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Part 37: Like A Job

We had a new set of jobs to deal with. As well, there was an amusing little… notice up.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: They Took Our Jobs Edition
Let’s start on the alchemy jobs as always. Philosopher’s Hands are easy, just a glove + Liquid Metal. Raw Komet Ore comes from the Wind’s Corridor- Abyss or Old Schoolhouse- Closed Area, and make sure to get more because it’s also the major component in Shiny Powder. Now let’s go on to the bosses.

Video- “Gear Sprite”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Gear Sprite:
Gear Sprite comes with a Toy Ghost and Blade Sprite friend. It’s vulnerable to Fire and Lightning, but nearly immune to physical attacks. If you don’t mind losing the weaknesses you can of course erase that resistance with Pamela’s Seeker ability. These guys are pretty weak honestly and should be no problem. You get the recipe for a Voidspark Pipe from them.

Video- “Rowdy Leader”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Rowdy Leader
Rowdy Leader’s gimmick is that he summons Kiln People, who use two-turn bombs as their attacks. He’s very resistant to physical attacks, so you should use Seeker on him immediately. Once you’ve done that, just pour heat on him and rely on multi-target skills to splash the Kiln People to death. Muppy is invaluable here to negate the group damage. When you smash him, you get the recipe for a Carabine Harp.

Video- “Continuous Dragons”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Continuous Dragons
These guys are pretty easy, because it doesn’t throw us up against any really crazy high level dragons. Just pound them into the ground, there’s not much to say.

We only had a few new items to make this time.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: The Chocolate Robe
God hell with this thing. So you need an item called 99% Chaos Choco to make it. The only source of this item at this point in the game is to use Jess’ Funny Pouch on the Kobold casters who sometimes spawn in the large monsters in God’s Scar. It’s very tedious.

At least things weren’t that difficult this time.