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Part 48: The Final Jobs

The cat, and your child… I don’t see them around. Where did they go?
…It’s not like you can answer me.
So selfish. You fulfilled your own desire, but what about mine…?

What’s all the fuss? And stop calling me—
This isn’t the time! Theofratus’ kid, they found him!
…!? Are you sure?
There’s no real proof yet, but I’m about to go see for myself.
Ahh, I need to report this to the Principal, too!
…Theofratus’ child? That’s impossible…

I have to. I won’t let them disgrace your name any more…

We had one last set of jobs before our graduation.

Professor Feinne’s Alchemy 300: The Final Jobs
Let’s look at our last alchemy jobs. We need a King Tuna for one, which is easy as can be since we just fish them up. Two Uni Gods is pretty easy, they don’t take much of consequence. That leaves Stellar Globe, Sweetsland, and Gold Bullion. Stellar Globe’s main requirement is the Pot Station, Muppy’s current best weapon. They’re not that bad to make, just keep in mind you’ll also need another Stellar Globe for a recipe later. Sweetsland is surprisingly easy, at worst you’ll need to head to the Secret Shop to buy some sweets for it. Gold Bullion is actually not that bad to make, and you should have been switching people to synthing it a while back anyways so you’ll have a bunch of excess to fold into this. The Stellar Globe is new so hey here’s a screenshot of it.

Now on to the hunts.

Video- “Continuous Monsters”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Continuous Monsters
This is a random mish-mash of things that come in waves. Many of them are pretty weak and generally we can focus on whichever is actually dangerous in each wave. Nothing to it.

Video- “Snow Maiden”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Snow Maiden
Okay so the Snow Maiden sure is a thing. She comes with a couple of weak friends. Killing them puts her into ‘Hunter Mode’ which makes her stronger and allows her to summon an additional Snow Maiden after a certain health threshold is crossed. Just bring the both of them down together and kill them at the same time. They’re vulnerable to Fire and Muppy’s New Type KSSM basically puts you into Burst Mode in one shot. Be ready to clear Time Cards because they do a lot of Time Effects. If you really are worried all of their damage is Ice so giving someone a Diamond Dust will basically negate everything they do to that person. No hunts in this chapter reward recipes, just AP and money.

When we defeat the Snow Maiden and the continuous battle, we get two more hunts.

Video- “Ninetails”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Ninetails
The Ninetails comes with a Kobold Ninja and Kobold Kunoichi, moderately tough enemies we’ll see in the dungeon at the end of this chapter. It does a lot of annoying things, and as is often the case you’ll want to Seeker away its resistances. It will start out by negating your ability to use Items and likes to use status effects, keeping Muppy around to soak up group abilities is going to be really helpful. Still, nothing that hard here.

Video- “Advocate”

Watch the Fight

Mob Hunt: Advocate
Okay this is a weird one. The boss takes almost no damage at first, and you’ve got two dragons, a silver and a gold one. I’m actually not entirely clear but I think the idea is that when one of the two dragons gets much lower than the other they go out of balance and the shield protecting the Advocate is weakened, allowing you to damage him normally and kill him dead. Focus on one dragon then kill the Advocate when you get a message about being out of balance, easy as can be.