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by Feinne

Part 56: Being Human

Video- “Graduation Day”

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Me…and my workshop friends had to work extra hard, though.
Since that day, the strange powers have left my body.
The teachers and some famous alchemists came to examine me, but…
They all said I was no different than any other human.

We graduated today.

Yeah, you’re right. I should get going soon.
I can no loner hear Sulpher’s voice…
Because he’s a normal cat, and I’m a normal person…
But, I think it’s just fine.
I can’t hear his voice, but we kind of understand each other, anyway.
The last two months flew by so fast.
I didn’t even have time to be sad, or reminisce.
By the time I realized that… it was already Graduation Day.
I still get strange stares sometimes, but…
It can’t be helped. I mean, I did cause a massive panic. But…

Ms. Isolde is finally out of the infirmary. She might have done a lot to us, but what’s the point of holding a grudge?

Thanks to you, I was able to get a good, long rest.
I’m so sorry… It’s all my fault…
You’re apologizing to me? I thought you would hate me by now.
No way!
Whatever our past, I’m glad we both were able to attend this graduation.
Um… I better get going soon.
I wonder what you are now.
You were an artificial Mana, created by Theofratus…
But you no longer have any sort of Mana power.
A Mana who’s lost its power. Can such a being really be a person?
Long ago, when alchemy was considered dangerous…
There was one alchemist who argued this against all accusations.
Alchemy is neither magic nor witch doctor voodoo. It is a confirmed science.
He said, “To prove it, alchemy can’t even create a single human being.”

We actually had a reasonable conversation.

Yes, you are now born from alchemy…
You will have to live your entire life being looked at by curious eyes.
There will be times when danger will approach you, in the name of research.
If you plan to become an alchemist, even more so.
That might be true. No, I’m sure it’s true. But…
Everyone: Hey!
At one point, I thought of disappearing from this world. But…
No matter what hardships I may face, I’ll never think about it again.
…Because I’ll get yelled at again.
The fact that you took Theofratus’ life will never go away.
…Nor will my lingering resentment towards you.
I know…
But if you still…
Ms. Isolde, um… Thank you very much.
Why do you use words of gratitude in this conversation?
Because…those were the only words that I thought were appropriate.

And I think she’s changed quite a lot too.

Next time, please tell me more about my dad.
…If you plan to live as a normal person, as Theofratus’ son…
I’ll try my very best to treat you that way… As a teacher to a student.
Okay! Then, until we meet again.
Ms. Isolde… Thank you very much.
You should tell your homeroom teacher that phrase before you leave.

And Ms. Isolde left. I don’t know when I’ll see her again, but I’m sure I will.

What’s that supposed to mean? Tell me!
I’ll give you the transcripts later.
Today, we graduate, as we spread our wings to leave the best of academia!
And as we flap our wings, we must ride the updrafts of justice!
Yeah, but, shouldn’t you have done that last year?
It’s incomprehensible to me that you’ll be allowed to graduate this year…
Since I started stalking graduation, there was no stopping me!
That doesn’t even make any sense.
You’re all really graduating, aren’t you?
Anna…don’t be so sad.
Yeah. You’ve still got Pamela and Muppy!
Hehehe. I’ll stay by your side until you graduate.
Leave everything to me. I know this magnificent decorator…
*sigh * I really need to recruit new students next year.
Anna, a ghost, and a soft bodied creature. That’s a pretty amazing workshop.
Do your best not to disgrace our workshop, Boss #2!
I think it’ll be harder to disgrace it more than you already have.
Sounds like it’s about to start. We better go.
This will be our last school memory, so cheer up!
Yes, sir!

I mean, I’ve actually got a future now…

Video- “Mana Khemia Credits”

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Some time later…

Video- “Jess’ Ending”

It Ends

Should you be awake?
Yeah. I feel pretty good today.
I see, that’s good.
Maybe I’ll go outside later.
Don’t push yourself too hard…
Aww, boo. How boring.
…It’s been almost five years since we graduated. I’m pretty tough, huh?
I mean, of course, it’s all thanks to you guys.
I did promise to cure you, so take this.
Aww… It looks pretty bitter today…
Anna and Roxis made it.
Do I have to drink it?
Yes. Now, open wide.
Boo… Ahh!
…There. Now I think it should make you sleepy, so lie down.
Okay… Oh, Vayne?
Good night… I’ll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow…