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Part 36: The Flask and Globe

We had a really strange Assignment today.

Video- “Synthesis VII Equipment”

Watch the Assignment

I think Mr. Zeppel was caught unprepared for class.

In today’s class, I will have you go fetch your useful buddy, the Flask!
…Huh? Mr. Zeppel, we’re going to go fetch it, not synthesize it?
Yes. Lab equipment like flasks are actually quite difficult to make.
This time, you can go pick one off the floor at the Resource Center Depths.
Hmm… This Assignment sounds so, whatever…
I bet he barely put any thought into it.
N-no! I didn’t think that picking Assignments every time is so tiring or…
Anyway! Hurry up and get going!
I swear, he just came up with this…
It’s very Mr. Zeppel-ish though..
Yeah… Either way, let’s go to the Resource Center for now.

We headed down there. Flay was convinced there was more to the Assignment than we were seeing.

Yep. That’s what Mr. Zeppel said.
Hmm… It may seem like a simple Assignment, but…
What’s wrong, Flaya?
It’s just that it seems very simple, but… Maybe there’s a catch.
I doubt it…

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: Synthesis VII
Okay, this is a VERY easy assignment if you don’t let yourself fall into the same trap as Mr. Zeppel did: laziness. You need to investigate both of the possible locations and check out everything. You also need to not give in to temptation and just give Zeppel one of the flasks from the Center, just because it’s ‘hard’ to synthesize one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying to figure out how to do so. Let’s just see this.

We found a rusty old flask in one of the back rooms.

That was easy.
No, wait… This might be a trap.
Um, I don’t think so…
But then everyone can get an A if it’s this easy.
He barely put any thought into this Assignment. Of course there’s no trap.
Grr, shut up! I say we look for it, so look!

We found a recipe for synthesis equipment in another room.

Umm, it says… Synthesizer’s Text?
What a strange recipe…

We also found a clean flask nearby.

That was easy.
No, wait… This might be a trap.
Flay… you said that earlier, too.
Come on, forget it. Let’s go back already.
You guys are no fun…

Still, that recipe suggested that we could restore the rusty old flask to its original state with just a bit of polish powder, so we headed back to the workshop.

Mr. Zeppel certainly didn’t expect us to come back with anything that good, and since he gave everyone else a B I’m glad we didn’t stick with the dingy junk we found.

Ahh!? This… isn’t an ordinary flask. It’s a super high quality item!
Ohh, if I knew these were there, I would’ve went to go find them, too…
As you saw in today’s class, lab equipment is a necessity for alchemists.
Always remember to thank the items you always use.
You barely put thought into it, and act as if…
Ahem! We’re done with today’s class!
I’ll give you your grades, so show me your Handbooks.

We had a class from Isolde today on understanding our items.

Video- “Synthesis VIII Attack”

Watch the Assignment

It turned out to be about attack items.

Can you tell what types exist? Jessica?
The ones to attack, the ones to heal…
And the ones to boost power and stats.
Yes, that is correct. Though many people only use healing items…
If you use the other items wisely as well, you will have more advantages.
For example, before your attack, use a Steak to raise your attack power.
Or, for an enemy with high defense, use a Globe so you can deal set damage.
You really are good at this stuff, Jess.
Now, we will end lecture here, and move on to the Assignment.
Defeat the Poltergeist in the Clocktower without using any normal attacks.
If you listened in class, this shouldn’t be hard.
No attacking, huh? I don’t think I’m gonna be much use this time…
No way. Nikki, you’re gonna do your best to use items, too.
We’re gonna need a lot of different items. Let’s go prepare for it first.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: Synthesis VIII
This is all about ending the battle quickly. The fewer items you have to use, the better your grade will be. So step one here is to head to Koropok and get a certain rumor:

Then you should switch your active party to Anna, Jess, and Vayne, as they all have a passive skill that improves the effectiveness of items in battle. So, now you need to figure out what items you want to use. The Handout for the class had Tera Flames, so obviously you should be very careful NOT to use those as they’ll not be very effective. Poltergeist is vulnerable to Ice so you might want to use the upgraded Bomb Ice, but that’s wrong too. You want to clue in on what Isolde said about Globes and use them. Expect to need three of them to kill Poltergeist.

The strongest item we’ve seen so far has been the Globe, so we made a few and headed down to the Clocktower.

Yeah. Ready check!
Let’s go!

We smashed it flat quickly and easily.

Yep. Now we get to go report to Student Affairs.

And when we returned to Student Affairs we found we’d done good enough for an A.

Ah, you were to defeat the monster without using any normal attacks…
Let me give you the stamps for your grade.

At least we’re hanging in with these Senior level courses, I was worried for a moment…