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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 39: Love and Justice?

You guys are… Still here?
She took her sweet time packing up… so we’re leaving on today’s ship.
A lady is supposed to take her time with packing.
I see… Take care when you go home.
Hey, um.
I’m sorry I made you do those things for me… Thank you.
Oh, no… Thank you very much!
See you again, teacher.

Poor Roxis.

Video- “Roxis 4”

Watch the Horror

I really feel bad for the part I played in today’s chain of events.

Roxis and Pamela aren’t here yet, though…
About those two… I have an important announcement to make!
Important… What can it be?
Don’t be surprised. You see, Roxis…
*excited *
*gulp *
Roxis is… In love with Pamela!!
Everyone: Whaaaaaaaa!!
Shhhh, don’t be so loud!
Yeah… I’m surprised…
Is that true?
My Love Detector alerted me to it. I even double calibrated it.
Haven’t you guys noticed anything?
Hmm… Now that you mention it…
It feels like he’s only nice to Pamela…
Pamela is pretty… when she keeps her mouth shut.
There’s no mistake! It has to be!!

I mean we were sort of gripped by mass hysteria here.

But, if that’s the case, then what should we do?
Is it better to pretend like we don’t notice?
Why be passive!? Roxis has fallen in love with a special girl!
Yeah! I bet Roxis won’t even be able to tell her his true feelings…
We have to support him, by all means necessary!!
Exactly! You guys finally understand!
But, what kind of support?
Not to worry. I expected something like this and came prepared.
So well equipped, it’s rather unnatural…
Now Vayne, take this and head over to Roxis!
Wh-what is this…!?

I took Flay’s weird thing and headed down to the dorms.

What are you mumbling?
Oh, uh, n-nothing.
Such a strange guy…
*sigh *

It was some machine he had that would let him talk to me. I don’t know where he gets these damn things.

This is indeed my Flay Secret Item # 15!
It allows you to talk with people far away. I call it, the Walker Talker!
Walker… Talker?
Yes. Use this, and I will give you the commands.
You will follow this, and lead Roxis into his lovey wuvey romance mode!
Why do I need this? Or better yet, why do I have to go and do this?
Stop complaining! Sometimes men must do what they must!
But still…

I guess I’m impressed by how much effort Flay put into the whole thing.

What was that sound?
It’s just… your imagination. Umm...
Ahem, testing, testing. This is Flay, sending test sounds, over.
Don’t ring it all of a sudden. He’ll find out.
Seems the sound is clear. Don’t hang up and keep this line open.
Flay, I don’t think this is a good idea…
What are you whispering about over here?
Waahh!? N-nothing…
Hm? That’s a… Hoh hoh. I see what’s going on. No worries. I’m on your side.
Wha…? Are you involved in this, too?
Oh hum de ho. Who knows?
If he suspects anything, it’s over. I’ll only send commands when necessary.
…I give up.
So, what did you want? You said it was important.
Y-yeah… Um… I’m not sure how to bring it up…

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: You Can Fail Here
Okay so luckily there’s only one wrong choice in all of these choices, and that’s to ask Roxis about love here. If you do you’ll fail the event and have to reload. The other two choices don’t change anything.

I was too deeply in this to just back out now unfortunately.

Ummm… Oh, that’s right. I wanted to ask you about alchemy…
To me? I can’t think of anything you would want to ask me about.
That’s not true. You’ve been improving a lot more than me lately.
If you think that, you’re the one slacking off.
Er… well…
You know you were ahead of me. Of course, I plan to surpass you eventually.
So, what did you want to ask?
Oh, um, you see…
Alright, good start. Now ask him questions about girls!
What should I ask about girls then…

I decided to ask what he thought about Jess.

What do you think… about Jess?
Jess? Well that was out of nowhere.
Well… There’s something about her alchemy skills that shine.
Her overpowering mistakes are far too noticeable, though.
You’re right…
It may be just me, but she seems immature for her age, even childish…
I-I don’t think so. She’s not that childish… I think maybe…
Really? I never felt she acted her own age…
So mean! Stupid Roxis! I’m a mature lady!
Hm? I thought I heard a voice…
I-I-it’s just you!
Hmph! Stupid Roxis. I hate you, too!
It was fun listening to that story, but get back to the main topic.
Yeah… I’m at my limit here…
Just ask him straight out. Like, pow!
Pow… alright!

And that was when I realized how stupid we were.

Well… Then, what do you think about Pamela?
If you don’t want to say it, that’s fine, too…
Our first encounter was horrible, to begin with.
Oh… She scared you and you fainted… yeah.
You didn’t have to say it. Though, it’s true I still carry the trauma…
You don’t look it…
Really? Well, I try to act as nice as I can.
Act nice… Oh? Then it’s not…
What are you mumbling about? You’re strange…

I’m not sure what happened next because nobody would admit to it.

More! Ask more core questions!
Just wait. This is pretty fun by itself.
We’ll never be able to figure out Roxis’ true feelings like this!
What about Roxis?
Serious business, drama, romance, a love story.
Please keep it down. I can’t hear them.
Oh my, that’s Roxis? Who might his crush be?
You’d be surprised. We think it’s Pamela.
Oh my, me?
Yeah, you… Wha—Pamela!?
Nrh! Since when were you- You snuck up on us…
I-isn’t this bad…
I see, so Roxis… What should I do? Hmm.
Hmm, umm… Alright!
Ahh, Pamela! W-w-what should we do?
Hmm, very interesting… I mean, troubling.
After her, quick! If we miss this, we’ll regret it for the rest of our lives!
Hey Vayne! Keep Roxis there for a while!

I really should have told him to run as fast as he could.

Mumbling again…? You’re acting really strange today.
It’s nothing, really.
Hm…? What’s that you’re holding? Let me see it.
Th-this!? This is nothing, and so like, because…
Roxis, I found you!
Whaaa! Pamela?
How rare to see you here. Sorry, but I can’t deal with you right now…
I heard the story. I’m sorry I didn’t notice.
That you can’t sleep at night, and you can’t eat, or study because…
You’re deeply, crazily, madly in love with me!

I’m pretty sure this was all a set-up from the first minute.

Uhm… I don’t understand what you’re saying at all, whatsoever…
It’s okay. I understand everything. There were people before you, too.
But Roxis of all people… Ahh!
No, really. That is completely false. Where did you hear such a rumor?
But, you see… It’s not that I don’t like you or anything, but…
Glasses and long hair and skinny sarcastic people aren’t my type!
That’s almost everything you turned down…
Well, that’s the case so, let’s stay good friends, okay? Buhbye.

Anyway it attracted a crowd.

Martin: A historical moment in getting shot down…
Millie: I feel so much pity, I can’t even laugh… Haha.
Ronnie: Roxis… Poor, poor bastard…
Wha—what is this…? Why do I feel so defeated…?
Uh ohh… Sorry about that…
Sorry. We didn’t think it would end up like this…
Don’t apologize! I don’t even like Pamela to begin with…
It’s okay! We understand! You don’t have to act tough…
You’re just putting up a bluff to mask your discouraged heart…
No I’m not! It’s really a mistake!!
…I’ll be there for you, as long as you want.
Of all people, you should not be comforting me!
Silika: You can still try one more time before you graduate!
Martin: Don’t cry, Roxis!
See, everyone is cheering you on! Do your best!
This is wrong, it’s wrong. Listen to me!
This turned into a really big mess…

Which amused the conspirators to no end...

That’s our Pamela. Her unexpected actions are her gifts to the world.
Don’t tell me…this was all planned…?
Huhm? What are you talking about?
Let’s go eat! I’ll treat you to anything as a reward for your hard work!
Roxis… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.
You don’t understand!!

I went down to have an advisement meeting with Mr. Zeppel.

Video- “Advisement”

Watch us Get Advised

Please, come in.
Don’t be so nervous. You’re only talking to me. Just act normally.
Oh, okay…
So, what do you want to do after you graduate?
…What do I want to do? Umm… I want to be an alchemist, I guess…
Hm? Yes, well… Yes, I’m sure…
…Did I say something wrong?
Well, everyone who comes to this school wants to be an alchemist…
What I want to know is, what do you want to do as an alchemist?
Oh, well I… Um, uh… I’m sorry.
All I thought about was becoming an alchemist…
I see… When it’s that broad, I don’t know what advice to give you.
I’m sorry.
Well, you enrollment was a little different. You still have another year…
Think about it. Just don’t stay a Senior for an extra year like somebody.
Okay… I’ll be careful.

Oh, Isolde?
That’s Ms. Isolde to you. …I was a little curious. What did he say?
I asked… But all he said was he wanted to become an alchemist.
An alchemist… He said that?
So carefee, he worries me. Flay must be rubbing off on him…
I see… His wishes…

We did a bit of alchemy afterwards.

Anyway, Flay wanted to go on ‘patrol’ again.

Video- “Flay 4”

Watch us Uphold Justice?

Campus has been pretty quiet recently, though.

Norg: I-I’m sorry…
Temza: I will change my heart…
Good answers. Good bye!

Flay’s been noticing it, too.

Yeah, but it’s been a while since last time.
Because of our actions, less people are inclined to do evil.
It’s a lot easier for me.
Are you sure you’re not getting sad?
Wh-why would I ever think that?
I see…
I am bored.
I thought after defeating one enemy, a stronger one would appear.
That only happens in comic books…
Scream: Someone! Help!
Three screams…?
Lots to choose from! Let’s go!

We started with the scream from the classrooms.

Elsa: C-could you guys be… The rumored Justice Heroes!?
Hmph, we’ve become quite famous, haven’t we?
Someohw I don’t like that either, but…
Elsa: Please rescue me!
If we can help, we’re at your side. What do you need help with?
Elsa: My homework… I can’t finish it!
…That’s it?
Elsa: That’s everything! If I can’t finish this, I’m going to flunk a grade!
How lazy were you to be in this situation…
Flunking isn’t that bad.
Elsa: No way! I don’t wanna be like that Flay guy!
Uh, uumm…
I see. You feel inferior, being compared with your great superior…
What humility… I like it. I shall help you!
Elsa: Really!? Thank you so very much!
If you help, won’t she end up flunking anyway?
What was that?
Oh, never mind… I’ll help, too…

The next was from the cafeteria.

Sasha: Ahh! You’ve come to save me!
What happened? We heard your scream.
Sasha: Oh, how embarrassing. I flipped over my meal, and I just happened to…
Sasha: It’s a catastrophe! A guy in his growth spurt can’t afford to skip a meal…
That is indeed a catastrophe.
You’re agreeing with this guy!?
Sasha: Isn’t it!? If you think so too, then please help me.
Alright, help him.
Help him? How…?
Sasha: Lend me some money to buy food.
That’s not…
Sasha: Please! I promise to pay you back the next time I see you!
*sigh * Okay, fine…
Sasha: Yay! Thank you so much!
Is this what being a hero is all about…?
I’m not so sure in this case…

The third turned out to be a familiar face in the resource center.

I need help. What should I do?
Oh, Pamela?
Oh my, you guys are.
I couldn’t ask you your names last time and you left me so curious.
We are heroes. And we’re still working on our names!
My, my, I see. Thank you so kindly.
Oh, no problem…
So, what seems to be the problem?
Oh, that’s right. I finally returned to the Library, and it’s dirty.
I can’t stay in such a dirty place!
Then, shouldn’t you clean up around here?
Clean up? Me?
What do you mean, why?
Oh, I know. Since you’re here, won’t you please clean this place for me?
Why should we do that!?

Pamela’s got powers far more devastating than anything supernatural.

Well, that’s…
Don’t tell me you were lying to me? *sigh * What a disappointment.
Gr… We can’t back down after coming this far!
I guess we’ll do it…
Yay! You better do a good job.

Anyway, it seems as though justice has prevailed on campus…

We’re not handymen at your beck and call! Argh!
But, we keep agreeing to do these crazy things…
The people who truly need our help will suffer because of this!
But it’s rare to find people who really need help around here…
Indeed. Thanks to our hard work.
*sigh * Maybe there’s no need for heroes in this peaceful world.
Th-that’s not good! Do something!
What am I supposed to do?
In the stories, the hero disappears after beating the evil syndicate…
Hm? Evil… Evil Syndicate!
Ahh! Don’t yell so loud all of a sudden.
I see it now… I have urgent business. See you later!
Oh, wait…
There he goes… *sigh * I didn’t think I’d feel this lonely…