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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 46: Moving Forward

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???: My wish… This will grant me my wish…
Don’t you understand what I want…? Don’t you know what I desire…?

Sulpher seems a lot better now.

Seriously, after all that worrying.
Are you really okay now?
Actually, I feel like I’ve gotten younger.
That’s too bad. I was hoping to get a new friend.
Don’t say such scary things. But…
Yeah… That time. What did you do?
What do you mean?
You did something. That’s why Sulpher came back to life. Isn’t that so?
If you say so… I don’t really know…
But, you did it. How can you not know how?
Wait. We’re not even sure if Vayne did do it…
True. Maybe Sulpher just got better on his own.
We all saw it. Or are you trying to pretend like you didn’t see anything?
Was it? Sulpher…

I didn’t really have any answers for anyone, and if Sulpher knows anything he’s not talking. I’m glad Flay came to my rescue here.

And more importantly, we still have classes to take.
Umm, are you feeling alright, Flay?
*gasp * He must be possessed by an evil Mana!
Stop that. It’s normal for students to care about their Assignments.
Even I don’t wanna be a super fifth year Senior.
I guess… But Flaya, aren’t you too old to be in school anyway?
That’s why you gotta get back on that horse and ride the waves of destiny.
…Fine. I see your convoluted and missed metaphoric point.
Pretty good, Flaya.
That is the first thing you’ve said that is worthy of respect…
That you… Flay.
I have questions of my own, but I thought I’d give you some time.
…So you don’t remember anything at all?
…I heard a strange voice again, then everything went black…
Hmm… Let’s just say I’m a Mana, so I’m immortal.
But you were, you know…
…Though, I doubt that lady will be convinced…
Sulpher…and Ms. Isolde. Do they know something that I don’t?

Nikki’s been acting sort of strange.

Oh, you’re eating right now, too?
Yup. I made myself lunch. Let’s eat together.
You made it? I mean, you’re eating here?
Yeah. Got a problem?
No problem, but… It’s kind of embarrassing…
Oh, who cares. Come on.
Chaos: ……

I’m really kind of confused.

Vayne! Were you listening?
Um, you’re still in the middle of the song…
Aww, just ask and I’ll sing for you any time.
No, I mean. Everyone’s still listening, so you have to finish it…
It’s okay, don’t worry. Let’s go out and play!
Ahh, you can’t…
Hassan: ……

I hope it doesn’t turn into a problem.

Oh… Good morning…
There’s somewhere I want to go gathering at. You’re coming with me, right?
Umm… There’s still some homework I need to finish.
Do it later. Come on!
Nikki’s so aggressive.
It seems she really has a liking for Vayne.
She’s so whimsical. Oh Nikki.
I just hope nothing else happens…
With that attitude, she’s bound to be pushing someone’s buttons.
*sigh * I just hope no trouble comes of it.

Pamela’s still moping a bit.

Pamela seems so sad…
It’s cause you were mean to her.
But, I had no choice… Maybe I could have said it nicer, but…
Women are very delicate creatures, you see…
Oh please like you know anything about it!
If you think so too, then hurry and go comfort her!
Huh? But, how…?
Men always act on their urges. That’s why we don’t need directions!
Wait, hold o—
Oh… Pamela…
What’s wrong? You don’t look very happy.
Neither do you, Pamela. Um… About the other day… Umm… I’m sorry.
The other day? Did you do something to me?
Not something, but… You know, about your medicine and all…
Medicine…? Oh, yes yes, I remember now.
I was so shocked… Just remembering it makes me so sad… *sob * *sob *
Wha-ahh, s-sorry. So um, is there a different reason why you’re sad?
That’s right. But now I’m double depressed…

I’m just bad at people I think.

Umm…it’s nothing.
Nothing? But you can’t…
I said it’s nothing, so it’s nothing. I’m not going to tell you.
There she goes…
Geez, what are you doing!?
Poor Pamela… She seemed even more depressed.
You’re horrible, Vayne…
So clumsy… You don’t even know how to handle a lady…
B-but how am I…?
It was a mistake to leave it to Vayne in the first place.
I’m disappointed in you. I expected a little more.
Let’s all go console Pamela.
But… I tried my best…
Why do you have to be depressed, too…? It’s annoying.

Pamela seemed to have gotten over it a bit later, though she was quite concerned about something else.

Pamela, what’s wrong?
There’s been sightings of mysterious lights in the sky.
Mysterious lights…? But why are you worried about it?
Mystery is all I have! If a new mystery appears, what will happen to me?
Ah, I see…
Anyway, come with me.
Wahh, wait a minute…

We headed up to the roof.

It’s just a rumor, though. I don’t think it’ll be that easy to find…
Ah! It lit up!
What? That simply?
Look, over there!
You’re right… Huh? Is it just me or is it getting closer…
Oh my. If it keeps coming this way…
It might be dangerous… Wahhhhh!

Turns out it was just Muppy.

What are you doing here?
Muppy!? Then that light we just saw was…
It was you?
Test driving my ship. Feels really good.
Oh, so it wasn’t a scary mystery, after all.
It’s pretty mysterious having a student fly around like that, but…
What a waste of good worrying. Buh-bye.
Vayne, want to go for a spin? We’ll be the wind, together.
I’ll pass this time…

We’ve created some amazing items, the very heights of alchemy.