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Part 28: The Trivia Challenge

The School Festival was today.

Video- “Festival Part 1”

Watch the Festival

Calm down, calm down. This year’s main event is… *drum roll *
Kaya: Cross Campus Ultra Alchemy Trivia, right?
Oh, you all know already? Very well. That’s right.
Turn your forms in today, 2 to a pair, if you want to participate.
Trivia… Vayne, are you entering?
I don’t know yet… It sounds like fun, so I might try it.
Then we’re gonna have to find partners today.
Yeah, I wonder who I should go with…

In the end, though, the decision was easy. I figured this was going to come to a fight as well, and with trivia and a fight to deal with that left one person.

Would you be interested in joining the trivia contest with me?
You want me? I’m not sure how much help I can be, but…
Oh, don’t worry. I don’t mind if we win or lose… So, what do you say?
…I accept. I will do my very best.
You don’t have to be so serious… But, we’ll both do our best.

We headed down to see what this thing was all about.

MC: This year’s main event! I present, Cross Campus Ultra Alchemy Trivia!!
The rules are simple! Three alchemy questions will be asked!
Contestants will then scour the campus, looking for their answer!
Ah, a normal contest. I guess the rumors were wrong.
MC: Feel free to block or steal from your rivals! Just turn in the item!
…I take that back.
MC: And believe it or not… We have a very special judge for you!
Turning 108 this year, our own living dictionary… Professor Pierre Gomez!!
Is he famous?
I’ve never heard of him, but he seems to be quite the master… I sense it.
MC: Professor, thank you very much for coming today.
Pierre: ……
MC: …Professor?
Pierre: ……
MC: Professor? Professor! Please answer me!
Pierre: Hr, ahh, was I asleep…? I saw so many pretty flowers…
MC: It seems we’re running out of time, in more ways than one! So, let’s begin!

The first question seemed simple enough.

Leo: Giant fish… Fishing?
Bertha: That wasn’t even a question…
Billy: Don’t mess with us, MC! Give us our money back!
MC: Wha! Calm down! Don’t throw—Ow! Professor, a word from you, please!
Pierre: Fishing is necessary for alchemy. True alchemists are true fishermen…
Leo: Well…
Bertha: If the professor says so.
One short speech and everyone’s quiet…
Yes… An impressive influence.
MC: The time limit is one hour from now. Catch your fish and come back by then!
And now, let the event begiiiiin!!
Vayne, we must hurry.

We rushed out to complete the first challenge.

Hey, why can’t we enjoy the festival like normal people, for once?
If we don’t get in their way now, when should we!?
You don’t have to do anything, you know…
Shut up and come on! I’ll buy you some chow mein later.
Add cotton candy and a candy apple and you’re on.
I’ll buy you anything! Now, hurry up, let’s go!

The biggest fish around here I’ve ever seen is a Tiger Blowfish, so we headed to the Heights. I should have expected who was waiting for us.

Video- “Festival Part 2”

Watch Us Fish

You guys…
Are you here to annoy us, again?
I planned to at first, but not this time. I challenge you to a fishing duel!
A fishing… duel?
Back home, I was known as Super Fisher Tony. I won’t even cheat this time!
I don’t mind, but…
You could’ve started fishing when we got here. I don’t get you sometimes.
Shut up! I always fish fair and square!
It’s things like this that make you a lousy villain.
What did you say!?
Don’t get mad at me. I meant it in a good way.
Really? Well, whatever. Anyway, duel me! You will scream my name!
I am not touching any bait…
Then just be quiet and watch. I’ll win this one by myself, no problem!
I do not understand those people…
I wonder what kind of fishing “duel” this is supposed to be…
How should I know?

It took a bit, but I did catch one.

It was impressively large even for a Tiger Blowfish, and we rushed back with it. I felt a bit bad about not telling Tony, but there was a time limit after all.

MC: Will any student be able—Aha! Here comes last year’s Arena Champion!
What kind of big fish have they come back with!?
I wonder if it was okay to just leave them behind…
You shouldn’t worry. The contest is more important right now.
…Okay. Uh, here’s our entry.
Pierre: Ummhrrr…?
How is it?
Pierre: It’s shine, firmness, yes, great. I feel a mother’s warmth from this fish…
MC: I have no idea what that means but I think it was a high score!
Wait, wait, waaaait!!
That wasn’t nice of you to leave me out there!
It woulda been funny if he didn’t notice until after the time was up.
What did you say!?
Nothing. So, I thought you were in a big hurry.

Tony also had a pretty big fish.

Pierre: Hmm… Also a great fish. Especially this fin. It holds a grand future…
Heh heh heh. I knew you’d understand.
MC: Another high score! It’s indeed a fierce battle! But only one can win!
Pierre: But this fish… Can only come in second place at this school.
Pierre: The winner is… This kid over here.
You did it, Vayne!
How!? How could my fish lose!?
Pierre: Cuz your fish is smaller.
MC: That reply actually makes sense!
Crap… I forget that the size of the fish matters most…
MC: And that’s it, time’s up! Question #1 goes to Vayne Aurelius!
But that was just the first round. Who will be the Grand Champion!?
And now, let us continue on the Question #2!

Things got kind of weird at this point.

Leo: Something huge, again?
Bertha: It’s all the same…
Billy: But like, this isn’t trivia at all!
MC: Let’s everybody calm down. The professor here just loves huge things!
Once again, the time limit is one hour. Readyyyy… Go!
That’s a broad question… I wonder if they’re even serious.
I thought it’d be more of a trivia quiz contest…
Me, too. I anticipated a little more…
Hey! I admit I lost to you last time, but this time’ll be different!
Why don’t you just cheat and get this over with?
Shut up! This is a matter of pride!
Alright, alright. I get it.
I kinda feel bad about ignoring them…
I guess… We can think of something back at the workshop.

We returned to the workshop to figure out what they might be asking for.

Video- “Festival Part 3”

Watch Us Synthesize

It’s so vague. I mean, it’s not that hard to make something huge.
But if it’s too big, we won’t be able to lift it.
That’s true. So, we need a largeness that is carriable…
This is like a riddle…
Riddle… Oh! I think I know what it means.
You have an idea?
Yes, I recall seeing it somewhere around…
System Message: You receive the recipe for a Huge Ring.
Item: Giant’s Ring can now be made.

Anna had the idea to create a large version of something that’s normally small.

Oh, I see. This could actually…
That question most likely pointed to this answer.
Yeah. And we can make it with just the two of us.
Yes. Now, let’s begin!

The Giant’s Ring wasn’t that hard to make.

We rushed down to the Auditorium.

MC: Is this how the round will end? Or will there be—
Whew, it appears we made it back on time.
MC: Oh, we have a challenger! Most likely our last, considering the time!
Here you go.
Pierre: Hrm…
Th-this is…!?
MC: Professor, what is it?
Pierre: This… This is what I’ve been waiting for…
MC: Professor… Are you crying…? So, what’s the verdict?
Pierre: Indeed, this is what I wanted. Ahh… if only my late honey could see it.
MC: Ooh… I believe we have a new highest score!
Phew, yes…
We did it, Vayne!
MC: And, that’s time! We’re now down to the final question!

Tony and Renee never managed to make it for that question, but we had other things to worry about than them.

MC: As expected, this one is worth double points!
Pierre: Ah, you. Can I, you know?
MC: What is it? I was in the middle of my announcement.
Pierre: I, uh, you know… That, see…
MC: Just come out with it. We’re pushing on time here.
Pierre: Um… I need to go pick some flowers…
MC: You don’t have to use such a cute metaphor! Just go do your business!
Pierre: Urm yes, excuse me…
MC: Sorry about that… Now, let me present to you the final question!
Bring a Black Muscat, found somewhere in the Wind’s Corridor!
Only the first pair to retrieve one will earn the points!
Leo: That’s simple enough…
Bertha: Do you think it’s a trap?
Billy: But what if someone else gets to it first…
MC: Now, let the final race… Begiiiinn!
We should hurry, too.
Sorry… I just realized that those two never showed up.
Don’t waste your time worrying about them. Now, let’s go.

We headed out for the Wind’s Corridor.

Video- “Festival Part 4”

Watch the Conclusion!

Just stop already. Aren’t you like way past the deadline anyway?
What!? When the hell? Argg! Why am I even doing this!?
That’s why I’ve been asking you…
If that’s the case, I’ll do whatever it takes to sabotage the contest!
You know, when you get fired up, your priorities go right out the window.
What did you say!?
Nothing. I guess that’s fine. It sounds more amusing, anyway.

I remembered a weird tree in the Abyss, and sure enough the Black Muscat was there.

Are we the first ones here?
What’s wrong?
That’s strange. Everyone else went ahead of us, but no one’s here yet…
Now that you mention, that is strange.
???: Heh heh… It looks safe to me…
Who’s that?

It seems everyone else was waiting to see if it was a trap.

Bertha: Looks like we were worried for nothing.
Billy: If you don’t want to get hurt, hand that over now.
Ah, so you’ve come to steal it from us…
And if we refuse…?
Billy: Uh, duh? It’s time for brute force!!

They really needed more friends if they were going to steal it from us.

Bertha: I’m not ashamed of losing to you two…
Leo: You can have it…
This was originally ours.
At least they’re polite…
System Message: You have obtained the Black Muscat.


That’s not nice. You should treat your elders with respect.
I won’t be rough. We just need to lock him up somewhere for a while.
This is like, so uncool.
Shut up! If you don’t wanna help, just sit there and watch!
Pierre: Hrm? Whattaya want, sonny?
Nothing personal…just need you to take a nap!
Pierre: You would commit an act of violence against a helpless old man?
I don’t plan on hurting you as long as you stay calm.
Pierre: Hrm, if you think you’re up for it.

Whoa there… You okay?
Pierre: Hoh hoh. You underestimate the power of an old man, sonny.
No way… How could this geezer be so strong? It’s impossible…
Today is so not your day…
Shut up… *pass out *

We managed to make it back in time, fortunately.

MC: And in their hands, they have the Black Muscat!
There’s no one else here?
Yes, it seems we’re the only ones.
MC: I wanted to move right on to the results but the Professor isn’t back…
Pierre: Ah, sorry I’m late.
MC: You’re really late! What were you doing!?
Pierre: Just having a little fun with the young ones.
MC: That sounds…so…so wrong…
Pierre: No, no, I didn’t mean it like that…
MC: And that will end my line of questioning. Let’s move on to the results!

We’d won the contest!

MC: Vayne Aurelius & Anna Lemouri!
MC: He won last year’s Battle Arena and is once again our glorious winner!
Congratulations, Champs!
We won!
Aren’t you happy?
It’s just… This all feels so unreal.
Why? You worked so hard for all this.
But, I barely…
You’re just being modest. You did very well. I swear.
You think so?
Yes. I don’t lie. Now stand up straight! Let’s go cheer with the crowd.
Whoa! D-don’t push me…
MC: The winners will receive a special prize from our guest judge!
Pierre: Congratulations, I’ve been looking for a successor for so long… And you…
MC: The old man’s story’s gonna be long so we’re gonna wrap it up!
Pierre: No, wait! I-I was about to give a really good speech.
MC: We’ll see you again next year! Good bye!

I didn’t think we’d actually win.
But now that I think about it, this was the last time…
The last time I really enjoyed being at school…