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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 33: Friends and Heroes

Roxis was doing some alchemy earlier.

Video- “Roxis 3”

Watch Us Co-Op!

Flay was getting quite bored, and when Flay gets bored he messes with us.

Nice adjustment. Here, let me lend you a little power.
Ah, this will be more…
Roxis has been working pretty hard lately.
Since he got his Mana, he has a lot more will, too.
He was a studious one to begin with.
Hmm… But it’s boring.
It’s time he should be moving on to the next step. Right, Vayne?
What am I supposed to say?
Hey, Roxis!
You don’t have to yell. I can hear you just fine.
Try doing a Co-op Synthesis with Vayne.
Co-op Synthesis…?

Flay sure picked a good way to do it, too.

I can.
Me, too.
Same here.
It’s really quite simple.
M-Muppy, too…?
It’s an unavoidable path for you to become true friends. Now do it!
Okay, I don’t mind…
That’s just stupid. I can synthesize on my own…
Oh, you won’t do it? That means you’re going to break our promise…
W-wait! I’ll do it, okay? I’ll do it… Just follow my lead, alright?
I-I’ll do my best…

Well, we certainly tried.

Oh oh oh?
There, there…
Hey! I told you to follow me.
I thought I did… That’s strange.
Try it again. You better do it right this time.

But we just couldn’t get it right.

Hahaha! You talk mighty big for that!
Vayne! Stop bringing me down!
But, I’m just doing it like usual…
Hm, is this a fight? I wanted to see you two as friendly partners…
Ah, no, this… Argh!
Just wait. Give them one more chance.
Oh? You sound like you have an idea.
Roxis. Do you know a book called Secret Tips! All about Co-op Synthesis?
…I’ve never heard of it.
It’s a legendary book that is said to be kept in the depths of the Mana Ruins.
Ancients say, centuries of researched notes about syntheses are recorded…
Flaya, that sounds…
Way too fishy…
Hoh! Such a book does exist?
Yes! It is indeed God’s will!
We need to go find this book immediately. You’re coming, of course.
If you don’t go, who will?

Neither of us really wanted to go, but Roxis’ Mana was insistent.

…If you can’t Co-op Synthesize, I don’t think you’re really friends.
Let me reconsider my future place…
That again…? Fine! I’ll go if that’s what you want!
Hoh hoh. Glad to have a master who understands.
Krh… Come on, Vayne!
…Flay, it really does exist, right?
Have I ever lied to you?
…Okay, I’ll go.

Roxis complained the whole way.

Come on. If it really exists, then it’s lucky for us…
That’s true, but the fact that it’s you and I…
Makes you so very happy, doesn’t it?
…Yes, exactly!

Sure enough there was a suspiciously fresh chest nearby.

It’s so obvious he just put it there yesterday… And it’s just a textbook.
But look, the title says Secret Tips! All about Co-op Synthesis.
Evidently in handwriting. He could’ve at least used some creativity…
Why don’t you read it? You might even find an unexpected discovery.
How is that possible?
Umm, let’s see…
Co-op Synthesis is between two alchemists. It is important to be in sync.
It’s our Freshman textbook…
Co-op Synthesis will not be successful if you try to do it alone.
Try not to get in the way of each other. Try to have the heart to help them.
If you follow this, Co-op Synthesis won’t be difficult.
In addition, if the two alchemists’ skills go up, an infinite possibility…
…That’s enough.
Okay, yeah. It only says the basic, obvious points. There’s nothing new…
It really is the basics. It was only basic, that’s all, and I…
Huh? What?
Nothing. Let’s return to the Workshop.
What? But I still…
No worries. I’m sure it’ll work fine now.

I’m not totally sure what we did differently, but things worked out fine this time.

Well, there was only a normal textbook…
Vayne, we’re going to try it one more time.
Huh? Oh, okay…
Heh heh heh…
This is where we messed up last time…
It’ll be alright. Trust me.
We did it…
That’s it, huh? I couldn’t even do this…
Perfect. It seems the Secret Tips! All about Co-op Synthesis worked.
Because of you, I guess I should be thankful.
Oh hoh. Your blushing face is reward enough for me.
No one’s blushing…!
Thanks to you, I was able to see a good who. Quite a schemer you are.
I shall take that as a compliment.
I don’t quite get it but… I guess it’s good.

And it’s a good thing, overall…

Video- “Flay 3”

Watch Us Be A Hero!

Flay’s really serious about this ‘hero’ thing.

Th-this is just… painful.
Not yet! One more time!
Err… Fine!
As long as a voice calls for help, we’ll be there.
While evil exists in this world, we… Er…
No! If you blush there, it’s more embarrassing. This is our oath!
It’s impossible… I can’t do it…
Amateur… Have it mastered by next time! Next up, pose training!
Please let me off…

When I heard a scream I thought at least it’d save me some trouble, but not so much.

Mh, a scream that could cut through silk!?
Thank heavens… I mean, oh no! Let’s head over there, quickly!
Indeed! But before that, it’s time to transform.
Why are you taking your time? We should hurry.
You speak as if it doesn’t pertain to you. Come on.
Me too!?
Of course! What kind of hero doesn’t hide their identity!
Oh no…

He had a mask for me to go along with his, and once we were ready we headed down to the Library.

Martha: Th-that monster. It took my bag, and it’s my favorite, and…
Hrm. So, your favorite bag was stolen by a monster that suddenly appeared.
How’d you figure that one out…?
I’m fluent in helpless victim. So, which way did the monster go?
Martha: O-over there…
Alright, leave it to us. Let’s go, Vayne!
Don’t use my real name!
Sorry. It slipped. I mean, let’s go, #2!
I hate this…
Martha: Um… Who are you…
This isn’t the best time, but it’s the only way to generate accurate press.
To protect the weak who cry form evil’s atrocity, new heroes are born!
Alchemists of love and justice! Our names…
Hey, let’s go already. This is too embarrassing.
Hahaa! Don’t blush!
I don’t think I can ever turn back now…
Martha: Um… Your name…?

We saw the monster with the bag deep in the resource center.

Don’t let it escape. Hold it right there!
There’s no place to run. Leave the item and back off. Or else…
Flay, you sound like a bad guy.
Nrgh. If you’re gonna complain, then you say it.
You can do it! Show me the beats of your heroic heart of justice!
To steal a girl’s bag is an outrage. Even if the sun lets you slide…
That just sounds cheesy.
Oh, you don’t like it…? I read it in a book the other day…
Monster: Ghee! Ghee!
Looks like he wants some. Hahaa! I’ll counter you to pieces!
That sounds evil, again…

The monster wasn’t that strong, fortunately. Unfortunately, we attracted some attention from someone else who lives here.

Hah! He’s all bark!
Well, we’re gonna take the bag back, okay?
Monster: Khyu!
What’s that noise?
Oh my, who might you be? Do I know anyone who wears masks?
She can’t…tell…?
Don’t worry. They can’t see through that easily.
Monster: Khuu. Khuu.
What happened? Mmhm… Oh my! They bullied you and took away your bag?
Th-that’s not true!
So, you’re bad guys. I’ll never forgive you!

Fortunately we managed to convince Pamela of what had happened without her figuring out who we were, though I don’t know how that worked.

Oh my? Really?
Monster: Khuu…
What? You were going to give it to me as a gift?
Monster: Khuu. Khuu!
But that’s wrong. I won’t be happy with something you stole.
Monster: Urkhuu…
I’m sorry he caused you so much trouble…
We don’t mind. We are this school’s defenders of justice. If you’re in…
Let’s go return it to her. If we talk too long, she might figure it out…
You coward… Fine. Good day, ma’am!
Wait. At least tell me your name… They’re gone.
I feel like I’ve met them before… Maybe it’s just my imagination.

We returned to the Campus Grounds afterwards.

What’s with the long sigh?
Well… It was tiring, and embarrassing and I was scared they would know…
But that girl was happy.
Well, that’s true…
We worked hard to see that smile… Isn’t that enough?
I gue—N-no! It’s not. You can make it sound nice but you can’t make me…
No need to know. Your heart is already lit with the burning fire of justice!
N-no it isn’t! That’s not true…
Hahaa! Just rest easy for the rest of today.
A heart of justice? No…
Well…maybe just a little.
…N-no! I didn’t just think that! Not at all!

This hero thing is really tiring…