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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 47: The Final Courses

We made a few new items before classes started.

Since Ms. Isolde was still missing, the Vice Principal was offering a course.

Video- “Symbology II”

Watch the Class

She certainly wasn’t going to hold our hands on this one.

For you, it is the final term before graduation.
Don’t waste what you’ve learned until now and get yourselves in shape.
Students: Yes, Vice Principal.
…And now I present you with today’s Assignment.
You will investigate the Mana Ruins, then read and solve the emblem there.
There you will find three emblems that support the entire school.
Use this information to theorize what each one does.
When you’re done with the investigation, come report to me directly.
Analyzing an emblem… Sounds pretty hard.
Yeah, but we won’t know until we actually see it so… Let’s go.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: Symbology II
This is not a hands-holding Assignment. The game does not spell out what the emblems do, it just gives you a vague description and expects you to figure it out from the choices it gives later. It’s still not that hard, though.

The first emblem was relatively simple.

Oooh. So? Do you understand it, Nikki?
Umm. I’m not good with this stuff…
Let me see.
Okay, sure.
This emblem’s the type to always be active…
It’s controlling a Wind Mana to move something… It’s pretty complicated.
Umm… Well, let’s look or another emblem.

The second was a bit more complex.

Flaya, you should try to analyze it yourself.
Hmph. It’s far too simple of a symbol for me to look at.
Yeah yeah.
The shape is a basic emblem. It amplifies a Mana’s power…
But, its range of effect is pretty far…
Hmm… Either way, let’s look for another emblem.

We found the last one deep inside, and it was the oldest and most complicated of the three.

It’s too difficult for me to understand…
Vayne, look at it for her.
I’ve never seen this formula before… I think it’s sealing something.
…That’s it?
Yeah… Sorry. It’s too hard, even for me. I don’t get it…
Alright… But we’ve finished looking at all the emblems now.
Okay, let’s go report this to the Vice Principal.

She wasn’t there when we got back, so Jess and I got to talking.

Huh? Oh that’s…
Our encounter is a tale of tears for everyone.
I will never forget… It was a breath freezing, cold night…
I lay in a box, forsaken by my former master, about to draw my last breath…
And the girl who happened to walk by was…
So you were abandoned?
Of course not! Vayne, don’t just believe everything she says!
S-sorry… Then what was it really like?
Can I tell him?
Well, I don’t mind…
When I was small, I heard of Mana and I told myself I have to meet one.
And so I went to the nearest forest to catch one… with an insect net.
So stupid. No way would you actually be able to catch a Mana like that.
I would say the same if I think about it now, too… But, I caught one.
I see, you got caught…
N-no I didn’t! I felt bad for Jess so I purposely got caught by her!
Yes. That’s what we tell everyone.
Hahaha… Well, in the end, at least you get along with each other.

When the Vice Principal came back she was surprised we were able to get back so quickly.

Oh, well that was fast.
Then can you tell me what the emblems’ purposes are?
Vayne, I leave it to you!
M-me? Umm…
One was constantly active, and controls a Wind Mana to move something…

I figured that had to be the emblem that actually keeps the Wind’s Corridor regulated.

Another was a basic emblem that amplifies Mana power over a wide range…

The second was harder but I figured it could just be as simple as making Mana more powerful at Al-Revis.

The last, I’ve never seen before, but something was sealed inside…

Given where we were, there was only one thing that could be sealed there...

Exactly. Perfect. The first emblem keeps the campus afloat.
The second makes the Mana on campus more active.
The last one seals the Mana within the Ruins…
Good job, Vayne!
I have nothing to complain about here. Now, take out your Student Handbooks.

We were hoping that Ms. Melanie would have an easier Assignment than Ms. Isolde’s had been for Synthesis.

Video- “Synthesis IX”

Watch the Class

Turns out that wasn’t the case.

Though, you should’ve learned everything by now, so…
I’ll just give you a super difficult Assignment.
Students: What!?
I will have you all make an Elixir for me.
It has the oldest history in alchemy, yet remains a very high level medicine.
If you can make it, I’ll acknowledge you as a professional alchemist.
An Elixir, huh? I think we have to depend on Jess’ accidental miracle for it.
Oh please. A miracle? I’ll do my best!
Um, Jess, I don’t think that was a compliment…
Of course, you will have to find the recipe and ingredients on your own.
But, I’m sure there will be some of you who won’t be able to make it…
In that case, tell Student Affairs you give up. But, you won’t get any units.
That’s it for class. Good luck, everyone.

Elixirs are definitely one of the more difficult Syntheses we have access to.

Yeah. But if we can, we’re professional alchemists. So, let’s do our best!
Yeah. Let’s try finding the ingredients first.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: Synthesis IX
So, Elixir has a set recipe of Super Nectar, X Heal, Dunkelhite, and Shinke Onion. Two we make and two are gathered. To get an A on this we need to reach Ether Level 100, and because Dunkelhite and Shinke Onion are both Ether Level 10 it can be tricky to reach that level without some good Support Cards. If you can get Anna’s +50% that pretty much does it all on its own, and of course if you’ve got Roxis’ Auto-Synthesis that is an automatic +40 from him picking the ‘right’ element each time. Just go with whatever you’ve got, it’s not that bad.

We did the best we could, and managed to get an A this time around.

Excuse me, I’m here to turn in my Synthesis Assignment.
The Elixir, correct? Well, good job.
But, there are others who turned it in as well…
So your grade will depend on the Ether Effect.
Please take out your Student Handbooks.

Our last Assignment of the term… I should be happy, but without classes to distract me now I’ve got time to properly worry about things. I know Sulpher and Ms. Isolde aren’t telling me something, I just wish I knew what it was…