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Part 29: Illness

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???: Not doing, even when you can. Not being able to because you can’t.
Even if all hope is lost in this world, no one can waste one’s life…
Like you’d understand what I’m saying anyway. Now, I have one final task…

We’ll be seniors soon.

We’ll be Seniors!
And Flay is graduating. It should get much quieter around here.
No need to panic. If you cry and beg, I don’t mind staying an extra year.
We respectfully decline.
Are you depressed again?
Yeah… Huh? You look kinda pale.
I’m just not feeling good right now. Eh, but I’ll get better soon enough.
Oh, okay…
Is Sulpher feeling sick?
Yeah… But he said he’ll be okay.
Speak up if you’re in pain, okay? You seem like the stubborn type…

I hope Sulpher’s feeling better soon. Anyway it’s been a crazy week so far. I got in to the workshop earlier than normal, and was surprised that someone else was there.

Vayne! Well, you’re the only one who showed up for me.
Showed up for…? Was there something special going on today?
I said we’re going to have a workshop cleaning day!
What? I didn’t hear…
Really? I asked Nikki to relay the message…
Nikki, huh… I wonder if she forgot to tell everyone or…
She didn’t tell on purpose, I’m sure.
That’s what I thought…
Well, it can’t be helped. We’ll just do it with the two of us.
You mean… All of it with just us two?
It will be alright. I will teach you the secret art of cleaning up.
First, start cleaning from upper areas! Lights and top shelves are priority!
When wiping windows, do not use too much soap!
Useless items shall be tossed! Momentum is key!
I’ll try my best!

It took a while, but we managed to get everything cleaned up.

Good job.
I guess just two people can do it… Even though most of it was you.
Do you always do serious cleaning like this?
A big one like this would only be about once a month through.
Once a month? Wow. Now I get why you’re so mad when the workshop is dirty.
Try to always keep in mind to use the workshop cleanly from now on.

Flay was looking for Muppy later.

No, not me…
He said something strange like he was going to feel the winds of the hill.
Hmm, I see. It’s troublesome just to go get him…
Oh, then, hold on just a second.
Ummm… *shuffle *
What are you doing with your hand in the bag… Don’t tell me…?

So, Jess reached into her bag and pulled Muppy out. I really don’t know how else to put it.

Here you go, Flay.
Oh, there you are Muppy.
He came out of Jess’ bag…?
Mu!? Mumoo!?
…What happened, Muppy?
I’m not sure. A hand came from the void and before I realized it, I was here…
What kind of gibberish are you talking about. I’m in a hurry. Come on.
Wait! This is a big problem… Muu!
Jess, your bag is…
Hm? What?
…Never mind.
I feel like it’s too dangerous to get too deeply involved…

I heard Pamela talking from the empty workshop near ours, though I never saw what it was she was talking to.

???: ……
Please, you don’t have to. You’re so good.
???: ……
Pamela, who are you talking to?
???: …!?
Aww… Hey! Now he’s scared because you came out so suddenly!
Huh? Sorry… But it looks like there’s no one here…?
Oh, you can’t see him, Vayne?
Yeah… Hm? Sulpher, what are you doing staring at the wall?
…… Nothing.
That pause makes me so curious…
You’re lucky you didn’t see… You still want to hear about it?
No… I kinda get it, so it’s okay…

I was walking by the classrooms when I heard a familiar voice from one of them.

Oh? This is Muppy’s class. I wonder if they’re still doing lecture…

I have no idea what Muppy was talking about. Well, moreso than usual.

Students: Oooohh!
But this requires a great amount of energy, and in order to produce it…
Muppy’s teaching the class!?
And it sounds super complicated, too…
Alright, that’s it for today’s class. Remember to review your notes.
Oh, he’s done.
Hm? Vayne, were you listening?
Y-yeah… It sounded really complicated.
They begged me to teach it.
But… Are you allowed to teach that stuff?
…Ah!? Transmittance of info to another planet is punishable by death…
Death!? Isn’t that like, really bad then…
Mu… IF it must come down to it, I will have to erase everyone’s memory…
Nothing. Going to the workshop.
I thought he said something scary… I better be careful.

I came down from my room earlier and found Flay, Roxis, and their Manas sitting around.

*sigh *
What’s wrong? You’re both sighing…
That over there.
I remember you had a young man that time, as well.
Hoh hoh hoh. It’s one of my few hobbies, you see. Speaking of which, you…
The Mana are chatting.
They’ve been friends for hundreds of years.
They’ve been at it for at least three hours.
…So, that’s why you’re both here, too?
Quite unwillingly.
If we split up, those two can’t talk to each other, or something…
I see…
Hrm, Roxis my boy, my tea’s cold. Pour me a new one.
If I may get one as well.
But… You haven’t even taken a sip.
Of course. I’m a Mana. Have you forgotten?
This is about mood, you see.

I’m glad Sulpher never does stuff like this.

If you think so, then do something about it.
What do you mean…? Why don’t you two talk to each other then…
No way in hell would a conversation with this guy last more than an hour!
I believe you have that backwards.
Shut up! Be quiet!
Umm… I think I should get going now…
Planning to escape this alone!?
Have you no heart!?
B-but what am I…
You don’t have to do anything. But you have to stay here with us.
Yeah. It feels wrong for you to go about freely.
It’s mental training. Last through the pain! Go!

Oh, and Nikki keeps being weird.

Yeah, sure.
Yay! Hehehe.
What’s wrong, Anna?
Nothing. I just didn’t expect it.
Since I heard that the tail was any beastman’s weakness.
Huh? It is?
Heh… It used to be a weakness before.
After rough training, I overcame it. I had to, living in the forest…
Sounds like a painful past…
Nikki… I respect you.
Oh… *squeeze *

Nikki at that point immediately lost that respect.

Huh? Wha?
W-what is wrong with you? Why did you have to hold it so strong!
But you said you overcame your weakness…
Even then, doing it with full strength hurts!
I’m sorry…
I take back what I said earlier…
In the end, if that’s your capacity… I’m disappointed…
Don’t come out of nowhere and end it with such a bossy comment!

We found some amazing new recipes, and were able to get a lot done.

Anna kind of got freaked out by one of them, though.

Huh? Is something wrong?
No. It’s just that it reminds me of an unpleasant memory…
What happened?
…Back in my country, there is a boogey monster called the Kappa.
It had nasty green scales and when I was a child, I was almost kidnapped…
I see… I’m glad you’re safe here.
Even now, whenever I think about it, I feel mortal fear.
Green scales, huh… It’d be funny if I made clothes like that.
P-please Vayne! Don’t even speak of such horrors!
But, well… if you get used to looking at it, maybe you’ll be okay.
Well, yes, that may be true, but…
I should not have told you my stupid story.
System Message: Item: Fishscale Garb can now be made.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: Advanced Alchemy
Okay, two things. First of all, when we make the Pentagle we want to make sure we don’t get the Ether Level too high, because past 90 it loses the Fatal Blow property, which lets weapons that incorporate one instantly kill normal enemies sometimes. I don’t think I need to explain how awesome that is. Now let’s talk about the very complicated set of syntheses we need to unlock the Scale Gauntlet. First we need to create a Dragonscale Garb, which lets us create Fishscale Garb.

We have to then make a Fishscale Garb. Once we’ve made one, we get the Scale Gauntlet recipe from making either Puppy Paw Gloves, a Thorn Gauntlet, or Gloves of Artorius.

I was sure she was going to cut me.

What’s wrong? Why do you keep staring at my gauntlet?
Oh, um, I thought it’d be funny to cover this with scales, too…
…Vayne, remember when I told you that story about the Kappa?
Yeah, I remember…
Do you feel insatiable hatred towards me?
No, that’s not it… I’m sorry. I won’t do it.
Not so fast there, chum!
Ahh!? Flay!?
Wha!? Where did you come from!?
Haven’t you heard the phrase, “No pain, no gain”? In other words…
By surrounding you in scales, he wanted to free you of your trauma!
Oh? Is that so?
Uh, I don’t think that far ahead…
When you overcome your fears, you become even stronger than you are…
I’ll keep my eye on you. Farewell!
There he goes…
Vayne… I’m sorry. I was wrong! Please, make me the gauntlets of fish scales!
Um, okay, I will…
By the way… You told my Kappa story to Flay?
Well, uh, he has ways to make people talk…
I cannot admire how you told someone my weakness. And to Flay of all people.
…You owe me. And I’ll make sure to get something out of you soon.
Just… please be gentle.
System Message: Item: Scale Gauntlets can now be made.