh, sorry. Right. We’re still on this Assignment. Let’s finish it up.
…You’re so strange.

Once we got all of our work done, we picked up some jobs as usual.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 101: Chapter 7 Jobs
Okay, so let’s talk about the jobs here, alchemy first as always. Tercia Pollen comes from digging in Wind’s Corridor- Abyss, which is easy as can be. Glasses of Death are also pretty easy to make, you should have lots of everything they require by now. Stone of Alectoria is the most complicated but honestly is still pretty simple to produce, leaving nothing really bad alchemy wise. If only that were the case for the mob hunts. I’ll start with the two easy ones.

Video- “Skylla”

Watch the Video

Mob Hunt: Skylla
Skylla is a big scary armored thing that resists pure Magic attacks and likes to cause status effects. Elemental attacks fortunately work just fine on it, as does anything physical. Status effects are best dealt with by Roxis, who has a skill that not only removes them but also shields you from further effects. Toss your best stuff at him and Skylla will quickly fall, giving you the recipe for the Big Uni Bomb.

Video- “Treasure King”

Watch the Battle

Mob Hunt: Treasure King
The Treasure King is another relatively easy single boss, he hits reasonably hard but just can’t withstand the kind of poundings you can deal out at this point nor do enough to keep ahead of your ability to recover. Putting him out of your misery rewards you with the recipe for the Globe.

Video- “Continuous Angels”

Watch the Battle

Mob Hunt: Continuous Angels
You know how the continuous battles are usually just jokes that give you free money? Well not this one. This one starts out pretty easily, facing you with angels you’ve previously met usually in big monsters. The last two, though, are just plain brutal because they’re from big monsters in a zone we won’t see for several chapters. Old Zero and Ancients are really, really nasty enemies with brutal skills they can unleash against you. They take me down to one character up at one point, and I only barely manage to recover and take them down. Roxis is awesome for his ability to remove time cards, so keep that in mind and good luck.

And of course new recipes and raw materials opened up a lot of new alchemy for us.

Anna had an interesting idea for a new sword.

Let me take a look. Hmm… You are quite skilled. It’s just that…
Just that what?
The curve on the blade is slightly too weak.
And it is rather heavy. To swing it, one would need significant strength.
I see. This is pretty complicated…
Well, I have studied much about katanas.
Hmm, I guess I’ll remake it…
There is no need to redo it. I mean, it is a nice katana in and of itself.
Then, how about we make an entirely new katana?
There are some ingredients I would like to try.
A katana you want to make, huh?
Okay. Let’s make the next one together.
System Message: Item: Ben Breaker can now be made.

I also worked out a new claw for Pamela’s bear.

I think it kind of gave Muppy the wrong sort of ideas…

Er… When you say it like that, it feels like I made something bad…
I’m not accusing you.
After all, weapons are merely the tools by which we destroy our enemies.
W-well… I guess that’s true, but…
Hmph, I like you.
Very well, I’ll teach you how to make a more lethal weapon.
One that will dice a typical enemy into mush. Heh heh heh…
Muppy, you look evil…
You and I, we’ll look after each other, am I right… Brother?
System Message: Item: Electric Claw can now be made.