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Part 31: Better Killing Through Science

Sulpher says he’s feeling better now.

Not really. I feel a lot better now…
By the way, how many years has it been since we met?
Huh? I think about four… Why do you ask?
Four years…? How many years before that had I met Theofratus…?
Were you reminiscing about Dad?
No, about myself… Just thinking about how old I’ve become.

Plenty of jobs to do, as always.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 200: Chapter 8 Jobs
Another chapter, more jobs. Globes are actually pretty easy to make, if you need more Raw Komet Ore it comes from the Wind’s Corridor- Abyss. Chinook can be fished up at the Dragon’s Grave- Bone Grove. Brilliant Stones actually can be kind of annoying since they require a Heal All to make, so you probably want to have people Synthesizing them on the Task Sheet. If you’re just doing that now it obviously won’t help, you’ll just need to fill the task the old fashioned way. Now let’s look at the mob hunts.

Video- “Glass Dragon”

Watch the Battle

Mob Hunt: Glass Dragon
The Glass Dragon is a really cool fight that’s very easy to do very incorrectly. He starts out very resistant to magic and weak to Fire. But when you hit him with a Fire attack, this happens:

When the Glass Dragon is red, he becomes incredibly fast and strong. So what should you do? Well, if you heat up glass and then suddenly cool it down it cracks…

So yeah the strategy here is to hit it with a fire attack and then an ice attack, which will likely put you into Burst Mode, negates its power increase from the berserk mode, and makes it vulnerable to physical attacks as well as taking normal damage from magic. Slice and dice it with powerful physicals like Dancing Blade Chaos, Chaos Devotion, and Anna, Vayne, or Flay’s Finishing Bursts and it’ll go down quickly and brutally. Don’t try to just fight it straight up, because it’s incredibly powerful. For defeating it you get the recipe for a powerful sword for Anna, the Azoth Z.

Video- “Kobold Family”

Watch the Battle

Mob Hunt: Kobold Family
We’re up against three Kobolds here. They’re all a bit different from each other in the attacks they’ll use, and the big gimmick here is that each time we kill one the other two become stronger. They don’t regain health, though, so your best practice is to do group damage as much as possible. Focusing a bit more on the Dad is a good idea, though, because he does hit a bit harder than the other two. You definitely want him to die first. When you defeat them, you get the recipe for the best fabric in the game, Formell Fabric.

Video- “Continuous Manas”

Watch the Battle

Mob Hunt: Continuous Manas
Compared to the angels last time this is a joke. The Manas come in large groups but it’s pretty obvious what they’re all vulnerable to just from their names. Anna’s Dimension Slice W can help negate elemental damage if you’re having trouble with it.

We didn’t have much to work on alchemy wise this time, just a few new things.