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Part 35: An Ending of Sorts

Video- “Chapter 9 Intro”

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Male Voice: Oh, it’s you… If you came to interfere, please leave.
Female Voice: Just give up and come back to the facility… or even the academy.
Male Voice: Go back? Why? So they can all laugh at me?
Do you want to show them how their prodigy has wasted away to nothing?
Female Voice: I’m worried.
Male Voice: Don’t be. I’m doing this for myself…
This is all I have left…

Today was Graduation Day for the current Seniors.

We were just starting to adjust to what life without Flay would be like.

Oh, good morning.
…You don’t seem all that happy today.
Yeah… I was just thinking of how Flay has graduated.
…I guess it is kinda sad, now that he’s gone.
He was so energetic. But, now it’s our turn to take over as Seniors!
Taking his place isn’t gonna be easy…
Good morning, everyone! Please take your seats.
As of today, you are all Seniors.
Study harder, and keep up with your increasing responsibilities.
Now, that should cover the typical greeting.
Attend career counseling this term and think about your future.
Career counseling… Have you thought about it yet?
No, not at all… A career… What should I do?

We should have been what happened next coming.

I hope you all get along with him.
The name’s Flay Gunnar. Nice to meet you all!

I mean he never does any work.

Hmph, what a narrow-minded school. All I did was skip every one of my tests.
No wonder you failed.
But, why didn’t you just tell us before?
Heh heh heh. Then we wouldn’t have had this wonderful reunion.
That’s not funny. You have brought disgrace upon this workshop!
Great… I was hoping to get some peace and quiet this term.
I don’t see anything wrong with this. It’ll just be more fun.
At any rate, I’ll be taking care of you for one more year. Be thankful!
Seriously! You always cause us so much trouble.
Yeah, but… Aren’t we all secretly happy?
Nuh uh. No way. Never!

Roxis has been working a lot more closely with everyone recently.

Yeah, here.
Ahh! It boiled over.
Calm down. Just add some water and it’ll be fine.
I’m done using this equipment. Did you want to use it?
Yeah, thanks.
You look bored.
I assume you are, too?
You’re right… I was anticipating to bully him around a little more.
Agreed. He’s come around.
Whoa! Pamela!?
That’s dangerous! Don’t scare us while we’re in the middle of synthesis.
Oh my, I’m sorry. As an apology, I’ll help.
Pamela’s help… That’s even scarier…
I’m in no need right now.
I think I’ll be fine on my own for now…
Oh, well that’s too bad.

It’s definitely a lot better than when he wasn’t talking to anyone.

Leave it to me! I’m so good at that.
That Roxis, giving someone else concern…
No, wait…
…That’s it!!

Anyway I came in a bit later and just Muppy was in. I think he was asleep or something.

Muppy? What’s wrong?
Muppy, hey…
Ah, Vayne!? When did you get here!?
Just right now…
You mean… You saw my sleeping face?
Oh, you were sleeping…?
To allow close contact in my sleep… my mercenary skills have become dull…
When I was young… More importantly, there’s a bigger problem now…
Our kind, we must, um… *loud vacuum * whoever sees our sleeping face.
What? I couldn’t hear.
…I-it’s not ‘cause I like you or anything, okay!?
Those’re the rules. I don’t have a choice!
W-what was that all about…?

Oh, and sometimes we need reminding as to why we shouldn’t let Jess make medicine.

You’re looking kinda pale… Are you alright?
Probably overworked. Let me rest a day and I’ll be back to normal…
Oh perfect! I’m making a medicine that energizes you in various ways.
I’ll give you some when it’s done!
No, not your medicine… And what do you mean by various ways…
Well if I’m gonna do it, might as well make it a strong one.
Oh, I’ll just use the left over ingredients here.
Roxis… I suggest you run…
Y-yeah, I should. My life is in danger here…
Oh, you’re going? Then want me to deliver it to you later?
Uh, no. I don’t want to cause you trouble…
Okay… Then I’ll just complete this here.
It might be a little raw in the middle but it’s probably alright!
It’s too late…
Here you go, Roxis.
Wh-what do you think I should do?
…I’ll be sure to gather your ashes for you…
You cold-hearted brute… Fine then!
…How is it?

At first things seemed fine.

Really? I’m so glad!
That’s not it. I’m not tired anymore, nor am I sleepy at all.
No way… Jess’ medicine worked?
What’s that supposed to mean?
Wow, this is really effective. Thank you.
Hehehe, no problem.
Well, time to finish up the research I started yesterday. Off I go.
Unusual things happen sometimes, I guess.
Hey! Vayne!

Yeah, well, Roxis hasn’t slept since then. We’re all a bit worried for him.

Ah, hahaha…
It’s been a whole week… And I can’t fall asleep…
Looks like it worked a little too well. Uhm, oopsie doops.
Don’t oopsie doops me! That’s why your medicines are… Grff!
Ahh! If you get excited, you’ll get a blood nose again!
Sorry… Oh I know! Should I make medicine that makes you lose energy next?
I will never… ever… Drink your medicine again.

We’d been wondering something about Anna for a while.

Well… I am a grade under you, so of course.
I know but I mean, I heard Freshmen are normally 16 years old.
Oh, that’s due to family circumstances.
I was actually told to wait 4 years before coming here, but…
Family stuff? Is this an interesting story?
Not really. I just have to take over the family business when I turn 16.
That’s why they allowed me special enrollment by skipping grade levels.
At 16 years old? That’s so early.
It’s normal in the eastern country. My family blood comes from that region.
At 16, boys will take over the family business, and girls will get married…
…I guess that situation is what puts your act together at your age.
Is it? I’m not quite aware of it myself but…
That’s so hard. 16 years old is like right after you graduate then, right?
Yes. But I’m lucky to have the chance to study for at least three years.
You’re such a sturdy little girl… All of a sudden you look so cute!
Excuse me! Don’t wrap around me like that!
Hahaha… So while you’re in school, you should have as much fun as you can.
If it’s to have fun, I’ll be glad to help in any way possible.
Yes, thank you very much.
But we can’t just be having fun all the time…
Stop being so uptight! Huuuuuuuuuuuuggg!
P-please, stop hugging me!

And I also discovered the scariest things about Pamela have nothing to do with her being a ghost.

Of course. It’s important to me.
My mom brought it for me before I came here.
I see… Did you like teddy bears then?
Yes, of course. Because they’re so delicious!
Especially the right hand, soaked in honey! Sweetness guaranteed…
So you like teddy bears because of… their taste?
Not just the taste.
I like how they look so cute but they’re actually really violent.
I don’t think a real bear is that cute, though…
They pretend like all they eat is honey, but they’re actually carnivores.
The way they kill their prey and soak their fur in blood is so…
I-it’s okay, you can stop now… Geesh…

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: Okay, Now We Need To Talk
First thing’s first, we get two new dungeons just for getting here: God’s Scar and the Clock Tower. God’s Scar is pretty straightforward and has some useful new components hanging around, including the Shiny Moustache. The Clock Tower is a bit different, though. You need to go back and forth from one side to the other of the Depths to hit switches, which will allow you to advance on the other side. There are further two switches, one on each side at the furthest point, that allow you access to the middle area and the Principal’s Office. You’ll need to go there for a side quest later, so you might as well do it now.

In one of these areas, we get a Dunkelhite flower from a chest. This can be used in one of two ways at this point: We can make Blood Clay or we can make an Aurora Curtain armor, which will in turn allow us to create a Maiden armor. You can go either way with this, but I prefer the Aurora Curtain because it lets me make a great piece of armor a bit earlier than normal and access some deep Grow Book stuff on characters I use more.

We also got the Shield of Ajax recipe last time, and when we make it as long as we’ve made the Symbol of Uroborus as well we get access to everyone’s attack and defense support specials. So let’s talk about those.

Vayne- On offense Vayne will do a small combo, assuming you didn’t trigger a Variable Strike. On defense, Vayne will automatically block a physical attack completely.

Jess- On offense Jess hits the entire enemy group with several hits each. On defense, Jess takes the hit but then heals the entire party afterwards.

Nikki- On offense Nikki hits the target and knocks it back in the turn order. On defense Nikki will heal herself after taking the hit.

Pamela- On offense Pamela will damage the enemy and restore her own SP. On defense, Pamela completely negates the incoming attack.

Flay- On offense Flay hits the enemy and then reduces their Defense. On defense, he automatically counterattacks against them.

Roxis- On offense Roxis does a big hit and attempts to Seal the enemy. On defense, he buffs himself after taking the hit.

Anna- Anna’s are very simple. On offense or defense she gets to act next.

Muppy- On offense Muppy does several small hits and attempts to Sleep the enemy. On defense, he pulls everyone into his ship, preventing them from taking group damage.

These really make some of the characters much more useful, and you’ll want to think through what you want available in your party.

We made some interesting new items from the weird materials in the areas that were restricted to Seniors.

We had some interesting ideas, too.

Yeah, I think so.
Are you gonna wear it?
Of course not. It’s for girls…
Really? That’s too bad…
Oh I know. There’s this other alchemist’s outfit that I know of.
What does it look like?
A cute white girly outfit. I’m sure it’ll look perfect on you.
I said I won’t wear it…
System Message: Item: Saint’s Garb can now be made.

Though Roxis has to get his digs in.

Yeah, a shield…
That’s useless to me.
Yeah, you’re not really good at taking hits, since you’re not that tough.
I don’t need you to tell me that.
The idea of needing to take the hit full on is ineffective to begin with.
I guess… But it’s a shield. So…
But there’s no need to be stupid and get hit. In other words…
If the shield could decrease the force of the attack, it may be useful.
I see. And by making it that way, you would be able to use it, too.
…I’m not designing it just for myself, you know.
System Message: Item: Mirror of Gargol can now be made.

I just hope the courses don’t get any tougher this term…