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Part 42: How Can A Sorbet Be Warm?

We’re able to make some crazy things now.

The jobs this summer were quite difficult at times.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: Seriously It Is A Frozen Dessert
Okay, so let’s talk about the alchemy jobs first. We need to make three Clear Fibers, a new recipe that’s not that hard to make. We need a Coolster, which is also new and a bit more complicated. Still, when broken down to the individual components most of it can be purchased. Kitty Nip comes from gathering at God’s Scar, just head down there and pick some up. Now that leaves the hardest alchemy task in the game, the Warm Muscat Sorbet.

So, the Warm property review will only appear on a Muscat Sorbet if its Ether Level is 16-18. The easiest way to do this is to chug through a bunch of syntheses using support cards until you have the following: Nikki’s Reset to Zero, Pamela’s Ether Level Down 50%, and Flay’s Ether Level Plus 30. Start with the Reset to Zero, and then choose the Grey result on the wheel. If you’re lucky it’ll randomize up a small amount. If you’re not, you still have one more chance because next time you can use the Plus 30. You want to end up at the right value to halve it and end up in the 16-18 zone, at which point you’ll pick a neutral element. Save before you do this, it’s a pain to set up and doesn’t always work. But just to prove it does exist:

Okay let’s kill some things.

Video- “Witch Trio”

Witches Always Come In Threes

Mob Hunt: Witch Sisters
These ladies are actually pretty nasty. They can chain out lots of magic and have decent health each. Focus on taking one out with your best stuff, and be ready to Seeker away their resistances. Anna’s Dimension Slice W might be helpful, as it greatly reduces the damage you take from elemental attacks. We get the recipe for Sweetsland, the most ridiculous food of all.

Video- “Dualblade Emperor”

My He’s Tall

Mob Hunt: Dualblade Emperor
It’s a big fellow that hits decently hard. He’s vulnerable to Cold attacks, so just keep chaining bursts at him until he dies a horrible, rocky death. He’s got a lot of physical attacks, if you’re really having trouble things like Flying Fish Boots can reduce that. When you smash him to rubble you’ll get the recipe for the Quartz Slicer.

Video- “Continuous Kobolds”

Kobolds Should Be Less Bold

Mob Hunt: Continuous Kobolds
They’re Kobolds and I will not dignify them by acting like this is a challenge. Think of it as a bonus after we spent half an hour trying to make a fucking Warm Muscat Sorbet.