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Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

by Feinne

Part 49: The Promise

Jess hasn’t been feeling well lately, moreso than usual.

Video- “Jess 5”

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Everyone else could see how worried I was.

Vayne, help me out here.
Wha? Huh? What?
What are you staring off into space for?
S-sorry. I was just thinking about Jess…
She hasn’t come today, either. Maybe she’s still not feeling well…
Mph, so Vayne is old enough to think of women?
That’s not what I meant!
Oh my, there’s more to you than I thought.
Oh hoh! Vayne thinks of Jess that way…
I said, that’s not it!
Well, all jokes aside, have you heard anything about Jess’ condition?
I’m worried too, but she won’t tell me anything…
I know it’s not something you should blab about, but can you tell us, too?
Um…well…I guess I’ll never figure it out alone. Will you help me?
Leave it to us!

I told them what she told me, that thanks to an illness when she was younger she doesn’t have long to live. I still feel bad about telling them, but I just couldn’t handle it alone any more and she sure didn’t want to talk about it.

Why would you keep that a secret from us!?
Everyone here is worried about Jess.
Yeah. We’re not strangers.
I’m sorry…
Well, we’ll think of some sort of punishment to give you later.
First, about Jess.
Wha— Punish…?
What can we do to save Jess…?
I’m sure she’s tried various methods to save herself by now.
That’s true, hmm…
We could simply put her out of her misery…
Want me to do it to you first?
It was just a joke. See? Hahaha.

The biggest problem, though, is that she just doesn’t seem to get how sad it’ll make me… er, us if she were to die.

She’s completely apathetic towards herself…
Well… It’s harder when she isn’t aware of it herself.
Yeah… I don’t know how to tell her that…
Why hesitate? It’s so simple.
What? But…
Red Soup, Bomb Ice, and a Veggielicious. Bring ‘em and the problem’s solved.
What do you plan to use that for?
Red for blood, cold body and a smell… Just bring them and you’ll find out.
You’re not thinking of anything weird again, are you…?
You don’t have to trust me. But, do you have a better plan?
Er… Okay fine…

If I’d known what Flay was going to do I would never have brought him that stuff.

Good work.
So… What are you going to do with these?
Heh heh heh, oh, that… First things, first.
…so then… …say that… …and then… Got it?
Isn’t that in bad taste?
It sounds effective…
Well, let’s try it out.
Good luck, Vayne.
Um… What was that conversation about?
Heh heh heh, you’ll see soon enough. Now, I give you an important mission.
Huh? What am I… Wha-h-hey… Ahhh!

I’m amazed Jess will talk to any of us after this.

Vayne! He’s cold…? But no, why…!?
We didn’t make it in time…
We told him so many times to stop with the dangerous experiments…
A good man was lost…
Boohoohoo… Vayne’s in the same situation as me now…
No, this isn’t… I don’t want… Vayne!
Jess… Are you crying?
Because… ‘Cause Vayne…
…Are you sad?
Of course I—Huh?

Especially since Flay just can’t stop being Flay.

What? …Huh?
Uhm… Sorry Jess.
Nah hahaha! A splendidly carried out plot!
I tried to stop him…
Sure it was a drastic measure, but I can see it was quite effective.
So in other words, it was all Flay’s fault.
Wha, thi, ev… Ehhh…
Looking quite confused there? I understand how you feel.
But you see, Jess, the feelings you had should make you realize…
Vayne, you stupid!
M-my ear… Wait, Jess!
Aww! I didn’t get to finish my well thought out explanation…
I knew it. We went too far this time!
Poor Jess… Flay, you’re mean.
You cold-blooded brute.
You shouldn’t be talking. I mean, you guys were willing to do this, too.
Wh-wh-what should we do? Jess just…
Don’t just stand there! Hurry up and go after her!
Who else!? Go!
Okay. Jess, wait!

She was up on the roof. I ran up after her, wishing I’d had the guts to just bring this up instead of relying on Flay’s crazy plans.

Um… Are you mad?
I know you are… Sorry.
…I don’t care. I don’t know you.
I said I’m sorry. I really am.
I thought you really died…
I’m sorry. But, I wanted you to realize.
Realize what?
If you’re gone, how I… Well, not just me, but how everyone would feel.
When I’m gone? But I…
I know that, too. But I don’t want you to give up on yourself that easily.
So like, I want to say… Umm, er, I don’t know how to say it. I’m sorry.
Hehe… Vayne, all you’re doing is apologizing.
Oh, am I? Sorry…
Again… Hahaha.
You’re right… Haha.

Still, in spite of Flay she had gotten the message.

I should be the one apologizing to you.
No, it’s okay. Really…
But… I’m…going to make everyone sad. Because I’m not going to…
I’m so stupid. Why was I so slow… I thought nothing of it until now.
Well… I might not be able to do it right now…
But I’ll do my best to find a cure for you.
Not just me. I know everyone else will help.
That’s… If you say that kind of stuff, I’ll be expecting results.
…Sure. I’ll do my best.
Do your best…?
So, you do your best, too. Okay?
…Then, promise me.
Yeah, that you’ll fix me. Then I’ll do my best.
I’ll believe in you, and I’ll try my best.

And I’ll make sure to keep my promise, no matter what…

You got us a tall order, didn’t you?
Hehehe, but it’s alright.
Yes. He already promised her, it seems.
It’s too much weight for just one little guy.