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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 30: Honoring the Wind

We created that weird armor Muppy came up with a while ago.

We had a class on the history of the campus today.

Video- “Alchemy History”

Watch the Class

Mr. Zeppel taught us about the Wind’s Corridor.

It’s the only path into this campus. Does anyone know why there’s no other?
So that people can’t just wander in from outside?
That’s only half correct.
Not just so that people won’t come in, but also so that people can’t leave.
Why do you have to trap us like that?
I told you at the start, the knowledge of alchemy can be used for evil.
It’s just trouble if a normal person learns too much about it.
Can’t anyone go out or come in accidentally?
I can’t say it’s 100% impossible.
I have heard of one person who came to this school on his own.
But people who don’t know alchemy can’t even see the Corridor to begin with.
Oh yeah, that place does have see-through floors.
Yes. In fact, the entire thing is actually a Mana.
The alchemist who made this school gave shape to a Wind Mana to form it.
Therefore, people who can’t see Mana can’t see the Corridor itself.
And so, let me present to you today’s Assignment.
There’s an altar for that Mana in the Wind’s Corridor. Go there first.
On the way back, gather as many items as you can in the Wind’s Corridor.
If you gather them before, they won’t count. So remember, no slacking.
When you’re done, report to Student Affairs, as usual.

The Altar was beyond another of those moving platforms.

This is where the Mana of Wind is enshrined…
This place is so sad… The winds kind of sound like they’re crying.
Yeah… Hm? There’s something written on the altar.
Altar: So that we never repeat
the dark past of alchemy,
our history of war…
A Wind Mana was sacrificed
For our children,
For the future of alchemy,
I build this hall.
Sylfina Einzel
Wow Vayne, you can read that?
This is the ancient alchemy language that’s been coded.
Yeah… It just came to my head and… Urh.
Are you alright?
I just have a slight headache.
Wanna go back and rest?
I’m alright. Let’s go gather the ingredients.

No wonder this place is covered with statues of a Wind Mana.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 200: Alchemic History
So, we have ten hours after we reach the altar to collect 20 items. Items can come from any chests you’ve not opened yet, barrels, crates, or the ground. You might be able to count digging, but you should have 20 before you reach the digging place. Sword slashed enemies that leave items also count, but not items dropped in battle. If you get a lot of bad luck this can be tricky, but you should be able to pull it off. There’s a rumor that makes it easier to sword slash enemies if you’re having problems. I did this one partially because I knew I could get an A in it and partially because it’s good to know that the people who created Al-Revis were HUGE ASSHOLES. This is going to come up again later.

We managed to get enough items for an A, fortunately…

Excuse me. I’m reporting in for Alchemy History.
Oh, yes. Gathering items at the Wind’s Corridor. I’ve been informed.
I’ll give you the stamp to prove completion. Please take our your Handbooks.

We had another synthesis course, though we probably shouldn’t have taken one from Ms. Isolde.

Video- “Synthesis V Application”

Watch the Class

She was pretty vague in class.

You will continue to make specified items to build experience in Synthesis.
I wonder what item it is. *excited *
I hope it’s an easy one…
This time, I will have you make a Tera Flame.
It causes a large range explosion, so be very careful when handling it.
That one’s a pretty difficult item…
Don’t worry. Exploding things are my expertise!
…Now I’m worried.
Warely: Ms. Isolde. What about people who don’t have the recipe yet?
…Go find it yourself. All alchemists should collect their own recipes.
Not just this time. Always keep in mind you should be collected them.
And don’t just make it. The condition this time is to make it neatly.
Once you’re done, turn it into Student Affairs. Class is dismissed.

We had no idea what she was talking about.

I always make mine neatly.
…Why are you so quiet?
N-no reason. So… Do you think the Ether Level has anything to do with it?
I’m not sure… Want to go ask Ms. Isolde?
I doubt she’ll give us the answer…

We decided to go talk to her anyway.

Um, I have a question about the Assignment…
I have nothing more to say than I already did.
Aww, come on! At least give us a hint!
Thinking is part of the Assignment. Go home.
Okay… Excuse us.

It seems there’s a market in this sort of information, though, as someone was waiting for us outside her office.

…And you look like you know everything about it.
Informer: You want information about your current Assignment… Isn’t that right?
You know? Then…
Informer: Oh hoh. I can’t just tell you for free. Each hint goes for 1000 Cole.
You’re so greedy.
Informer: This is my business, after all.
Hmm… What should I do?
Well, we paid you. So spit it out.
Informer: I know. Don’t rush me.
In the low range Ether Level of the Tera Flame lies a “Detailed” effect.
I feel like I’ve heard of it, but not really…
Informer: By “neatly” she meant to get this detailed effect.
We can believe you, right?
Informer: That’s your choice. But there’s never any mistake with my info.
Fine then. So we have to lower the Ether Level.
Let’s just try it out.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 200: Synthesis V
So, we need to make a Tera Flame with the Detailed Ether Effect for this class. Detailed appeared for me at Ether Level 20, and that’s what I’d suggest shooting for. Your best bet is to synthesize a bunch of items using Co-Op cards until you see Nikki’s Reset to Zero pop up. At that point you just need to hit two properly to get Ether Level 20, and then get a neutral effect from the last one. You can also try to make lower Ether Level ingredients and use Pamela’s Reduce 50% for a similar effect. As long as it has Detailed you should be good.

We managed to make the ‘Detailed’ bomb that the informer said she wanted.

And it seems he was right…

Excuse me. I’m here for Synthesis submission…
Yes. To make a Tera Flame, correct? I’ve been informed.
The grade will depend on whether it is made with detail.
I will give you the stamp for completion. Please take out your Handbook.