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by Feinne

Part 57: Brother

Muppy decided to shape up a bit after almost being expelled.

Video- “Muppy 4”

Watch The Alien Battle

A good thing overall.

No problem.
Hm, the color is strange. Why…
Your ingredient is wrong. Remake it from the start.
Oh, it is?
Hey, hey, I’m bored. Do you want to play with me?
I do not play, I conquer.
Aww, how boring.
What? He’s almost like a different person…
He decided to put his act together, I’m sure.
Him? That can’t be true. I get he’s plotting something again!
Can’t you at least trust him a little…?

Just then we heard an odd sound, and Muppy bugged out.

That’s… Could it be!?
I wonder what it was.
I don’t know…
Hey, why don’t we go follow him?
I think I’ll pass. It’s too much work.
Then I’ll go. I’m curious…
Yay! Then off we…
Not you, Jess. You’re still in the middle of a synthesis.
Aww, I’ll come back real fast…
No you will not. Stay!
Uh… Just me, then…?

Muppy was in the Mana Ruins.

This place should work…
Ventoura, ventoura. Ventoura, ventoura.

And soon he wasn’t alone.

Mu! Mu!
Mu? Mumoo?
Mu, mumoo mu.
Another Muppy!? I wonder what they’re saying…

I still have no idea what they talked about, all mu to me.

My little brother…! I missed you. I wanted to see you so bad!!
Brother? Big brotherrr!
I didn’t think you, of all people, would come get me.
I’m sorry I’m late…
We had revolts and locust outbreaks and there was no time to come rescue you.
It must have been tough… While I was away…
Well, it’s been a really long time since you’ve been gone…
Our youngest sister Muukie went off to marry into our neighbor planet’s royalty.
She’s already reached that age? …I bet she doesn’t even remember my face.
That’s not true! If you come home, she’ll cry with joy. Now, let’s go home.
Go home…together?
That’s right. That’s the reason I’m here.
…No, I’m not going back.
What? Why?
I have promises… Important promises…

…What do you plan to do!?
Heh… If I can die for you, my life is no loss…
But, no! I can’t just run away like this…
You have dreams, don’t you? You want to die here, without fulfilling them?
Go! Overcome my dead body and go!!

The medicine you made wasn’t that bad, either.
Why!? Why did my alchemy lose to yours!?
There’s something missing in your alchemy…
Until you figure that out, you will never be able to beat me…
It won’t always be this way… There will come a day when I will beat you!

…I’m sorry but, I can’t respond to your feelings the way you want…
I have a mission I must accomplish…
And until I’ve completed it, I cannot stop walking that path…
I see… But it’s okay.
Because, I’ll watch your back as you head toward your dream. That’s my…

It seems I stayed on this planet for too long. I’m bound by my ties…
You’re so dandy, my brother… Elegant…
Send everyone my regards. I will return eventually. Just a little later…

Whatever happened, our Muppy left the green Muppy at that point.

…Wait a minute.
If he doesn’t return, then does the king’s throne become mine…?
No no, that’s too far… But, but… Right now, there’s no witness…
*gulp *
I wonder what they were talking about… And that right now…
Oh no! I should get back before Muppy.

I didn’t have much time to get back.

Umm, I can’t explain it in just one phrase…
Wha! Muppy!
What’s wrong? You look depressed.
How can you tell he’s depressed by that face?
Nothing. I’m fine.
(Should I have just gone home… No, but. This was alright…)
What’s that? Is something going on again?
Well, the suspect’s here.
No… This sound. It can’t be!!

The other Muppy was causing trouble, which in retrospect was no surprise.

Jordan: What’s that…?
Patricia: Oh, isn’t that the guy from Flay’s workshop?
Jordan: But his color’s weird…
Silence! Thought I’ve taken over, I have nothing to ask for…
You all, will disappear from this world!
Kern: Hey, what’s this ruckus? Go back to your classroom!
Who the hell are you…?
Kern: To speak to a teacher like that? What courage.
You saw that? I’ll take my time and take you all out, one by one.
Heh heh heh… Haahahaha!

That’s when Muppy let us in on all this.

I know you’re involved with this.
Little brother…
Oh? What does he want?
Most likely, to kill me. You’re all just going to get involved.
Wait, you gotta be kidding!
We’re already involved. How much worse can it get?
Don’t worry. I will take care of him myself.
But, fighting between brothers is just…
He turned his fangs on me. He’s nothing, not even my little brother…
You talk differently now!?
Can you beat him?
Even if it takes my life…
So he’s a strong opponent, I see… I shall lend you a hand.
This isn’t a world for decent men to enter.
Hmph, nothing changes now.
Yeah, it’s too dangerous for you alone.
Oh, fine. I’ll help you, too.
We can’t just leave him…

We all decided to help Muppy defeat his brother.

Who do you think you’re talking to? Now, let’s go!
That was kinda hard to keep up with…
Oh well, I guess we’ll tag along…

We confronted him at the Campus Grounds.

I must do the clean up for any misdeeds of my own family members…
So worrisome, as always… If you disappear, then the throne will be mine.
So don’t worry about anything. Please, die!
You threaten this school for such a stupid reason?
Stupid…? It seems you really have no right to inherit the throne.
I will bury you, right here on the spot!
Bring it! I will protect this school, even if it kills me!
Muppy, you’re so cool!
Heh heh heh. I won’t let you go alone!
His personality has completely changed…
And then there’s the other one who’s inciting it…
Brother for my ambitions, dieeeee!
Hah! You juvenile delinquent!

And it came down to a fight in the end.

Boss Battle: Muccho
Muccho is the only boss in one of these that’s actually sort of substantial. He’s got a lot of abilities that are similar to Muppy’s and a decent amount of health, so he won’t just drop to a single Chaos Devotion. Still pretty easy, though.

We managed to take him down, of course.

Not bullying. Punishing.
Oh, Muppy’s back to normal.
Maybe he goes back when you apply shock…
Well, at least the stupid madness is settled.
Little brother, be good and go home.
Alright… I’m sorry, Goodbye everyone.
Come back anytime.
If you wanna fight, seek me out!
…Don’t you ever show your face here again.

And it seems he’s stuck here as well.

What’s wrong?
My ship won’t fly…
Oh, don’t tell me…
So, you can’t go home…?
Wh-wh-what should I do, Brother!?
Wait. Calm down. At times like this… Emergency family meeting!
So your ship, too…?
Indeed… I’m trying to find a way to fix it…
Then… We will conquer this planet… Some sacrifices have to be…
But… The weapons onboard are also…not enough firepower.
Can you hear what they’re saying, Nikki?
I hope I’m not hearing it right…
Oh, looks like they’re done.
As a result of our meeting, my brother decided to stay, too.
I may cause trouble, but please take care of me.

Flay for once had actually thought through what was going on.

What, why?
Y-yeah, that’s right, Flaya. You tell him!
Green Muppy, what’s your age?
I’m 6.
As I thought… At that age, I’m sure you won’t be permitted to enroll.
That’s the problem!? And you’re only 6!?
I understand…
Too bad…
Well, my little brother… Wait outside. I shall fix the ship. Until then…
Brother… Alright. I’ll return to the forest…
There’s gonna be two of these things? This world is coming to an end…
You put too much value on your primitive world. I long to return to my home.
I see… Then I’ll help you when that day comes.
Me too, me too!
If that’s what it takes to get rid of you, I’ll help you all you want.
…I thank you. Pinky swear?
I’ll just promise.